Monday, 24 October 2011

Flea Market Finds

Just a couple of things to show you, but I'm very pleased with one of them, enough to risk ruining my manicure to get it looking how I want! First of all a couple more books to add to the collection, both from the local hospice shop and 60p and 30p respectively. Both are from the 1960s.

Super stylish heroine

As well as exciting stories like 'Chewing Gum and Sheep' (makes you want to read on, doesn't it?), Dean's Premier Book for Girls also has several craft projects, from making your own pot-pourri to creating a groovy 'trinket tree' out of swizzle-sticks! I thought that the big patchwork resurgence was very much a 70s thing, so maybe the readers of this book were the early adopters of the craze - learning as teens and continuing to make everything out of hexagons as they set up home a few years later.

Cath Kidston's new book wasn't quite what Jane had expected...

 These buttons were from a car boot sale, they appear to be real snakeskin and I have no idea how old they are or what I'll do with them, but they just caught my eye!


Finally, we went to Dulwich village on Saturday (a well-heeled kind of area, nice independent shops and a few market stalls like a one street Portobello) and had a wander round with the kids. They have limited patience for shopping, although Boy1 found a Ben10 DVD in the hospice shop, so I rewarded his rummaging and bought it for them. He also enjoyed coming into a make-shift changing room made of blankets in the market, where I tried on a 50s dress and he wondered loudly whether it felt strange to be getting undressed outside.

Down a side street I discovered a very nice vintage shop, where his brother decided to show us up by bellowing "I'm going out now, it's too SMELLY in here!", right in front of the owner. It wasn't even bad, just a little musty - they sold bric-a-brac rather than clothes. She didn't seem too offended, and I redeemed our family by buying a printers' tray. I've wanted one for ages, as my earring collection is outgrowing its current home in a cigar box and I've seen fantastic makeovers to turn them into jewellery storage. It's a bit cobwebby, but not too filthy, and should clean up nicely. I just need to sand it, wax it, maybe add some backing paper and buy and somehow screw in a gazillion little hooks...

Or I could fashion something out of swizzle-sticks...

Finally, check me branching out into beauty blogging! This is my somewhat lame attempt at the classic 'swatch' shot to show off a nail varnish colour, and I thought I'd share it as it was a win. Special K is probably the most expensive breakfast cereal on the market, and I usually buy the supermarket's own version, but as they had a promotion running to win a limited edition Nails inc polish, I bought a box so I could enter. [My Nails inc obsession is well documented]. They're giving away 100 every day, so the odds are pretty good - I won first time! It's a really beautiful classic stand out red - well worth adding to your collection. And there's a blingy lid too, for the magpies amongst us. [Er, that'd be everyone, right?]

I'll spare you the picture of my matching pedicure.

Lakota x

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  1. Ooh the Jesus book is FAB and I ADORE that perfect red polish!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Wonderful books - so much potential for making lovely things with them (if, like me, you don't mind ripping old books up.)

    My son has done the "This is a smelly shop" thing to me too. Nowadays he is more restrained and has changed his tactics - he comes right up to me and whispers his observations into my ear, rather than bellowing them out for all to hear. Loud whispers though - if you're close enough you'll still hear them. :)

  3. I love finding those old 40s/50s/60s books for girls! It is very very rare that I do though! Half the time the ones I do find are falling apart and disintegrating before my eyes!

    That's hilarious about your son shouting about the odour of the shop, it sounds like something one of my friends would do. She doesn't appreciate charity shops (thinks they are germy places) Isn't she mad?

    I love the printers tray. I bet it's going to look fab when you have finished giving it a new makeover! You must let us know how it turns out!

    Congrats on winning that gorgeous nail polish. Nails Inc nail polishes are so good! That one is blingtastic :| *stares* xx

  4. fabulous finds! Love the snake skin buttons and children's books. Your manicure is cute, ten times better than mine


  5. I remember those books being full of useful crafty ideas. Worth the 60 pence or 30 pence you paid for it just for that!

  6. Love the books and the story about your little boy is so funny!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Well done on winning the nail varnish - that particular comp passed me by, but I might give up my super calorie enhanced breakfast cereal just for the chance to win some bling!

    The printer's tray is fab, what a great idea you have.

    Love the tales of your kid's shopping antics - I'd never dare get changed in a makeshift dressing room like that, my daughter would be sure to unveil me to the world as I'm standing in socks and pants!


  8. I really love the 'super stylish heroine' pic. Will keep an eye out for similar books.

    And the printers' tray is fab - hope you post a photo of the finished jewellery storage.

    Ruth @ Minibreak Mummy

  9. Love the vintage books! I'm always on the look out for books like that...gorgeous.

    I have a box of special K with that promotion...I havent checked to see if I've won to check now x

  10. Red always a winner. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the printers tray, I kind if like the look of it as it is though. I can send you some small hooks if you like, there's a stall on the market selling that type of thing really cheap.
    I'd be feverishly scanning those books for double entendres if I'd found them, they look VERY interesting.

  11. My boys of 9 and 11 don't like shopping with me so I tend to go when they are at school. If I do end up going with them they ask for 1p for each charity shop I go into, lol. I normally dump them by the toys and they tend to aim for any baby toys, the noisier the better! I have to keep my shopping trips with them short (sigh!)..

  12. Wow that nail varnish is worth cutting out a coupon. I don't usually buy Special K either (I can regularly be heard snapping "No you can have the own-brand variety in the supermarket") but my mum still buys it so I might ask her!

    Also love the finds (and embarrassing boy anecdote!!)

  13. I like the vintage books. I'm curious to see how one of those trinket tree's ended up looking like in real life.
    Great idea to use the printer's tray to hang jewellery off share a photo of the finished project :)
    Congrats on winning the nail the bling-ed up top!

  14. Love that book! Looks like it has wonderful graphics!

  15. Oh how strange. I've never seen a nail polish give-a-way with cereal. Congrats on that score.

  16. I knew Sarah would love the Jesus book. I quite fancy him myself, he's got a twinkle in his eye, hasn't he?
    That trinket tree is fabulous, what a genius idea and I'm so envying that printers tray, it will look brilliant. x

  17. I'm sure I seen those Jesus books at our boot sales. oooh I buy Kellogs Special K, I will look out for that nail polish, love red. although its full of sugar and doesn't make you lose weight unless you starve yourself. snake skins buttons are great for coats.

  18. I had one of the Jesus books...I'm sure it's still in my granddad's attic. I love that style of illustration. I love that red polish.Yummy.

  19. Those books are amazing!! We used to have some similar - I had older sisters! The heroines were always so stylish and yet so skilled!! Fab finds :)

  20. Great finds. Loving the how to section of the book!

    That nail varnish is fab, even the bottle is super cute!

    X x

  21. Lovely finds i did chuckle at yours sons comment about the shop thats just the sort of thing my youngest would say ;-)) Yours nail look gorgeous to, dee x

  22. How blessed was that and red to boot love the bottle....

  23. I can’t wait to see the transformation of the printer’s tray, I know you will do it justice and I will be forever envious of your collection xxx

    Thank-you for your comment.
    It’s a bit of an awkward one really. I don’t think they were intentionally meaning to be mean, I kind of got dragged into somebody else’s argument. But the words that were mentioned were along the lines of ‘why doesn’t she speak? She should get help.’
    Of course something like that is going to upset me.

    But if anything, knowing this now, means I can work on being that little bit braver and one day finding that courage.

  24. Love the printers tray and that fabulous nail varnish - especially that blingy lid.

  25. cant wait to see what you do with the printers tray lakota, ideal opportunity or us to have a gander at your jewllery collection too :0)

  26. Lucky ducky again - great polish! I also love the printers tray, i have two and used to see them everywhere now when i want some more they vanish! Scarlett x

  27. "2500?" she said uneasily. Eeek, didn't quite think through the whole- you can twitter it if you want comment, just wrote that because other people write that!
    (Anyway, of course I believe you, I might not if you were some random!)

  28. Ohhhh I've seen those printer trays all OVER etsy! Such a fun find. I cant wait to see what you do to it!

  29. The books look lovely! They keep getting ones from the 50 & 60's in my local salvation army but they keep pricing the darn things at $4-$5 And that would just add up if I wanted to buy a few of them.. so i suppose I will have to look elsewhere.

    That Special K nailpolish looks great! What a nice color. I will have to look into the contest. I dunno if it's something Canadians are included in. *heheh*

  30. I love the premier book for girls. I used to spend my whole time making stuff when I was a kid. I think my oldest daughter would love it too. That printers tray will make amazing storage what a great idea!

  31. Just found your blob, love it! I laughed about that smelly thing.

    I shal follow you!

    Thank you for sharing.

  32. I am on the lookout for a printers tray just like that. They are so useful and look really interesting.

    And I love the patchwork tutorial, how cute.


  33. i adore the premier book of girls, the illustration of a girl in front of that imposing gate is just lovely! and i drool over your red nails polish! you always know how to win lovely things, Lakota! i must stay it's a great idea to use the printer tray for keeping jewellery, will keep an eye on that when i go to charity shop! xoxo susan

  34. "Chewing gum and sheep"!! bahahahaha!
    Love those printing trays!I covet!XXX

  35. That printers tray is completely brilliant, what a great find. Like Lucy, I kinda like it as it is.
    Hmmm - do I want to be one of Jesus' lambs or leaping the net after my tennis single's triumph? I just can't decide...
    Nice nails, Lakota, lovely colour, you comp-winning queen! xxxxx

  36. Jeez, am I the last in the world to comment or what?! LOL!! I like your sense of humour :)

  37. Nice finds, I too hanker after a printers tray thingamy but have no wall space left for one so it's probably just as well I haven't yet found one.

    As for the Spesh K nail polish, I entered a code from the inside of my box and they said it had already been used, some bugger has been tapping in random codes so my chance to win was lost before it was won. Well done you, the colour looks lush btw. x

  38. The Premier Book For Girls looks absolutely spiffing!

    I had a Dean's illustrated book of nursery rhymes when I was a kid & it was beautiful. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  39. holy crap! i LOVE that bric a brac! is it big? i can't really tell from the photo. i want a big one just like it. oh estate sales, oh how i year for you...

    thanks for posting, following you, girl!


  40. Amazing buttons!


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