Friday, 7 October 2011

Have yourself a merry little Vixmas...

I got home about 30 seconds after the postman had been today, and had to literally chase the van down the street whilst waving my 'You were out' card. It was so worth it though - as I discovered when I came back to my house victorious with my parcel. Everyone's favourite boot sale beauty and style queen - I speak of course of Vintage Vixen - had sent me one of her legendary care packages. [insert your favourite term of excitement here. Jem and Luce, that'd be Squeeee, right?]

 Worth chasing the postman for...

As you can see, not only is Vix amazingly generous, but she also manages to be really thoughtful at the same time. She's obviously gleaned a lot from from my posts and comments on other people's blogs. All in all, she sent:

A hand knitted bag
Necklace - I love this - and clip-on earrings
Woman's Own from 1958 - vintage mags are fab
Stick on sparkles for card making/crafting
Book called 'crazy sewing'
Little silver notebook - I need a notebook in every bag. I have many bags. 
Vintage playing cards with groovy yoga people design
Silk scarf
Book about birthstones - if your birthday is this month, you're Opal too.
Something I half thought was a magic wand, but turns out to be an Indian hair stick for holding up a bun. I may have attempted to cast a spell to ensure someone finally buys my house this weekend. *sighs and tidies up the lego yet again*
Purple tights - my favourite colour

Thank you so much Vix - you're a wonder. 

If you'd like to be the recipient of some second-hand and handmade loveliness, whilst shopping for goodies for someone else, why not sign up to the festive Faith Hope and Charity Swap? There has been an amazing response again, and there's still time to sign up here. Be quick though, it closes October 10th so I can assign everyone their partners and allow plenty of time for the hunting and gathering before Christmas. 

Lakota x


  1. What an amazing present from Vix - shes awesome! xo

  2. Look at all your goodies! My mom is opal too. I guess now they are saying pink sapphire is Oct as well so I got her a opal pink sapphire ring a few years ago. I need to sign up for the xchange. I cant believe you are trackling that, I have planning/organization.

  3. Nice stuff! I think I'm Topaz or might be Peridot (August) which always gutted me becuause it didn't seem very glamorous. I wanted to be diamonds or sapphires or something good. I'm less bothered now, but not quite over it.
    I have considered the Christmas swap and decided that I know I will be dashing about on Christmas Eve trying to get things or feeling guilty because I haven't got to it soon enough. Not that I'm any busier than other people, just lazier!
    I like notebooks too. Especially free ones from magazines.
    Happy weekend, mrs.

  4. Lucky you! - What a fabulous parcel from Vix; you can tell that she's put a lot of thought into it.

    P.S. So looking forward to finding out who my swapsie partner is!

  5. You lucky lady - definately worth chasing the postie for :)

  6. Vix deserves an MBE for services to thrifting and present-giving.
    Forget Opals - she's a diamond (set in silver with turquoise gems).
    Have a lovely weekend. Hope you get some good news with the house sale soon. xx

  7. Vix is a marvel all right. She is spot on with her gifts and a thrifter extraordinaire!
    Looking forward to the Christmas

  8. I'm the same as Missy. I think the Charity Christmas Swap is a brill idea but I haven't signed up for two reasons.
    1. Very disorganised. Like, VERY.

    2. What if my gifts were considered crap. I would be gutted...

    You got some lovely things sent to you. I bet the Women's Own mag is a right good read!

    Have a lush weekend

    x x

  9. You deserved treats after the epic summer swap!
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the house selling. xxx

  10. Ahh, the wonders of a Vix care package are wondrous indeed - I know cos I got one today too, hurrah!
    She's sent you some fantastic things, aren't you glad you chased the postman?
    Isn't the blogging community just a lovely place to be? I feel quite warm and fuzzy - but that could be the wine...
    Have a good weekend, love! xxx

  11. Awesome goodies from Vix indeed! Finally did my A-Z... thanks for the award!

  12. What a crazy lovely package you got from Vix. So much great stuff it's hard to pick a favorite. I feel the same way when I look over her boot sale find posts... IT'S ALL AMAZING!

    I giggled reading you thought the hair stick was a wand (Well heck you never know right? It's worth a try regardless!)

    That silk scarf looks so sweet, great colors.

  13. Vix is such a sweetheart - what an amazing lot of goodies, Im with luce on the MBE :o)

    Very much looking forward to the swap, added your button to the side panel too :o) Scarlett x

  14. How thoughtful, such lovely pressies :) I like the knitted bag (pretty colours) and the scarf (does it have Christmas Baubles on it?).

  15. What a fabulosa gifts Vixcita sent you.
    She really is a beauty and knows us like a witch. love the knitted bag.

  16. How lovely!! I would have legged it down the road in my slippers and curlers to flag down that postie!

    By the way I'm Opal, my birthday is 30th, day before Halloween, which is why my mum used to affectionately tell me I was a witch!!

  17. Beautifully thought out package - exactly the thing for you! Loving the vintage Woman's Own! :-) Well worth chasing the postman like a madwoman for :-P

    Jem xXx

    P.S Arrghh squee. Boo x

  18. I love that Vix, isn't she a wonder. The knitted bag is my favourite bit, you'll have fun using that. I'm an October baby too, the 22nd for me :) xx

  19. What a beautiful parcel to receive. How kind.

    X x

  20. Love the MIssoni style knitted bag.

  21. Vix is so generous! I would have definitely chased the van down for that parcel. I love the bag! My birthday is this month and it was my Nanna's too. Luckily for me I have her opal necklace!

  22. She's definitely got the Vixy witchy magic mojo! She is so thoughtful and generous! I love that knitted bag too.

    Sarah xxx

  23. Isn't she the most fabulous, sweetest and thoughtful person? What a gorgeous bag and you were right to chase down the postie
    for this parcel! xxx

  24. Vix is a very thoughtful person! What a lovely surprise!

  25. What COOL stuff! I think you should share it with me....HAHA! Just kidding!

    Get Up & Go

  26. what a generous and lovely package!


  27. oh my! what a lovely package! definitely worth chasing the postman van hehehe , lucky you! x susan

  28. totally looking forward to the swap! :D


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