Friday, 14 October 2011

Swap partners announced! Get shopping, thrifting and making!

Ok swappers, I've randomly assigned people within the same countries, I'll try to make sure I give non-followers a shout to check the list, but please do get in touch with your partner and introduce yourself as I won't be able to email everyone individually this time.

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter ----- Rose and Bird

Stacey B @ Pill's Place -----  Krista @ Peetee's Palace

The Joyful Thrifter -----  LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick

Erica Louise @ Recycled Fashion ----- Desiree @ Pull Your Socks Up

Dazed but Enthused -----The Undomesticated Scientist

Alex @ Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks ----- Curtise @ The Secondhand Years

Nicole Needles ----- Liz @ Shortbread and Ginger

Max @ Blackbird has Spoken ----- Aunty Bee @ Mayberry

Lucy @ Being of Sound Mind ----- Ivy Black Chat

Jenny @ The Gingerbread House ----- Pixie's Ponderings

Julie @ Pretty Little Jewels ----- The World of Twiggy Peasticks

Vintage Vicki ----- Caroline @ What's Happening at my Place

Mongs @ My Thrifty Closet ----- Lizzie @ Tragically Chic

Rachel @ Firebird ----- Scarlett Loves Elvis

Tasha @ Fresh and Feathered ----- Eloise @ Sunday Girl

Vintage Sweetheart ----- A Blessed Life @ Serendipity Rain and Roses

KezzieAG -----New World

Handbags by Helen ----- Penelope @ L is for Love

Flo @ Atomic Betties ----- Sam @ The Junk House

Kylie @ Lucy Violet Vintage ----- Sarah @ Misfits Vintage

La Dama @ Vintage Passions Just Like Mine ----- Danni the Girl

Sian Lile Makes ----- Kestrel Finds and Makes

Gem @ Tales from the Cherry Tree ----- Miss Magpie Musings

Wida @ Missing Amsie ----- LaSophia

Diary of a Middle Aged Drama Queen ----- Little Dotty Bird

Quincee Taylor ----- Meghan @ Tales of a twenty Something

Wendy @ The Butterfly Balcony ----- Shirl @ The White House

Vintage Hearth ----- Wendz @ 15 Coast Road

Alice @ An Alien World -----Susan/Miss Tea @ Tea Diary

Joy @ Alex drake Vintage ----- Loll and Tom @ Toadstool Vintage 

ChrisTea and Cakes ----- Lucy @ Tete en L'air

Lisa @ Jumble and Jelly ----- Michelle @ Crafty learner

The Syders ----- Sky Blu Pink

Diary of a 30 something Skellum ----- Please May I

SG @ Cotton End girl ----- Nicky/Quiksave @Creative Flourishes

Sophie @ Country Girl Does Norfolk ----- Hannah @ Bubblebay

Helen @ I accidentally Spent my wage in Topshop ----- Sophie @ The Story of a girl who lives above her Means

Leonie @ Kiwi at Heart ----- Helga Von Trollop

Vain Glory Sinner ----- Me!

PinkTutu72 ----- Lesley @ Fabulously Flawed

I'm hoping I've not cocked up any of these links, but I started to go blind towards the end so let me know if you have any problems making contact, and I will check the spreadsheet of doom. Have fun, and remember the rules below:

  • Send a minimum of 3 items, maximum of 5 to your swap partner, try to get an idea from blog posts/emails what kind of things they like.
  •  Maximum spend is £12 or equivalent in local currency
  • At least one item must be sourced from a charity shop/boot sale/garage sale/jumble or similar
  • At least one item should be handmade - it doesn't have to be handmade by you if you're not crafty!
  • One item should be a Christmas decoration of some sort
  • Swap to be completed by 15th December. Remember to let your swap partner know if you are having problems / will be delayed for any reason. 
If you need some inspiration, you can check out some of the previous swaps here

Lakota x

PS. Someone has offered to buy my house, so I can start living in squalor again - yay!


  1. Hello - thanks for organising, it must have been a mammoth task! Really looking forward to the swap.

  2. Thank you lovely - what a job you have done. I'd like to reassure my swapee that my blog break will be over next week xx

  3. thanks for all the hard work. this is going to be fun!

  4. Yippee on house sale Lakota, that's brilliant news. Greener pastures ahead and no more horrible home opens! (my most hated part of selling a house)
    Have a lovely lovely weekend...I think you probably will now x

  5. Thank you - off to 'meet' my partner.

    Good luck with the move :)

  6. Thanks for this Lakota! I have to go check out my swap partner.

    Congrats on the sale of your house!

  7. Thanks so much for being such an extraordinary organiser, Lakota! This is a first for me and I'm super excited.

    And congrats on your house sale!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Congrats on the house sale - fabulous news! Thanks for sorting out the swap, off to check out my partner for ideas. Scarlett x

  9. thanks for the swap info! how exciting.x and yay about the house too,.x

  10. Thanks for setting this up! I'm excited! Oh, and congrats on your house!

  11. Yeeeehaaaa! I have been waiting for this announcement! I have you... hmmm I don't think I can get Eric Northman for you as he's much too busy with me! Muahaha! I can't wait to start shopping about! :D xxx

  12. If you still need another person in the USA I'd be happy to help.

  13. yay! Thanks for doing this. Gotta go contact my new friend. And congrats on the house!

  14. Thanks for linking me up! I'm so looking forward to this!!! I chuckled over your post yesterday, although I must admit to buying Mollie Makes each month! And thanks for your kind comments on my blog, too.

  15. Yay! I'm so excited! Thank you so much for taking on the monster task of organizing all of this!

  16. Lakota, you have frighteningly good organisational skills, the PTA is lucky to have you!
    Ooh, better get thinking, shopping and/or making!
    And hurrah for house offers! xxxxxxx

  17. Thanks for doing this amorcito.
    oooh a London biatch, gonna go bug her.

  18. Thanks Lakota, and congrats on the house sale x

  19. Wow, you've worked hard on this swap. I hope it's a huge success for everyone involved! Em xx

  20. Thank you sooo much for organizing the swap again, Lakota! will make sure to get to know my swap partner! yay congrats on the offer of your house!

    xx susan

  21. Thanks Lakota, looking forward to getting to know my partner.

  22. yay! thanks for finding my partner, Lizzie is my recent bloggy friend! Can't wait to start cracking my head. Thanks for this fabulous idea, Lakota!


  23. Yay! I'm so excited =D Thanks for putting this together, Lakota! Also, congrats on the house news!

  24. Congratulations on selling your house! Hope you have a wonderfully slovenly weekend, dropping crumbs and not washing up. x

  25. Top job m'lovely! I'm really looking forward to this....I might even be feeling festive!
    Congrats on selling your house.

  26. Ohh have fun everyone! I took part in the last swap and it was great fun. I also got spoiled with some lovely gifts from my swap buddy Emma from Ivy and Ruby.

    So I thought I'd hand back this time and let others have a go. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gives and gets.

  27. RATS! *sad face* I haven't been on line and totally missed this!!

  28. Just had one of those panic moments when I realised I haven't checked back for my partner but I'm only 3 days late - phew! Life all a muddle at the mo. Thanks so much for organising, what a star! Brilliant news about the house too x

  29. Hey, thanks for organising, my partner and I have so much in common, can't believe it was a random pairing!

    Glad your house has sold btw. x

  30. Is it too late to belong to this gorgeous swap, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  31. I am now following and adding you to my blogroll.

  32. Hey girl! Did you get that other person you needed from the USA? If not, I would love to do this. I know its late, but I jsut found this button. Let me know if you need me. Thanks for the great ideas, too. Love your blog.

  33. Super sad I'm just now finding your blog. Would have loved to participate in a swap.

    Your blog is awesome!

  34. Say Hi to swap and thank you for making this blog of yours! It's so inspiring.I hope I could help too. God bless.

  35. By read and review some comments here and their for i conclude that you guys are good organizers. Keep it up . this is so informative .


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