Monday, 17 October 2011

And there's more...

Hello, just a quickie to say we'll be back in the safer waters of vintage book finds tomorrow - I hadn't realised that post was going to be quite so contentious. Thanks for all your comments regarding Mollie Makes - especially the one from Jane Toft, editor of the magazine and not devoid of a sense of humour. Phew! [Obviously if they have a feature next month on how to model a wax effigy or crochet your own voodoo doll, then I'll retract that last statement]. Oh, and before we leave the subject, I just have to share my excitement that I have in fact found 'the crafting Paris Hilton';  aka Cairo Sheraton, the so-so socialite.

The chihuahua said 'Mollie Makes', the lack of pants said Penthouse...

Cairo Sheraton, made by Croshame available from Etsy
 {don't click if you'll be offended by a crocheted cooch!}

If I had to choose someone to make a voodoo doll in my image, I'd like it to be Croshame please. I've just discovered her blog and her work, which is all kinds of excellent. Crocheted scene from The Exorcist, anyone? 

Regan knew she shouldn't have eaten that felt asparagus for lunch...

Oh ok, she does fun food too. 

Ouch Cream - Aww.

Lakota x


  1. ha ha Fabulous! The chihuahua looks like my Betty!

  2. always make me laugh. Very whimsical!


  3. Man I wish I could crochet AWSOME things like this. I did crochet my dog a ball and he rather liked it for awhile.. then got bored with it like everything else.
    I can also make hats and scareves... but that is about it.

    I want a crochet LOBSTER!

  4. Haven't seen any crochet like that at my local church table top sale!! wicked, love the exorcist! can't beleive the editor got i touch with you, will check out the comments now. ah well, its just more advertising for them really, i bet she was pleased!

  5. Now this kind of crocheted item, I understand! They are great, aren't they? I like the Sid and Nancy figures on Etsy too (in a gruesome kinda way...)
    Hey Lakota, you're famous now (even more famous, that is) if you're getting magazine editors commenting. Perhaps she'll offer you a guest spot on non-vegetable-based crafting? A whole new career beckons... xx

  6. In the words of McEnroe "you cannot be serious" ... funny but the price tag!!!! do people actually spend their hard earned on these things ..... just when you think you've seen it all! Thanks for amusing us with these posts Lakota .... priceless x

  7. OMG - I am TOTALLY going to make that Exorcist scene for someone for xmas!


    Sarah xxx

  8. These are so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. I'm so glad there's a dark side to crochet. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me because I had no desire for wholesome, feminine wares!

  10. omg.....laughing soooo much....seriously!

    I'm considering going and learning how to crochet,if only to support my local wool shop!

  11. hahahahahahaha only you could find something like this! i definitely like the croshame work, sooo cool!!! and the ouch cream is adorable! not sure about paris hilton though i must say the chihuahua is kinda cute hehehe

    xx susan

  12. Ha you definitely opened a can of worms with your post on Mollie makes. They should be really pleased though, they say no publicity is bad publicity.

    These made me laugh but I am still not sure I get the whole crochet thing unless it is something you can wear.

  13. Hahaha - the exorcist one is brilliant! Im hoping for a pattern for that one in next months MM along with a bonus pattern for the IT clown ;o) Scarlett x

  14. Blimey, what is the crocheted world coming to? Crocheted fruit and veg one week and now crocheted scenes from horror films. What happened to good old fashioned crocheted cushion covers and poodle toilet roll holders? That's what I want to know!

    Another good blog (about bizarre patterns, crocheted or otherwise) is Handmade by Mother

  15. Ha ha this post really cheered me up!

  16. I love the Exorcist and ouch cream,lol

  17. Hah! Yes that's what will happen to you if you eat crocheted vegetables, be warned. Love it x

  18. At last, craft that doesn't make me want to punch something. x

  19. crocheted vomit, thats more like it. sick instead of sickly. horror craft rocks!


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