Friday 3 August 2012

Go Team GB! - Olympics Manicure How-to

Ok, they're not the neatest - but they are fun! If like me you're showing your support for sporting achievement by sitting in a darkened room wearing your dressing gown at lunchtime, why not paint your nails while you waste the day? Obviously some nations make for an easier manicure than others (only Libyan nail artists mourn the days under Gaddafi, but you've got to admit it was an easy flag) but if you're a Brit then you'll have to suck it up and attempt a wobbly Union Jack with nail art pens. I can only suggest more patience than I have and waiting for the red section to dry properly before attempting the white outlining. [I was going for the 'rippling in a gentle breeze' look, honest]. 

But in the spirit of the games, everyone can have a go at the Olympic rings! [assuming you're a freak like me who has all the necessary colours]

  •  Choose a large nail and paint in a light base colour. Allow to dry.
  • Cut a drinking straw into five sections.
  • Pour a little blue nail polish onto some tin foil, dip the end of a straw into it and carefully make a circle on your nail. You may have to move the straw around a little and do it in sections to get a full ring.
  • Repeat with black, red, yellow and green.
  • Allow to dry and add a top coat - seche vite is best.
  • Run round being ridiculously over-excited about Jessica Ennis

We had an amazing day watching the basketball at the Olympic park yesterday. The trains were fine, the security quick, the crowds friendly and the McDonald's chips salty as ever. We've been looking forward to this since  Boy1 was three and captivated by the Beijing Olympics on TV (we promised him then that when it was in the UK we would take him) and it didn't disappoint. The Olympic park itself was fantastic - Britain can be proud - and we're now into basketball! Shame my boys are unlikely to ever reach 6 foot, let alone 7'1" like one of Russia's top players!

Have a great weekend

Lakota x

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  1. I can't believe you managed that Union Jack Lakota. I struggle with a coat of clear! I think it's awesome that you and the boys made it to an Olympic event x

  2. yeah I've just been sat here biting all my nails off but I totally love this and would do it if I have any skills with nail polish (painting skills don't transfer to nail art).

    I love this, you're a nail genius!

  3. These are ace - so glad you had a great time.

    Nikki x

  4. are a bit too clever for my liking.....hmmmmmmm.
    LOVE it. Very cool, good steady hand. Can see you lay off the vino at night to get such a clear design.
    Clever girl.
    Have a lush weekend
    x x xx

  5. I'm glad you had a good time at the basketball, if the crowds were anything like they were at the men's road race, you would have had a ball (excuse the pun).

  6. Yay - you know I'm a big fan of flag nails (I used parcel tape to do mine). Hadn't thought about the olympic rings, but there's still time - thanks for this! Glad you had a good time at the basketball - we saw the brill tv match against Spain - but don't wish those crazy heights on your boys. I keep wondering where they buy their beds, and how they cope when they have to sleep in hotels. And their shoes! They don't fit in cupboards! xxx

  7. Dear Lakota, I love your humor!


  8. Astounding nails - where do you get the patience from? I never put anything on my nails as I am too lazy to take it all off when it gets chippy. Years since I painted my nails. Bravo you.

    It must be awesome at the Olympic park - just watching the athletics and the crowd is HUGE - the atmosphere must be amazing.

  9. Yay, I was hoping you'd post them! You're pretty nifty with a nail art pen I must say. I haven't progressed that far yet. I did consider painting each nail a different olympic ring colour but that's as far as I'll get x

  10. These are great! How patriotic! Have been glued to the box, too and shouting encouragement!

  11. Brilliant! What an amazing job and great way to celebrate. I wish I had the patience to do this.

  12. Great nails!!

    I only got my toes painted glittery this afternoon. The hands will have to wait until this evening. =)

  13. Great nails, but as I sit here watching the Olympics on tv, I am in awe of you actually being at one of the events. WOW!

  14. Oooh you're very nifty with nail varnish Lakota. My nails were looking nice until the majority of them broke over a couple of days :-(
    P.S. Just discovered Essie varnish in Boots - a colour selection to rival Barry M's!

  15. they look great. i want!your opening comment made me laugh- i have been doing alot of sitting on the sofa watching.... xx

  16. I was wondering how you got such perfect circles the straw is a great idea!

  17. Yeah, Lakota, "save live"! And also "rock manicure"! Sarah xxx

  18. They look great! I wonder if my rudimentary skills could manage those Olympic rings?
    I'm pleased you had a good time at the basketball, my eldest two play it and have enjoyed watching it on TV. (And my boy is a bit of a shrimp...) Actually we are enjoying watching all of it!
    Jess Ennis is our local girl, we love her! xxxxxx

  19. Oh your nails look great for eating grapes all day while watching hunky men.
    What a clever idea to use straws.


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