Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nearly here...

The mince pies have been made (and eaten. And made again...)

All food should have edible glitter

Nativities have been watched, baby Jesus has been dropped, and one star was particularly squishy.

Boy2 shining [with Tim Minchin's hair]

Presents have been sent from as far away as Australia

Included from Kylie was this fantastic kids' annual
She also sent amazing linens and caramel koalas. Swoon.
[K, I know they were for the boys. They got some, honest guv]

And from stars who are closer to home

Decoration from Miss Tea

A nautical scarf from Kat

I'm not quite Kirstie, but there are a few homemade touches here and there

This was going to be for a child, but I thought better of it.
Note the pocket to maximise present potential

Pasta angel hanging out with the mitten

Gingerbread house

Cereal box and wrapping paper wreath

The cake. 
Jay-Z was delighted with his bling from Hip-hop Santa

We're in Wales as of tomorrow so leaving it all behind. Aside from the presents and a vast Christmas cake. That comes with, balanced on a boy. Maybe the elves will have packed everything away again by the time we get home. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Channukah (both, if you're my in-laws).

Lakota x

PS. Did you see the linky post for the Christmas swap? If you've done a post on your gifts, link up here.


  1. am feeling all christmassy now! i love your tree and decorations. have fun in wales!x

  2. It's great when it's all finished isn't it? Boy2 looks very cute, bless. I bet there's more you've made yourself than in Kirstie's house. Hope you have a lovely time in Wales, Merry Christmas x

  3. Awww, Boy2 does look so cute in his star outfit.

    Loving all your special Christmas touches; hope you & yours have a wonderful time together xxx

  4. Wishing you and your family a merry christmas and all the best for 2012 x

  5. Your Boy2 star is a fantastic make, even better than your pasta angels! Lovely gifts and decs and cake - you are so good at this stuff, I feel ashamed of my ineptitude!
    Have a wonderful Welsh Christmas with your family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Love from Mum

  7. Boy2 is adorable.

    Happy Christmas to you too. Hope it's fab. :)

  8. Wishing you & yours a very merry christmas.

    X x

  9. Love all your homemade bits (even the pasta angel!). My daughter made that wrapping paper wreath last year. Where it is though, I know not -been overshadowed by the plastic bag wreath obviously (oh God, I'm still going on about it...)

    Have a fabulous Xmas. Xxxxx

  10. My, you HAVE been busy... and what is it about mince pies; we've scoffed 6 boxes now - just can't leave them alone!

    Have a lovely Christmas! x

  11. oh my gosh! i love all your ornaments, the mittens, the gingerbread house and the stocking is just too cute! your boy2 is adorable in star costume! yummy mince pies, love the stars on them! Have a lovely christmas in Wales!

    PS: Kylie's kids'annual and Kat's scarf are just adorable!

    x susan

  12. Lovely collection. That pasta angel is still my favourite!

  13. Your decoration are so awesome :) and your tree looks fab. Have a wonderful time.xx.

  14. Oh Lakota I love the gingerbread house! It's gorgeous :-)

    Jem xXx

  15. There's more than one shiny star at your house Lakota. Catch ya on the flip-side xxx

  16. Ooo pasta angel decoration, I like that one very much!

    Merry Christmas!!

  17. Have a wonderful Christmas and I haven't done my swap grand openning yet!

  18. Such lovely decorations..I love the gingbread house one, too cute!
    Awww..Boy2 looks just adorable as a little shiny star :)
    I think every Christmas cake could use a little bling on it!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas..


  19. Have a great christmas :)

    BTW I blame you for the fact my mincepies are now covered in red edible glitter - perhaps I got a bit carried away!!

  20. I love boy2's star suit, he looks fantastic (does Tim Minchin know about the hair theft?).
    That wreath is also brilliant, almost as good as the pasta angels.
    Have a Happy Xmas. xxxxxxx

  21. Hope you have a delightful Christmas! Your little star is a cutie. =D

  22. Have a wonderful time. What a sweetie your little star is!
    Happy Christmas!xxxxx

  23. Your little star is just the cutest! Have a very merry christmas hun, Scarlett xx

  24. Wonderful photo's your little one looks adorable ;-)) have a lovely xmas, dee xx

  25. Happiness is a collection of gorgeous Christmas yummy things!!! Thank you for sharing, so lovely.
    I soooooo want a star outfit for myself!!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love V

  26. Such a gorgeous tree! You might not be Kirstie but you sure have great taste. I love the gingerbread house, so cute indeed!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, lots of love xxx

  27. Love to you and all the family this Christmas and looking forward to spending New Year together. Thanks for a year (nearly) of your great blog.

  28. your mince pies look so good.all your homemade goodies are fabulosos.
    love your little star cute.
    Besos and Holidays

  29. Such a cute squishty star and I love the decorations especially the gingerbread house. we went to my parents in Wales too. I hope you had a lovely time.

  30. Those mince pies look bomb. I don't even know what's in them...hope you had a good holiday. Happy new year!

  31. Aw! How cute is your little man?! I could eat him all up.

    Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year.

    Madison xxx


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