Thursday, 8 December 2011

My swap parcel from Vain Glory Sinner

My Christmas swap parcel has arrived from the gorgeous Sandy at Vain Glory Sinner. As with the swap I organised earlier in the year, there was a price limit, and at least one item was to be thrifted, one handmade, and as a festive difference one was to be a Christmas decoration. It arrived while the kids were at school, so this time I was able to tear into all the tissue paper wrapped packages myself!

Sandy sent me a December 1954 copy of Woman's Own, a really charming owl trivet, a gingerbread look tree ornament shaped like a teapot, two bangles, a fabric bag and some sweets. Yay! Thanks so much Sandy. I continue to be tardy with my half and haven't sent it yet, although I have got everything ready I need to find packaging! If you haven't visited Sandy's blog, it's a delicious mix of thrifted finds, gothic gorgeousness and dramatic make-up ideas.

The cream bangle has a rose pattern carved into it

The teapot decided to be out of focus in every picture, I'm blaming the glittery finish

Thanks to everyone who participated in the swap this time and has posted about it already. There were even more people this time than the Summer one - 80 swappers across 4 continents! I'll put up a linky post soon so everyone can share what they received.

Lakota x


  1. Wow, well done for organising such a huge swap! I'm just gathering the final bits of mine together and will post early next week :) Love your teapot and owl!! x

  2. You deserve a MEDAL for organising this!

  3. Lovely items. I hope you will be showing us pages from that vintage Woman’s Own. I was a baby then of course, but My Mum and Gran had Woman and Woman’s Own and swapped. They were absolutely nothing like they are today.

  4. What a great parcel! Love the tree tea pot :o) Scarlett x

  5. I'm with Landgirl - you totally deserve a medal! What lovely treats - the mag makes my pulse race!

    Sarah xxx

  6. What fun pressies :) I like the bangles (the red and white one reminds me of a yummy candy cane) and the gingerbread teapot decoration is so cute!

  7. Great swap gifts :) love the owl.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Sandy did you proud! That bag's a beauty and I'd love to flick through the Woman's Own. x

  9. Nice! I like the decoration lots! Oh goodie, we are allowed to open before Christmas then? My lovely partner apologised for opening it before Christmas and I was thinking, "OOoh, do we have to wait till Christmas!"

  10. What a great thing to organise. I love the idea of swapping pressies with like minded people.

  11. What a great parcel to receive.

    I have yet to post mine! Bad blogger! It will however be at the post office first thing Saturday morning honest.

    x x

  12. Wow she picked out some great goodies for you!
    I recently thrifted a bracelet like the cream one you got and I just LOVE IT!

  13. Lovely pressies. The swap is such a great idea, Lakota, and you are a STAR for organising it.
    I'm going to open mine, had been keeping them but I can't hold back any longer! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Ooh you lucky so and so: fab finds!!

    Also, big congrats on the Dorset Cereals award. You will never need to shop for breakfast again (!). Well deserved my dear!

  15. I adore the teapot ornament and the gorgeous bag and bangles as well as the owl trivet! WOW i know the summer swap was a huge success but this Christmas Swap is even more! 4 continents! well done, Lakota! I'm having so much fun!!!

    xx susan

  16. what a sweet package! I'm finally done with mine but my swapping partner is "missing" hope I "find" her soon! Have fun with your gifts


  17. Very cool Lakota. I still gotta get my swap ish together, but when I do, it will be grand.

  18. What a fabulous swap parcel. I've just posted mine today!
    This is the first time I've taken part in a swap, but it sure has been fun. Thank-you for organising it lovely xxx

  19. Wow Sandy picked out amazing goodies for you. love the teapot deco.
    Your swaps are Koo moo Dee!
    eyeing the rose bangle. ;)
    I am almost done with mine.

  20. Wow! Fab swap. Love the little teapot of course.

    Madison xxx


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