Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Creatively Spelt Blog Award

Thanks so much to Scarlett for this award, much appreciated my dear, and sorry I inevitably took so long to get around to this post. [Couldn't bring myself to type 'Kreativ' in the title - reminds me of people that name their children Mykkaylah or Chelzee]

Terms of acceptance dictate that I pass this on to some other bloggers and also share 10 facts about myself. I know that blog awards aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if I tag you, please just see it as a compliment and that I enjoy your blog. There's no pressure to accept and pass it on if you'd rather not, though if you'd like to, great - I love finding new blogs on recommendation. There are so many I enjoy and I could have awarded any of Scarlett's other picks, but I thought I'd concentrate on some newer (to me, anyway) bloggers and a couple of  old favourites. 

So, step up

Anyway, on to some unknown facts about me...

1. I'm a published poet - including one on the London Underground - and also write occasionally for a poetry magazine.

2. I get hiccups. All. The. Bloody. Time.

3. I have a terrible sense of direction. "Getting into the map" a la Joey from Friends seems perfectly reasonable to me.

4. My eyes are slightly different colours.  Many people have felt the need to tell me, as though I was unaware of it - usually after knowing me for about 5 years and suddenly noticing.

5. I don't generally wear makeup unless I'm going 'out' out, but I don't really feel dressed without earrings.

6. I really dislike egg white. (unless in the form of a meringue, naturally). Otherwise, I'll eat anything.

7. I can recite pretty much the entire script of The Lost Boys, having watched it approximately 2,511 times.

8. Despite not being the target demographic (and having a degree in English Literature) I really quite like the Twilight books. 

9. I daydream all the time, generally about film type scenarios. Hence I know how I would kill someone who ever hurt my family, what I would change my name to if I was on the run, how I would escape from a car boot etc. That's normal, right?

10. Um, my favourite colour is turquoise. Or purple. Depends on the season. Gosh, I'm an enigma  ;-)

As this is a somewhat self-indulgent post, can I also take this opportunity to thank all my followers for making this blogging malarky fun. I have noticed quite a few new names on board recently, and I really appreciate it, whether you comment or not. And if I haven't managed to visit your blog lately, I apologise, I do try to keep up.

Lakota x


  1. Totally enjoyed the read, hiccups? hope they dont sound or hurt like my hubbies do.

  2. Love your number 8 lol! Congratulations on your award ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Congrats on the award, well deserved, I love your blog :) I'm with you Lost Boys is ace, watched it loads! Have a thing for vampires and zombies!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I freaking hate hiccups! Eating bread somehow starts mine, aah! (ps I would have sent you the school ties if I didnt read your comment about an hour after tipping them into a clothing bin at Morrisons, sorry!) :)

  5. Hi Lakota, well done on your award, thoroughly well deserved. I'm a big fan of your blog!

    Love it that you're a poet. I get hiccups too. A lot. When I laugh. Annoying!

    Yes, I know what you mean about a sense of direction, I haven't got one either and I can't tell my left from right. It's a hard life.....

  6. Hi Lakota...what a brilliant read!
    I'm with you on the

  7. Your comment about kids names is so funny Lakota...I thought you were a poet although I did not know it!
    I must get on to acknowledging my Kreativ Blogging Award too (cough,cough) I do worry about putting pressure on the people I nominate...I really like the way you put it though x

  8. Hi therem really well done and I enjoy reading the facts about you! Great that you have a degree in English literature and that you are a published poet! I myself do have a degree in literature, too :) (but I cannot manage to write in a creative way ... oh, that matches with your award ;) )

  9. Have to agree with the earrings, favourite colours and the day dreaming. Love the fact you're a published poet, too. xxx

  10. Hi Lakota
    Big congrats on a well-earned blogging award!!!
    And wow, thanks I'm really touched you've nominated me!!!! Oh this is going to sound awful now but I did actually get a Creatively spelt award a few weeks ago otherwise I would definitely be taking up your gauntlet but I think everyone's heard enough about me for now. And you would have been one of my nominated blogs but i've only recently discovered you. Ahhh, will stop gushing now but suffice it to say I am really honoured to be among your chosen blogs. Thanks my dear and I love your list!

  11. When you said 'escape from a car boot' I thought you meant car boot SALE! Shows how my mind works. And that I probably spend too much time at car boot sales! I also have an appalling sense of direction and frequent hiccups. They are really loud and embarrassing.

  12. Thank you soo much for the award!!! That is so awesome!

    I really like the Twilight series as well. It wasn't until last spring when I saw the first, then I saw the second...then the third came out...and I ended up pre-ordering the 4th book. I got hooked. Got my Twilight fix in 7 months.

  13. Congrats on the award. It was fun learning more about you!

  14. congrats on the award *wink* now you got me seriously worried about how I will escape from a car boot!! Got to put some thought into my escape plan! eek! I will forgive you on the Twilight mainly because I have just finished reading a really cheesy book called 'Amys Honeymoon' Im sure you can imagine that my brain didnt need to be worked with this one ;o) Scarlett x

  15. Congrats on the awards, thanks for sharing and for passing it on to me :)

    "Getting into the map" a la Joey from Friends seems perfectly reasonable to me." - ha ha ha!

    "Despite not being the target demographic (and having a degree in English Literature) I really quite like the Twilight books." - me too!!!

  16. Oh the Twighlight books I LOVE!! In fact you should have seen my old office, thats three science Dr's with a life size Edward poster on the door and a 7ft Edward head shot on the wall!!
    I am totally the same re daydreaming too, over active imagination for sure, but should the apocalypse fall I will be prepared ;-)

  17. aaawww great post i am with you to on the day dreaming thing ;-)) And you write poems i would love for you to post one on's hoping ;-))dee x

  18. woohoo!! it's nice to finally know a little bit about you, Lakota! i too have a terrible sense of direction, despite hubby's grumbles to force me to learn to read (eh?) a map and his threat not to take me anywhere without gps (it's suppose to make life easier isnt it?) anyways, i do alot of daydream too, constantly as reality abit in a sucky side (mostly what i'll do if i won a lottery haha). xx Susan

  19. Great post! I love the way you put the 'don't feel pressured by the tagging thing' I wanted to say something similar recently and couldn't quite work out what to say! Oh and I am soooo with you on the spelling point. I cringe at 'different' spellings!
    I'm impressed about your poetry! I have one of the books somewhere I think- what is it called?
    Thanks for the visit by the way!

  20. I was wondering what shade of paint "egg white" was for a couple of seconds - either I flick through too many magazines or its been a long day!

  21. Hey! I don't know about following-er, I know my blogspot address is different from my profile name- have I got a follower name? My profile name is Kezzie (oh yes, it is different I think- since my name blog is called Kezzie. Hmmm, not sure- all this technical stuf is beyond me!
    Any variant of Kezzie, KezzieAG...?
    Anyway, very kind of you to follow me!

  22. Re family thinks I am crazy, but...I often practice techniques on checking to see if I am followed on the street. I don't think I am being followed...I am not paranoid, I have just seen so many movies, read so many books, that I get bored shopping and play at being a fugitive. I duck into shops that I know have back exits, look in shop windows at dresses...but in reality looking at the reflection at that one eyed swarthy man with the limp behind me. I too know what I would do if said swarthy man tackled me and threw me into a boot. Regarding the name change...a common mistake is picking a name that you are comfortable with such as a mothers maiden name, nickname, middle name or slight difference of original. I think that it should be completely unrelated and random to your life before being on the run. It must have no emotional significance at all.
    I am not crazy, just very imaginative. Love your list

  23. That is odd spelling :-/ congrats on your award!

  24. Hi, catching up on posts after a week at the caravan. Well deserved award, you and Scarlett should be on that 'blogs of note' page I reckon!
    I have no sense of direction and day dream in the same way, lost in thought, lost generally I suppose! I'd like a link to your poetry please?


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