Friday, 15 April 2011

"Lakota and her necklace, sitting in a tree..."

Morning all! Gaze in wonder at my lovely necklace from Stolen Thunder, which after a long battle with the postal  system, finally turned up yesterday. I'm so in love that it's become my new profile picture. I've discovered that it's surprisingly hard to photograph your own bosom (how do these lonely housewives manage?) so improvised with a stuffed toy wearing my t-shirt. The effect is much the same.

Stolen Thunder make all their jewellery by hand in the UK, and whilst it's not exactly cheap (I know, irony fans), it's not really bank breaking either. Their customer service is extremely good (they had to resend my necklace after a mix up at the post office), and they put in a free packet of fizzers sweets, which gets my vote. I got my necklace using a 15% off code provided by A Little Bird Told Me (now expired), however there is FREE delivery on all rings this weekend if you use the code CHIPS. Sign up to their email mailing list for regular offers and discounts like this.

Here are some of my other favourites from their website (all images belong to Stolen Thunder)

kisses xoxo necklace
Scrabble XOXO necklace £18.00

'Vintage Rocks' ring
Vintage Rocks ring £14.50

russian doll ring upright
Russian Doll ring £7.00

heart and arrow earrings
Heart and Arrow earrings £11.00

kite necklace
Kite necklace £28.00

gin & tea necklace
Reversible I heart Tea / I heart Gin necklace £29.00

young love brooch
Young love brooch £24.00

Good to bookmark for future birthday pressies, no?

NB. This is not a sponsored post (sadly for me). All opinions expressed are my own.



  1. Your necklace is fabulous, it's so apt and so pretty too! The Scrabble one is catching my eye but I think the charity shopping one takes the crown for me :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S like the stripy top!

  2. LOve it all how imaginative (is that a word) are some people?

  3. Love it! Although you know as soon as you wear it in the CS they are going to put all the prices up as they know you'll be a good customer! Love the vintage rocks ring. Im having a bit of a necklace free few weeks as they have become the holy grail for my son who has developed a magpie eye and once he's got hold of a necklace there is no letting go, mummy has nearly been strangled on several occasions! Scarlett x

  4. I love it all Lakota and I want that ring!
    I've got a friend who that tea/gin necklace would be perfect for (her two evils!) x

  5. that looks great and very well photographed! i do like the broocj at the end too. x

  6. Aren't these brilliant? I love the I Love Tea/Gin one - that would be just right!

  7. I've loved that necklace too, ever since I first saw it over on the Little Bird blog and i think it's perfect for you! In fact all of us charity shop fanatics should be given one as standard issue methinks!!

  8. That necklace was MADE for you! You'll still be wearing it when you're 70 and working in a charity shop.

  9. This necklace is so cool! I miss your other picture though :( I'll get used it :) they have some great things I'm off to check them out.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. How COOL is that???? Also...

    "it's surprisingly hard to photograph your own bosom (how do these lonely housewives manage?) "


  11. what a cute necklace!! love the words "Charity SHOPS RULE" on it, arrgghh you tempt me soo bad makes a great new profile pic love the black and white t-shirt on your (unseen) stuffed toy hehe.

  12. I've been scrolling up and down this post "gazing in wonder" at those lovely trinkets. Love yours best.

  13. I've just ordered the ring version of that for a sister for her birthday - rather apt for a CS manager!! AND there's free delivery on rings this weekend if you use the code CHIPS ;)

    Thanks for posting this - you solved a pressie buying dilemna!!

  14. I love your necklace! It definitely sums up our love of charity shopping, what great find! Bx

  15. what a cool necklace !! thanks for the comments on my blog, if you really want to know more about Yarn Bombing, check out my 'other' blog, Blue Poles, Stripe Poles and Warm Poles.....

  16. Love your necklace the words are just perfect ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  17. Oh drool, I too love tea and gin (aka mothers milk) What great products.


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