Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Highly Scientific Quiz - What kind of Blogger are you?

Bloggers. In cities, it's said you're never more than 6 feet away from one. Whether they're photographing their hazelnut mochaccino froth and cinnamon whirl in your local cafe, or snatching up that set of original Babycham glasses from under your nose at the jumble sale, you can't go anywhere these days without bumping into a cute girl with an iphone and a teacup necklace. But if you've yet to take the plunge, what kind of blogger should you be? And if you've already got your first followers - are you really being true to yourself? Inspired by the 'personality tests' in the magazines of my misspent youth, take my in-no-way-serious quiz and find out!

1. It's been a long week, but it's finally Saturday morning. What are you doing?
A. You've already been to the post office to pick up your missed deliveries from the week's internet shopping, and now you've got your camera and are taking a stack of outfit photos in front of the local primary school. Well, there's finally no-one around, and those railings make a great back-drop.

B. Popping the tea-pot back under its hand-knitted cosy, before making a start on that Easter wreath for the shed door.

C. Catching up with new shows on Nickelodeon after taste testing 4 new breakfast cereals with the kids. Then making photo realistic light sabers out of wrapping paper cardboard tubes.

D. Coming back from the car-boot while the street-lights are still on, dragging a Fortnum & Mason hamper filled with vintage curtains and a Midwinter tea-set.

E. Girlfriend, please - it's Saturday morning. I'm asleep.

2. Your hair is indeed your crowning glory, but what does it look like?
A. Dip-dyed ombre, currently lavender.

B. It's tied up under a rockabilly style scarf. You don't want to get glitter in it.

C. In a long pony-tail by day, glam and glossy on nights out.

D. Cherry red or shiny black, with a cute 50s style fringe. You sometimes try victory rolls, but you have no idea how women did this every day.

E. It's certainly well conditioned, there's 8 different shampoos and 4 types of nourishing masque on the side of the bath.


3. You need to pick a name for your blog. What do you choose?
A. Narnia Girl: Wardrobe Adventures

B. Ric-Rac and Bunting

C. Staying Mum - Secrets from Parenthood's Front-line

D. Nothing New (Under the Sun)

E. Becky Sharp's Beauty Spot

4. You've thought long and hard, and decided to get your very first tattoo. What is it?
A. A dotted line sketch of a heart on your wrist.

B. A ball of yarn with needles on your shoulder.

C. A teeny tiny footprint, just on your hip.

D. A traditional swallow, with a girly coloured scroll.

E. Permanent eyebrows. They never grew back properly after your earliest attempts with tweezing.


5. Why is your boyfriend/husband complaining?
A. The credit card bill looks like an alternative alphabet rhyme. A is for ASOS, B is for Bertie...

B. The scarf you said you'd crochet for his mum's birthday is only 12 inches long so far, and has cost £27 in Tibetan alpaca wool. He was going to pick something up in the Next sale.

C. He's fed up of you telling your friends about how inept he is with the children. It was only that one time he  dressed 3 year old Esme in 9-12 months dungarees from the charity shop bag. Backwards.

D. He says it gives him the creeps the way your collection of 60s 'big eye' art always seems to be following him around the room.

E. The usual. How he's fed up of showering at work because he can't do everything in the 5 minute bathroom slot you've allotted him. Doesn't he realise you have a limited edition eyeshadow palette to swatch?

with thanks to Sarah Misfit

6. Why can't your parents come and stay in the spare room?
A. It's an over-flow wardrobe. There's a distinct possibility of being killed in a shoe avalanche unless you know the safe paths.

B. They can, if they want to sleep on an antique treadle sewing machine table. The super-king sized hexi quilt should be finished really soon. Once you've given that decoupage chest of drawers a final coat of varnish.

C. At the moment, having a playroom so that Princess P's Sylvanian Family figures can be kept out of the lounge is far more important than Grandparents coming to stay. Grandparents bring more bloody toys!

D. It's full of eBay inventory. When there's a free listings weekend, you'll be right on it.

E. Your parents are always welcome. Besides, your Mum got given Creme de la Mer for her 50th birthday and you know she hardly uses it.


7. It's time to change your profile picture. What do you upload?
A. You looking moodily at the pavement/sky, holding a satchel.

B. A colourful granny square

C. A picture of your toddler from behind, wearing wellies and a tu-tu

D. That slightly demonic looking pottery owl you just found in the Cancer Research shop

E. A close up of your eye, made up in four shades of MUA's Pretty Pastels

8. What's on your dressing table?
A. You're sure you have a dressing table - somewhere. It might be under that pile of discarded outfits in the corner.

B.  A felt flower brooch, mini garland made from vintage maps, and a cross-stitch magazine.

C. Guerlain Midnight Secret, Origins eye cream, several odd socks, a box of raisins and a Power Ranger 

D. An art deco vanity set, glass bon-bon dishes full of hairgrips, a 1950s poodle ornament and the cast of Bambi.

E.  87 perfumes, including all the Harajuku Lovers fragrances and some which are only available in New York.


9. You check the search keywords in your blog stats. How do people find you?
A. Peter Pan, polka dot, brogues, ice-cream, London Fashion week, H&M Collection

B.  Burlap ideas, mod-podge, cute amigurumi armadillo, XXX grannies

C. Outings with under 5s, toddler tantrums, Cybermummy, Carrot stains Marc Jacobs

D. vintage tea set, Tretchikoff Green lady painting, Cats eye glasses, cheap charity shop 

E. OPI swatches, Urban Decay, fishtail braid how-to, Customs charges USA to UK  


10. What are you drinking?
A. Tea

B. Tea

C. Tea

D. Tea

E. Tea


If you answered mainly As...You are Personal Style Penny. You refer to clothes as 'pieces' and 'remix' your clothes rather than merely wearing them in different combinations. You like statement jewellery, small dogs and Irregular Choice shoes. Your boyfriend dislikes your high waisted floral shorts, but your 2,755 followers disagree and adore the way you've styled them. Your ultimate ambition is to be snapped by The Sartorialist.

If you answered mainly Bs...You are Made it Myself Molly. Your 'DIY ideas' board has reached Pinterest's limit of 1000 pins and you have recently worked out you will need to outlive Methuselah to complete all your WIPs. You have signed up to 11 craft fairs this year and have a permanent hot glue blister on your thumb. Your fabric stash has contained a fat quarter with matryoshka dolls on for 11 years now, awaiting just the right project.

If you answered mainly Cs...You are Mummy Blogger Millie. You used to work in advertising, but now spend your days ruled by the capricious whims of tiny dictators. So, not much difference then. You are a social networking addict, and brand ambassador for any number of kid-centric companies, which certainly makes life on one income less expensive. Your children always have the most interesting lunch-boxes as a result of all the free samples you receive.

If you answered mainly Ds...You are Second Hand Sally. You treat the high street with suspicion, bordering on contempt, and prefer the run down areas with a high concentration of charity shops. Your friends find you a useful resource for offloading  'hideous stuff my Granny left me', but are always happy to come for cake in your bright and cheerful kitchen. They are secretly impressed when Elle Decoration features the very same mid-century sideboard as you have in your lounge.

If you answered mainly Es...You are Beauty Blogger Becky. Your YouTube channel has nearly as many views as Kony 2012, and you have an extra recycling box from the council for all your empty products. You have firm opinions on whether GlossyBox or Boudoir Prive is better, and refuse to be swayed on the matter. However, you continue to subscribe to both. You can look on the bright side of any situation - a three hour delay at Heathrow means spritzing and swatching galore in duty free!

If you answered across the board - Congratulations! You could be a 'Lifestyle' blogger, making everything you do desirable. Your starter kit will be delivered shortly - a vintage suitcase, Tatty Devine name necklace and half a dozen Ladurée macaroons.

Love ya,

Lakota x


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Please excuse that "Meh". Blogger was deleting my comment over and over so that was for Blogger not you! What the heck was I saying? Oh...I loved doing your quiz! I'm apparently a second hand Sally which totally makes sense. And yes, people always give me crazy things that their grannies left them - which I love. And I love your line about the cupcake necklace. Good show, girly!

  3. hello! love love love the post. clever clever!!! i am a mainly B -in fact a little spooky!!!xxxx

  4. fantastic ! so funny and so true !
    i just love your sense of humour.
    keep them coming.
    best wishes penny

  5. Such witty and clever writing! I'm sure I've said this before, but you should be making a living from it. I didn't actually take the quiz test,; I already know what kind of a blogger I am:)

  6. Ha ha ha!! This is AWESOME!!! I was mostly D's.... I mean.. ACROSS THE BOARD.. ahem.

  7. I love it. Best blog post I have seen for long long time! I might have to put a link to it on my own blog. Once I have drunk my tea!

  8. This was brilliant and I had to laugh as I recognised - gulp! - bits of me... Should win an award all by itself!

  9. This made me laugh so much especially the last question! I am a personal style Penny with a bit of beauty thrown in...though I never do beauty blogging, maybe I should :p

  10. Ha ha, this is well funny init! I am mostly D's - quite happy with that! That comment about your husband complaining about the big eyed art is scarilly true to life! Your e-cards made me chuckle too :) xx

  11. Yeah, me and my demonic pottery owls are bang up there with the Ds!

  12. Second Hand Sally for me! Little surprise there though! :-)

    Jem xXx

  13. This is awesome!! Such a great idea for a post - I think I'm a little bit Molly, little bit Penny and a little bit Sally:)

  14. Brilliant! You are funny. x

  15. Ba ha haaaaa awesome.
    You shouldn't stalk me so much though

    Second hand Sally

  16. Oh my god, so funny!! I was almost entirely solely As...which didnt surprise me in the least...Personal Style Penny all the way! Although that being said, I enjoy blogs from all corners...

    I'm now dying for more people I know read you also to take the test to see if my guesses for them are right!

  17. Absolutely brill. Bit difficult to read at times, am I that predictable?
    Who cares, I'm very happy being a second hand suzy and I love my 1950s poodle!

  18. Second Hand Sally here!

    This was such a cute idea!

    ***Oh and wait, Pinterest has a 1000 pin limit?!?! Good to know, haha!

  19. How many hubby's/boyfriend's have threatened to delete a blog? That's what I wanna know. Or am I the only one? You're a bloody pisser Lakota - your quiz is the perfect antidote to my PMT - lurve this hon!! xoxo

  20. I'm just a wannabe! I can't knit, sew or crochet. I'm too lazy to sell on eBay...
    I'll console myself with the realisation I'm an "across the board" type!
    You should start an online magazine Lakota, Little Nell is right about your writing. It just keeps getting cleverer and funnier.

  21. Very funny, but made me cringe a bit when I recognised myself in some of those answers! The e-cards are hilarious! Fab post.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  22. Hello my name is Molly!! but without the pinterest bit - can't stand it!

  23. Hugely clever. And funny. Totally perked up my morning. You'd be a natural at doing some of those e-cards yourself.

    1. Well then be proud of them - they are FAB and made me laugh out loud.

  24. Love this, very Just Seventeen! no surprises I got mostly Cs but I'd pick a scary owl avatar over a toddler pic any day x

  25. LOL! So much better than the Cosmo surveys. I'm a bit of C and D. Dual personality then!

    Madison xxx

  26. This was the bestest quiz ever!!!! I am across and over the board, Yay.
    The Cards are just brilliant!!!!
    Love them!!!!

  27. Ha ha ha - that is brilliant! I'm a bit Second hand Sally with a bit of Made it Molly. The e-cards are just genius x

  28. Oh you've so cheered me up! I'm busted!! My name is Sally....and I really do have a pottery owl..

  29. Brilliant, I do agree, that if one were to start blogging, the only possibly beverage one could drink, would be tea xx ;)

  30. Ha ha, brilliant! Read this last night but forgot to write down my answers... turns out I'm like 35% Personal Style Penny and 65% Second Hand Sally! ;) (Though I cheated slightly as I have a non complaining husband... don't know how on earth I managed to get one of those!) ;)

  31. You should be doing this professionally Lakota. Truly.

    I was all over the place with my answers, nice to know I can't be typecast. Ha!

    And you are my favourite person from Wales silly. I shall add you to my list x

  32. Ooh, macaroons. Yes, definitely across the board. And tea.

  33. You are a genius. I love this so damn much.

  34. I'm mostly Ds - ahhh memories of J17 quizzes to see "what kind of kisser are you"? "which member of East 17 is your dream date" (none hopefully)

    The bit about the railings made me laugh - well it all did, did you miss your journalism/comedy calling?

  35. Hahaha this was totally amusing! I was all over the place :) I love your humor girl!!!

  36. Thank you Lakota, I look forward to my vintage suitcase and name thingy. Don't bother with the macaroons - I can't stand them.

  37. You are hitting it on this quiz. Uncanny on the nose. Now I need to find my burlap ball of yarn and knit a poem about how this quiz makes me feel. xo.

  38. This is genius! Fortnum and Mason hamper? Never heard of them.... Scarlett x

  39. Brilliant! I loved the avalanche of shoes! That is totally my spare bedroom- except it's a mountain of clothes!!!

    I am an even combo of A, B, D!!!

  40. Ha ha this is pure genius Lakota...your talent for blogging knows no bounds! Love it x

  41. Oh this is so clever. A good mix of B & D's for me.

    Those e-cards are lovely.

  42. Made me laugh lots and cringe a little. You are a funny lady. I am a cliche. X

  43. LMAO, I'm a Made It Myself Molly/Second Hand Sally, I'm such a cliche. Great Post jelly bean. x

  44. You are a naughty but delightful skewerer of cliches, Lakota! Somebody give that woman a column in a Sunday broadsheet, immediately! xxxxx

  45. Your hilariously!
    I am mostly D's and E's.
    You should really have your own magazine.

  46. Heh, most excellent! Although it appears I am no kind of blogger! :)

  47. Hi, I'm your latest follower - love your blog ( I found you via Wendz at 15 Coast Road ) ... You are just so funny .. I wouldn't say I was miserable but it takes a lot to make me actually laugh out loud and you made me do that a few times! Jules x

  48. I love it..how fun. I had a mix of B's and D's. The 'what are you drinking one' made me smile..

  49. this was fun. I had three D's, but I had to skip question number five because I am totally single.

  50. LOL i had so much fun writing the answer in a piece of paper! and i just loveeee the funny pics! my answers mainly Bs so apparently i'm made it myself molly LOL.

    thanks for sharing this fun quiz, Lakota!

    xx susan

  51. Fabulous, I have added a new category 'Mad Mildred - lazy, sluttish sporadic blogger with penchant for bad language and chocolate in equal measures'!

    ps, how did you get those pinny tags, mucho likey!!

  52. Seriously funny - i had great fun doing this ! Love from Molly-Sally xxx

  53. I am a combination of A & D. I loved the why can't my parents come to stay? We turned our spare room into an office/ walk in wardrobe/ blogging room and the shoes really do fall out in an avalanche! Sorry mum!

  54. i was busy laughing at the questions and answers that i forgot to do the quiz haha....i am probably between second hand sally and made it myself molly. "You poured yourself out in your post and all you get is great shoes " just sounds all too funny but so true. But i secretly wish i could be a blogger half as funny as you. haha...you never fail to entertain me


  55. I'm a storm in a D cup!

    LOVE this quiz and especially love the Great Shoes comic.

    Uh, why do not have a book pubishing deal??

    Sarah xxx

  56. Oh gosh I spent my youth compelled by these types of quizzes. Girl Talk was my favourite pre-teens, and then once I hit the dreaded 13 it was all about Bliss and Cosmo Girl. I remember actually cutting out a ton of these type quizzes, the ones where the lines would point you in the direction of which ‘type of person’ you were. Then me and my friends would test each other all the time! A very fond memory indeed xxx

  57. Ha ha, you're brilliant! I LOVED this. I am, of course, a secondhand Sally. That first postcard really reminds me of a dear friend's joke impression of me accepting a compliment "Oh that? Someone paid me to take it out of a bin". Ha. xxx

  58. This is your freaking masterpiece! I loved it, so high-larious and true to the core. Im mostly Ds and Es with some A's. I also love those funny cards. My sister was telling me about them and I was like yeah, I always read them on funny blogs (I meant you).

  59. Not sure if I should admit which one I am, LOL!!
    Your blog is so entertaining, as always.xx.

  60. Meant to comment on this earlier. Fab post! I seem to be falling into so many cliches that I fear my blog may be one of those annoying 'lifestyle' ones ie Jack of all trades, master of none!

  61. Haha those little pictures made me chuckle! I got 4 D'S and 4 E's so I'm a second hand sally and beauty blogger becky... spot on really as my blog covers both subjects!

    This was fun! I'm with Alice on loving these types of quizzes in magazines when I was younger! xxx

  62. Ha ha ha... reading this whilst literally drinking a cup of tea!

    Re. my tutorial, yes you would need to use the pliers to attach the eyepins. Have edited my tutorial ;)

  63. This is absolutely brill and very, very funny indeed. Will share on twitter and facebook.

    Of course _none_ of this applies to me, oh no! But I recognise lots of other bloggers! ;-)

  64. I'm C, D & E, so my ultimate find would be a vintage Girls World in the car boot, that way Squeaky & I could do toys, beauty & thrift in one happy afternoon. And if they had any spare nail polishes on the next stall, all the better!

  65. You are a genius! So funny! I'm somewhere between Molly and Sally which I'm happy with. If you haven't had something published within the next 12 months there is something wrong in this world xx

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