Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pasg Hapus! (Happy Easter from the valleys)

Pasg Hapus! Shw mae?*

Hope you're all enjoying some time off with your families - did you miss me? I've had a lovely time down here in South Wales which astoundingly is enjoying the same weather as the rest of the UK. Don't worry, I'll get to the bargain hunting, but first here's a picture of the boys on our favourite Gower beach, Caswell Bay. Isn't it amazing?

Boy2 has achieved flight :-)

Anyway, we did make it to a local carboot sale, which had the odd hidden gem in addition to the 'misshapes' meat stall and stand selling plastic guttering (still with dirt from the houses they'd been taken from). The former was pronounced a 'Tidy Buy!' from the signage. I'm all for a bargain, but I do draw the line at non-specific meat squished together and sold at a boot sale! Despite being no longer 'local' they allowed me to pay my 50p, and I found a few bits and pieces.

Vintage Portmeirion egg holder (large size) £2
I'm going to put bread in this on the table for Easter lunch

Another 60s bud vase
Pottery rabbit belonging to my mum

I also bought a School Friend Annual from 1956, some French glass bottles which I'll put bubble bath in, and two bags of shells. I stumbled across a great bit of driftwood at the beach (literally, it bloody hurt) so I have a plan to make some kind of coastal mobile affair out of that and the shells.

The husband and I also got a chance for an outing without the children, and spent the day in Cowbridge, a small market town not far from Cardiff. It's absolutely lovely there, with antiques shops and markets galore, boutiques and gifty type places, a couple of good charity shops and free parking in the cattle market. What more could you ask for? Well, this sign was an immediate order to investigate:

Vintage, Handmade and Tea-room? We'll be going that way then

Outside Happy Days Vintage Emporium was a selection of plants, outdoor bunting made of oilcloth, vintage clay pots and so on, and inside was a treasure trove of furniture, clothes, homeware, books and ephemera. Prices were on the whole pretty reasonable for a dedicated indoor vintage market, where everything has been handpicked for enthusiasts by enthusiasts.

Traditional Welsh blankets

Hand dyed wool

I want one of these - no room in my kitchen, but still...

Love these chests, but reckon one of us could create something similar for less than £130

Mr Charity Shopping sneaked off and ordered a scone and Earl Grey
I think I'd been a while...

In the end I came away with a traditional Welsh blanket from Ruby Redhead's stall. It's a large one, and the colours are still bright and new looking. My camera hasn't quite got the colours captured, but it's a bright spring green and a light salmon pink - typical 50s shades. There are two tiny moth holes which I can repair, but on finding them the lovely proprietor knocked £8 off the price - so it cost me £30. Similar sized blankets which are woven today by companies like Melin Tregwynt cost £225. That said, their spot patterns are gorgeous modern classics and probably well worth the investment.

Blanket. Headed for the freezer just to make sure there are no living moths!

We took a break for lunch, then continued the shopping frenzy. I almost missed this Red Cross shop thinking it was a boutique (for ladies of a certain age, admittedly). It's next to The Linen Closet - which I know a lot of you would love - full of goodies from Cath K, Emma Bridgewater, Dotcomgiftshop et al.

Charity shop window

50s sputnik eggcups - 50p the pair

Charity shop frame

Friendship Globe bauble
Made by glassblowers at the end of the day out of oddments

I bought various other bits and pieces like a Christening gift for our friends' baby - we went for wooden bookends with a Noah's Ark design rather than the traditional but impractical bangles or rattles - and some great greetings cards, although I haven't photographed them as they won't be funny unless you know Wales. (Mocked up book covers with titles like Cwtch 22)

Finally, it wouldn't be Easter without a bit of baking porn. Look away now if you don't want to see a cock and balls...

You looked, didn't you?

(Traditional Simnal cake - the 11 marzipan balls represent the apostles. Judas doesn't get one)


  1. Happy Easter to you too Lakota.
    Great post, so much to look at and all lovely...I love your Mum's pottery rabbit (v.much!) and the atomic egg cups and the gorgeously worn blankets and the lime green kitchenette and...well, everything else!
    Those bedside chests are on the pricey side - even by Australian standards

  2. Great selection of bargains there - I particularly love your blanket. And I quite agree re dodgy meat at the bootsale - can't say it would appeal to me either! Happy Easter. x

  3. love the pics, especially the vintage indor market and the thrift store window :) happy easter!

  4. Hello stranger - of course you have been v missed but made up for your absence with a stonking post full of so many items I want to pinch! Love your blanket, also have eyes on your mums rabbit like, bud vase is fab - i bought two of them today but still got to photo my haul. Love your cock and balls cake, will use that as a baking threat next time mr is being cheeky! Happy Easter Scarlett x

  5. Love those egg cups and the blanket. Happy Easter!

  6. Love love love the chicken!

  7. I was delighted to see a post from you, and what a great one! I keep meaning to go to Cowbridge and check out the charity shops, it's on my list of things to do when I have the time (ie when youngest starts school). You've shown Wales in a far better light than I do, I'm left feeling rather guilty! I'm glad you had such beautiful weather, and I really like that end of day glass, have got a few similar items myself.

  8. Happy Easter! Love your Mum's pottery rabbit and the Welsh blankets, I've snapped up a few of those over the years and can't belive how much some shops ask for them. xxx

  9. Hi there! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and what lovely finds too, the Welsh blanket is fab! Happy Easter my dear xx

  10. What a great trip - I know Cowbridge, its lovely - and your dear boys look like they were having the time of their lives. Good finds, as always, and a great looking cake! xx

  11. Great finds! That cake is making me drool a bit, man I LOVE marzipan! May be going on my shopping list now... :)

  12. Looks like heaven to me!!Beautiful beach, beautiful finds! loving the egg holder *drool* and the bud vase, ur mum's rabbit is sooo cute! i absolutely love the signs there, to antique and tea room, ahhhh im so envious! love the traditional welsh blanket you got too!! oh the easter cake looks so yummylicious!! who wouldnt want a cock and balls, raise your hand! hahahaha

  13. What a fun day! That tea room/vintage place looks pretty rad too! Love all your pictures!

  14. Lovely photo's i love that 50's kitchen larder they hold so much stuff to. And those egg cups what a bargain. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  15. i LOVE both your rabbits in da house, oh and i am very intrigued by the one welsh blanket, the colourful one. is that crochet, i wonder?
    your diver and cagoule observation on my deer had me in stitches, by the way.. too right! i have to say, a deer without horns does look a bit forlorn, no? ha ha ha...
    have a lovely monday!

  16. Love your Easter theme - hope you had a great one.

    Now, that sounds like my kind of day out. Perfect!

    Adore your buys -as always x

  17. I love the pottery rabbit too! and the glass bauble is gorgeous! So many pretty things. xx

  18. Happy easter :)
    Loving all your bargains but especially the egg holder (would love to find one of them) and the picture frame is very pretty

  19. oh wonderful finds, and thanks for sharing your little corner of Wales with us. My English friends spent Easter in Wales, I never see snapshots like yours from them!!!

  20. I love that tea, cake and charity shopping are such happy partners! Some great finds.

  21. It is always fun to go along on a thrift hunt in an area I may never visit in person.
    Your 50s egg holders fascinate me.

  22. Wow! These are all beautiful! Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog and for joining us at the Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop :)

  23. Nice haul!! I want the green and white cabinet too, and I also would have no room for it!!

  24. Just found your blog today via Apron Thrift Girl. I love the humor in your writing - thank you I needed that today! Wonderful finds especially the egg cups and blanket!

    Happy Easter Greetings from Northern California!

  25. Happy Easter Lakota, you looked like you had a great time shopping and oh so may bargains!

    Btw I'd love a slice of that cake, looks yummy! x

  26. Looks like you've had a fun Easter!

    I don't think I like the sound of the misshapen meat stall!!!

    Victoria xx

  27. Wow what great finds! Love the look of Wales will have to visit one day.

  28. The vintage blanket is a wonderful find. The cake is adorable.

  29. Just came to your blog via Debbiedoos. I'm from Ammanford, South Wales, and now live in San Diego, CA. I love your pics, finds & humor. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  30. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. I love the sputnik egg cups for 50p, you lucky thing! They're so difficult to find now. And love the blanket too. But my fave item has got to be your Mum's blue rabbit! Cheers, joy

  31. Love the egg holder - what a bargain. Some great buys - sounds like you had a brilliant day!

  32. Hi Lakota! Your charity day shopping looked FUN! I loved so many things I would have loved. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  33. Hi lovely! What a wonderful post. I love the Gower SO MUCH...I don't half miss it living down here in the South. We used to go all the time when I was a kid, and those beaches go on forever. That's my kind of shop and I have to say charity shops are pretty good in South Wales.
    I like Cwtch 22...very funny! I love a nice cwtch down by yer!

  34. Wow, what a wonderful place. Glad you had such a lovely time and snapped up such great bargains!

    Shirl x

  35. Fab finds, lucky you!! Sounds you like you had a great time. Sarah :)
    PS I couldn't help myself and I looked!!!!!

  36. HI, Lakota, so nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! So fun that you are thrifting over there, just as we do here in the States. I've never been to England, but would love to visit one day. Happy thrifting!

  37. I love the friendship globe. Have never heard of these before and love the colour and the explanation. My family is a long line of glassblowers too so I should know really.
    I love the rabbits especially your mums which got me quite distracted.
    My finds are over at

  38. I love your blog! So many great finds!! Can't wait to read more!!
    Thanks for stopping by mine as well. Very happy to follow you back!! :)

  39. Great Welsh blankets and wool.


  40. Your blog is sooo lovely- definitely going to follow! Can't wait to read more! (Is that bay near Rossily Bay? It looks like one I visited in the Gower fairly recently!)

  41. Looks like you had a fun day of thriftin'...thanks for sharing it at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY.


  42. I just love those eggcups and the egg holder! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  43. How did you manage to put so many things i love into one post???

    scones and vintage ahh...


  44. lovely finds. And looks like a really fun shopping trip! It's always a visual feast for me when I drop by to see your thrifty finds.


  45. That chicken is wonderful! Your finds all seem like great bargains (if I am converting my pounds to dollars right), and a little harmless raunchy humor is always fun as well, heehee!

  46. I came by from The THrifty Home. It was so much fun going 2nd hand shopping in Wales with you. Thank you for sharing your trip. (I too loved the egg holders :)


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