Saturday, 5 February 2011

Grey skies...grey buys?

Here are some recent buys that I have finally got around to photographing. I like everything individually, but am sensing this will make a bit of a dull post. For some reason everything I picked out is monochrome, perhaps because it's a 'safe' option when buying second hand? Whites that other people have worn are unlikely to still be bright - and colours can be washed out. Or perhaps it is just a consequence of the weather. Also, I think grey does suit me - but enough now, I'm going to make a concerted effort to make room in my wardrobe for some other shades!

I think the trousers below are probably the best of the bunch. They were £4.50 from the Sue Ryder shop near my parents in law in Watford, and fit perfectly. They were the first thing I picked up and the only thing I tried on - I have no idea why this doesn't happen in regular shops where they have every size, but I have had some disastrous high street attempts at shopping recently. Still, can't complain when there are bargains like this to be had. They are by Betty Jackson: Studio and seem to be pretty much unworn. They have a great forties feel and are pretty flattering (if I say so myself).

Betty Jackson via Katherine Hepburn

Next up is a hooded jumper originally from Gap (where I never usually shop). It's 100% wool so I'm going to have to be careful not to shrink it, but it also appeared to be basically new - a good thing, as second hand knitware can be a bobbly nightmare. I took a risk and wool washed it in the machine and it's ok so far. Actually, the label says XS (which I'm not, usually more a 10/12) so I think it may be a sweater dress. The width is fine on me, but as a dress it would scarcely cover my bum, so think I'm best wearing it with jeans. It was £5.99 from Age UK in Croydon, so maybe a bit pricey, but as I've been in serious need of warmth it seemed worth it. It doesn't photograph particularly well, but makes a good casual basic.


Finally, is this black and white jacket, also from Age UK, which cost £6.49. One of the buttons was missing from the pockets, so I took the remaining one off, and replaced with some pretty black ones from my button jar. It's an improvement actually. This photo is 'strobing' a bit (the reason newsreaders avoid pattern like this) and with all the large self-covered buttons the overall effect was a bit migraine inducing. The new buttons have toned it down just a little.  

Jacket. As donated by Fiona Bruce.

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