Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sod's law?

Why is it that you can have had something on your internal 'wish list' for ages, and never see it, and then once you've bought said item....well, obviously it immediately appears elsewhere? I've had a vague hankering for an enamel candlestick for ages - the 'wee willie winkie' kind - and having won a white and navy one on ebay for about a fiver including postage, I then find something similar in my favourite local charity shop for £1.50! This one is powder blue, and equally appealing, if not more so.

In addition to the blue candle holder, I also got a very pretty bone china teacup and saucer (destined to be a poured wax teacup candle - I made loads of these at Christmas), and a couple of hardback cookery books. I got Jamie at Home for £1.99, and Delia Smith's How to Cook for £1.00. I like to think that I'm not completely clueless in that regard, but there are some basics which still elude me - omelettes and meringues being cases in point, so hopefully it will prove to be money well spent. All in all it was a successful visit, and I can probably sell the ebay candlestick on again at some point, but I am now wondering if if I'm too impatient, and should just wait and see what turns up...

For example, also on the lust list is one of those old wooden sewing boxes; the cantilevered type that open right out. Now the thought is there, I want one right now. Of course, sod's law will dictate that if I pay £30 on ebay, I will see suddenly stumble across one that I could just carry home for half the price. Then again, if I don't bid - I could be waiting years. What would you do?


  1. Hello! I know exactly what you mean, it's always the way.. although both the candlesticks are very lovely side by side like that.. I am SO impressed by your Delia Smith and teacup bargain... I never seem to find these things in charity shops maybe I am looking in the wrong place! I think you should get the sewing box!! Sarah x

  2. I just found your blog on the Thrift Share Monday link share and started following. I wanted to comment on the "waiting" for a cantilevered sewing box (first I had to look up what cantilevered meant...LOL). I had wanted one of these forEVER and saw one, while in college, for about 60 - 70 dollars. Way too much for a college gal. Well, I had my eye out for one since but hardly ever saw them, and if I did, they were very pricey....UNTIL right before Christmas this past year. I stumbled upon one for about 55 dollars BUT lurking in the middle of alot of treasures was a 50% off of everything sign in this antique mall booth. I still almost passed this up because it was so close to Christmas and I still had a few gifts to buy. Patients can and will pay off...but it might take about 15 years....can you wait that long? By the way...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cantilevered sewing box, it holds so much stuff and looks so pretty in my sewing room!!!!

  3. For me, waiting to find a coveted item on my own is worth it--it's part of what makes thrift shopping really fun, you know? It's all about the search.

  4. I'd say wait for it. You're bound to come across one sooner or later. If you get to know someone at the charity shop they might put one aside for you if one comes in. Our local one does that all the time. They'll even put things aside if they think a regular might be interested. I gave one away to the charity shops some years ago and now wish I hadn't so am always on the look out for one as well. Good luck

  5. lucky bird on jamie, huh?
    well, you've got a delia to cool you off...
    tee hee, and happy cooking!!

  6. i love wee willie candlestick holders - i have one from vintage amethyst. yours are lovely x

  7. I missed out on one of those sewing boxes the other day - i blogged about hoping it was still there but no chance - it went :( So im on the look out for another one. Scarlett x


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