Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Embroidery Vs Twitter....FIGHT!

Embroidery signifies a lack of work. So says an ancient Arabic proverb. I'm totally with the bearded scholars on this one. Check out the embroidery I started at my craft group a whole eight days ago. Can you tell what it is yet?

Yes, that's right, a beautiful butterfly! Gosh, my niece will just love its pretty, erm, thorax.

I don't see it progressing much in the near future either. Partly cos we've moved on to Sashiko embroidery, which I prefer, but mainly because I have way too many other demands on my time. We're approaching the end of February, so that means it's round about a month since I started this blog*. In this short space of time I have already 'met' some amazing bloggers. I didn't really know whether anyone would be interested in my ramblings about charity shops and vintage frocks when I started writing [naive emoticon] and I had no idea about this worldwide network of op-shoppers, goodwill groupies, thrift store fanatics, dumpster divers, jumble-sale geniuses and secondhand sistas. [The crafty gals and fashionistas I knew about - you own blogland.  I think you can tell from my stitching efforts and headless posed shots why these elements take a teeny back seat for my my blog... ]

Anyway, I'm amazed and so pleased that anyone is reading at all and get stupidly excited when I get a new follower, so sincere thanks to all of you who've commented or joined up. But to get back to the Arabic scholars, one can only imagine what they'd have made of Twitter. Or indeed blogging. I am in awe of some of you. Seriously. It's bloody half term! Some of you seem to manage to home school your kids, dress them in handsewn (and tasteful) outfits, crochet entire coral reefs, stock your Etsy shops, dress yourselves in amazing outfits, run a resale business, research antiques, cope with a chronic medical condition, and post daily to your blogs complete with arty photographs of doilies. Not to mention keep up with everyone else's. It's as much as I can do to type this during Gossip Girl.

If this isn't exhausting enough, now I find out I need to use Twitter as well. Liz at Me and my Shadow has dragged me kicking and screaming into tweeting (140 characters huh? Brevity. Unconvinced it's me) so feel free to stalk - sorry, follow - me there and convince me it's a good idea. I'm @FHCShopping. My children forage for nuts and berries. And my embroidery's in the wardrobe.

*I like to think of it as being fashionably late to the party, a la Moss, as opposed to a simpering 'me too' like Sienna Miller. I'd take SM's hair though.


  1. Ha! I think I detect another Harry Hill fan!
    I don't understand Twitter. I spent too mcuh time blogging to get into that, it scares me. It took me long enough to get to grips with Facebook.
    That embroidery is looking good.
    Blogging rocks, I'm having a blast! xxx

  2. I'm so with you on how some bloggers seem to be able to accomplish SO MUCH - blimey, what are they, Wonderwoman! Seriously, I often feel totally inadequate, and bone idle, after reading some bloggers posts.

    Like your embroidery too, and you had the good sense to use an embroidery hoop - took me a couple of years to figure out that hoops make embroidery so much easier!

  3. aah, bloggers are so nice! C'mon ladies, it's dreadful (well, hardly started) how can it be good?!

    Bless you though

  4. I am so glad that you are loving your blog and getting so much great feedback! I think you have wonderful finds, and great posts. Twitter is a little bit silly, but I do find some great blog links there! There is a ton of creativity to be seen and shared :)

  5. Aw - I know what you mean. I used to be the only person amongst all my friends obsessed with charity shops, so it's so good to have a whole new network of lovely thrifting sistas!
    Twitter scares me, well done!


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