Friday, 25 February 2011

Golden Hands

Sounds rather like the title of one of those dreadful poems that accompanies a Victorian picture of a praying infant, but is actually a craft magazine from the 70s. I found it for 20p in amongst a load of knitting patterns and it's too good not to share.

Static electricity was a problem for Susan and Janet

I love anything that gives you an insight into social history and popular culture of the time, and this mag was obviously right up to date with all the fashions of 1972. Check out some of the breathless commentary from the News! Extra! page:

"Patriotic or not, if you're in the fashion scene you'll know that red, white and blue is the colour way. There's a quartet of smashing tops to knit this month"

"With so much country air drifting through the fashion scene, with cream and butter coloured muslins and cheese cloth smocks, what could be more appropriate than a mass of brightly coloured flowers to embroider on a smock or dress?"

"Stop the presses, we almost screamed, when we saw the absolutely superb macramé necktie designed for us...very much the accessory now"

"We foresee a craze for appliqué in suede...Think of scarlet cherries on a beige suede jacket. Luscious!"

Susan spurned the macramé tie for a crochet one 

My mum had a very similar top. And hat. And hair.

The pattern insert for the halter-neck dress is unused and still in the magazine
This could be an advert for M&S last Summer

Don't worry though, children aren't forgotten. In addition to the 'Tumpty' dress for little girls, and a chicken shaped 'nursery seat', you could knit this all in one for your baby. It's charming I suppose, but just imagine it after a day of crawling, and with a full terry nappy underneath!

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse of crafts and fashions past. Here's what we could have enjoyed in the next issue:

Now I guess my other half will never get to own the flattering long-line man's jacket. Sigh.


  1. Brilliant find! As a child of the 1970's I grew up wearing all this stuff, having a crafty mother and grandmother who subscribed to Golden Hands magazine. Isn't that maxi dress gorgeous? I want! xxx

  2. hahaha - pure genius find! I think the name 'golden Hands magazine' was a gem enough to warrant the 20p! Scarlett x

  3. Oh my!!!! That baby could have been ME...I was born in 1972. I love the look in the baby's eyes.


  4. Hi my dear-a lovely find and I agree, the maxi dress is just gorgeous! Have a nice weekend! x

  5. wow, what a lovely find, really amazing and sooo gorgeous pics! follow your blog now, as I love vintage and blog about it, too :)

    xx viviane

  6. Hello, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment and becoming a follower, im so glad you did because i now have the link to your lovely blog to. We seem to have the same interests ;-)) Great magazine you just got to love the 70's for there wacky style and fabrics, i use a lot of 70's fabrics in my home ;-)) And thsoe 50's bud vases are so pretty i have 3 now and iv told myself to stop ;-)) But they are very cheap. Im looking forward to reading your future posts, dee x

  7. Excellent pics, love the baby romper suit, v cute haha :)

  8. WOW I wish I had a copy of that Maxi dress pattern, it's just what I have been looking for. I'm trying so hard to find a pattern like that but nothing comes close. I actually have some vintage fabric that looks almost like the one used here and I really want to make a great halterneck dress out of it.


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