Thursday, 17 February 2011

Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair

I made a quick escape from the kids this Sunday and went to Frock Me! on the King's Road. This vintage fashion fair is one of my favourite places to shop and is a gorgeous way to spend a few hours (and pounds).

The Town Hall where it is held is stunning inside - we are in Chelsea after all - look at the friezes and chandeliers:

but though it's a perfect setting the real stars of the show are stall after stall of gorgeous clothes and accessories. Here are a few things which caught my eye.

 1950s Roses Dress

 Immaculate beaded cardigan

Vibrant Christian Lacroix (sweetie) mini  

Of course, some of the items are pricier than others. Sadly my budget doesn't stretch to Ossie Clark or Hardy Amies (though at £100, the gorgeous evening dress I saw was probably cheaper than something similar in Whistles down the road), but there was plenty at the £15 - £25 mark. Ok, that's not car boot sale prices - but all these clothes have been handpicked by dealers who really know their stuff. Also, all the stall holders are friendly and happy to let you take things to the ladies and try them on in front of the big mirrors in there. In the end I came home with two dresses:

The red 50s party dress is just slightly too big, but can be taken in down the side seams. It was priced at £35, but the lovely stall holder Janet knocked £10 off when I wavered over the fit. My local dry-cleaners has altered things for me before, but I could possibly even attempt this myself - doesn't look like the seams will even need opening, just pinning and restitching by a half centimetre. I'm not sure if it shows in the picture, but the trim around the hem is fringing - I love a bit of tassel!

The blue cotton day-dress is 1950s too, and in amazing condition considering its age and the fact that it would have been worn more regularly than the fancier frock. Against a Summer dress from say, Topshop, there's just no comparison. The fabric has a proper weight to it, and just hangs better (and isn't see-through). The hem is turned up a good few inches as well - no way you'd get that with modern clothes unless they're a designer label. 

Here's some more eye candy:

Stunning handbags on Deborah Bouain's stall.
The only vintage trader appearing at London Fashion Weekend


Look at this incredible telephone bag from the 70s - it comes with a jack to plug into a land-line socket. Isn't it gorgeous? This one had never been used and still had the original tags. Eat your heart out Lady Gaga.

Various pretties to satisfy the magpie instinct. I bought the snowdrop brooch above left for my Gran. Being 'vintage' herself I hope she'll like it! We'd had a phone conversation the day before about snowdrops and how she wished she had some in her garden.

Jewellery from Pru's stall

As I only had a couple of hours to browse  (had to get back to accompany the boys to a party) I didn't have a chance to take a break, but if you have time then definitely take the weight off your feet at the vintage tearoom. I usually like to compare purchases and eat cake from pretty china whilst the gramophone warbles away in the background.
The next London Frock Me! is on April 10th, and in Brighton on 6th March. Go - I defy you not to be tempted by something!


  1. Oh the red one is amazing. I like the other one, too, but oh how I love the red. I used to have a phone purse, in the might have been vintage, who knows what I was buying back then. I have always liked things a bit different, even when I have no clue what they are.


  2. That roses dress is GORGEOUS! How much was that one going for??

  3. Both dresses look fantastic on you. I love the print, color, and cut of the blue one. And the double breasted neckline detail!

  4. Thanks! Oh for a bit more money...
    I love the blue one too. It does up right to the neck, but I prefer it slightly open.

    I'm afraid I can't remember how much the roses dress was - I think £100+ though as it was perfect. I must take a notebook next time. I know the Christian Lacroix was £45 on the tag, and the telephone bag was around the £300 mark.

  5. This is what I want to do when I move home next year, I've been checking it out! Although will save my comfy coats so you can make yourself a den in the corner and maybe growl at anyone that touches the things you like :) Looked like so much fun and you got some really nice dresses. I miss Ugly Betty so much!

  6. ps. I hope that telephone bag was filled with gold!

  7. Think it was unicorn leather handstitched by fairies!

  8. Hi there-your dresses are just wonderful, fabulous choices and they look very chic on too! I was at the Frock Me Fair before Christmas, its a really fun, gorgeous event, but I have to say I prefer rummaging my bargains at the booties or charity shops! Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend too x

  9. PS-About the shoes with the dresses, I would maybe go for pointy kitten heel courts in keeping with the 50s look, or maybe some wedge sandals would also be nice-hope that helps!!

  10. Oh I love a charity shop (can you tell from the name?), but sometimes a girl needs a bit of glamour. There's not much to be had in the charity shops of Croydon, Kate Moss is long gone!
    Ta for the shoe advice - I did wonder about wedges, kitten heel sounds managable too ;-)

  11. That red dress is FANTASTIC! I would die if I saw the phone purse! Thanks for your blog comments and to answer your, he boobie shaker doesn't have a head. It's disturbing!

  12. How nice to meet you, a girl after my own heart. Those dresses both look wonderful and suit your fab figure.
    I think I need that red phone bag in my life, I've never seen anything quite as mad. xxx
    PS I'm your newest follower!

  13. that red dress is just beautiful! looks lovely on you. love a good 50's dress. that place looked like aladdin's cave. we have one here in bris every year, lots of treats to find. so cute about the brooch too, i know my nan would appreciate it's age and beauty. thank you for your lovely comment too. love your blog!

  14. Those dresses look amazing! Nice finds!

  15. OMG - I love everything in every picture! Maybe it would be best if I never visit one of these events as I'd be skint. The dresses look amazing on you, great finds. Scarlett x

  16. WOW! You chose 2 stunning dresses! Is that you in them? They look fab! I must go to this!


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