Monday, 21 February 2011

I don't think you're ready...for this jelly

No, nothing to do with Beyoncé's booty, just a few additions to my pressed glass jelly mould collection.

Vintage fruit spoon via my Mother in law

The tall turquoise and oval orange were £1.50 each, and the mini red one was 80p. I love these, they make great traditional party jelly. Aren't they great? I'm after a rabbit one next, who can sit wobbling gently on a pile of chopped green jelly 'grass'.

I also picked up this set of 6 French dessert dishes for £3.00. Bargain.

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  1. great collection of glass and wonderful prices.

  2. I'm with you on the jelly moulds, just divine and so practical too....erm.....for copious jelly eating....! I love the berry spoon, I saw one recently at Kempton and did too much pondering so that it was gone by the time I had decided to go back and buy it! Doh! Lovely thrifty finds you have. x

  3. i've let myself loose a bit on the canister side, haven't i? ha ha ha... too lazy perhaps, to go find the proper word. anyway!
    the symbolic graphism you notice... well, i don't know you well enough, but NOW i see it too, and now it won't go away no more, either....
    i love jelly, btw.

  4. what a collection! I collect charity shop china, but rarely espy nice glassware these days.
    AWESOME blog name!

  5. Hello! A person after my own heart,vintage and thrifting!
    I love your French dessert dishes, these would be perfect for special puddings.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  6. Oh my goodness me! Why didn't I know about your blog before!

    I love love love it.

    We were surely seperated at birth!!! What's your @ name, are you on twitter, would love to chat!! I'm going to be a while lusting over your gorgeousness on this blog! xxx

  7. I do love a jelly mould which is bizarre considering I rarley bother making (veggie) jelly. They are so pretty and I'm envious of your collection. xxx

  8. Lol! We rarely eat jelly here, so I don't collect these. But they're sure pretty, especially holding the jelly. Love that spoon, too.

  9. I forget how I got here but I'm glad I made it cos I love your blog. The jelly moulds are excellent. Adore the dresses you bought in your previous post and as for that red telephone - it's freaking fabulous.

    I agree with Comtesse de Fervour, your blog name is genius!

  10. A second jelly mould collection on the Magpie Monday trail! If it wasn't 8o'clock at night I'd be heading straight to the charity shops to try and start my own. I'd just somehow managed to forget all about jelly moulds and now I'm starting to get a little bit obssessed! Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

  11. Hi there-what a lovely collection, great finds indeed! xx

  12. More gorgeous jelly moulds. I always pass these over when I find them.... Runs back and bangs on the shop doors .
    Love your blog xx

  13. OMG I have never seen a glass jelly mold (well if I have I didn't know what it was) they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  14. Hi Lakota
    I have only just discovered your blog and I think it's great. I love the way you write-it makes me laugh and I share your philosophy on thrifting (op-shopping). I hope you can find the time to look at my blog sometime- I think you might like it...
    I'm looking forward to reading more, Kylie

  15. Haha great title! You have given me an ear worm.
    I adore those jelly moulds. I keep bangles in mine.

  16. Jelly Moulds are fab and taking over the new modern world as we all return to appreciating the older and vintage stuff.
    Envious of those dessert thingys too.
    My charity shop raids are over at

  17. I've not heard of jelly moulds b4, now that I know. will be on the look out for them..

  18. Your collection is sweet! My mom has a few and I have never thought much about them. But they are perfect together as a colletion. Lovely!

  19. Wooo hooo! You'll be able to put the cook book to good use with these beauties! Can you email me the best address to ship your prize to? Email is

  20. Just discovered your blog! Great to "meet" people who love charity shopping as much as me :o) Scarlett x

  21. Thanks for your comment over at mine. SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!!! Love your blog. I also wanted to find a rabbit jelly mould, but alas, not yet.
    I did see a clear glass one for £4 (like one of yours) but that is waaaay too pricey for me.
    Thrilled to have found your blog, keep in touch!
    Gem x


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