Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Top 10 Tagged

The stylish and beautiful Becca aka Smashingbird has tagged me for the Top 10 award, which requires you to list your top 10 beauty products. As you may have already realised, I'm a natural beauty terminally lazy day to day. Even if I feel like it, I very rarely seem to have time to do anything thrilling make-up wise before I head out to do the school run, and am in awe of women who manage to do a full face of make-up as well as get their children ready. Mind you, some appear to claw back the time by not changing out of their night attire. I have yet to plummet far enough into indolence to not get dressed in the morning, so I feel I am one up on the 'pyjama mamas'. Anyway, here's my 'can't do without' products, in no particular order:

1. Clarins UV Plus Day Screen spf 40. It's poncey, it's expensive, it comes in a teeny weeny bottle. Sorry. It's well worth it though. It doesn't bring my face out in spots like a lot of sun-creams do, and it sits happily under moisturiser and make-up. I would recommend getting people to bring it back for you from airports, or buying with Boots Advantage Card points. It does turn up on Ebay cheaper as well, so shop around, as with most of my recommendations to follow. You'd think I'd be thriftier. Huh.

2. nails incpolishes. These were also on Becca's list, but I couldn't leave them off mine, as I am in complete agreement. They have have every colour you could possibly need, and the top and base coats are the best I've come across for giving a professional manicure finish. They are often given away with Glamour (readable) and InStyle (terrible), and as they are about £12 in the shops, it's well worth buying the magazines for the freebies alone.

3. Johnson's baby shampoo. I have fine hair, but loads of it, and it tangles terribly when I wash it. A hair dresser recommended I use this years before I had any children, and it does help. And 'no more tears' for me when I get it in my eyes!

4. Origins Night-A-Mins eye cream. Expensive, but lasts ages and appears to be working! Luckily a good friend works for Estee Lauder and can get it cheaply for me.

5. Thierry Mugler Angel perfume. Reminds me of Paris with Mr FHCS, where I first sprayed and bought it from Sephora. Now my signature scent, and one of the few 'big' perfumes that doesn't give me a headache. I can't speak for anyone around me though! [CK one is an old favourite and close second, but it reminds me so powerfully of living in Bristol that I can't wear it without a being transported back instantly to my University days. I don't spend all my time pining for student life, but the merest hint of its scent makes my heart lurch]

6. The Body Shop brow and lash gel. Tames my unruly eyebrows!

7. Ditto Tweezerman tweezers. These are also handy for grey hair removal. I do not subscribe to the notion that if you pull one out, 5 more grow. This is nonsense. If you don't pull them out, they will mock you from the mirror in the style of that hair dye advert where one crazy hair waves wildly from the top of a woman's head. Obviously there will come a time when it's grey hair or baldness. Then I shall embrace the dye. At the moment, the couple I have are ruthlessly executed. You blondies are lucky.

8. Shavata arch enhancer pencil. You may be noticing an obsession with my eyebrows. I said I was lazy, I've never claimed not to be vain! This is a weird chunky pencil which you draw under your eyebrow with, and it highlights the arch. It's also excellent as a concealer to hide any stray hairs which are growing back but you haven't yet plucked/waxed/threaded.

9. Origins Calm to your Senses body soufflĂ©. This smells amazing and is extremely luxurious and stupidly priced! I also have loads of other body lotions and potions which I need to use up first, but if I had the choice I'd go for this one. At £22 a pop it's a good thing I have the aforementioned beauty industry friend. [I managed to Google this wrong several times. Clam SoufflĂ© is something else entirely, and unlikely to bring anyone but the local tomcats to your boudoir.]

10. Red lipstick. This is what tells me - and I suppose the world - that I mean business and am upping the glamour stakes. My face in repose is inclined to the pouty, (I had an unfortunate nickname as a teen based on my mouth and its supposed attributes) and when I smile we're talking a Jack Nicholson grin I inherited from my dad, so I don't really wear red during the day. It's a bit too 'look at me' for first thing in the morning (not my best time). I have yet to find the holy grail of red lippies, and have been following recent posts on the subject with interest, but at the moment I tend to combine two. Firstly Revlon's In the Red, which is very matte in texture, then I layer Rimmel's Diva Red over the top, which is far glossier, and wears off more quickly. If you're a fellow pasty brunette (who gets flushed easily) with green eyes and have found a red you love - do let me know!

So, on to listing the ten bloggers whose make up bags I'd like to root around in. Apologies if you've been tagged in this already, I've seen this post around quite a bit recently.

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  1. Ohhh I love all things Origins!! I'm flat broke currently so I'm using Boots Botanics range for my face and Sanctuary goodies for my body and have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed them :-)

    Nails Inc Polish is fabulous!

    Jem xXx

  2. Cool linky thing! Love the nail polish colours, I have been wearing more nail polish recently from Avon and have started using their overnight foot cream too (slightly feet obsessed at the moment!) The origin souffle looks Devine, might check it out next time I'm in town. Bx

  3. Thanks for tagging me in this award thingy!

    I've seen it going around recently and have been wanting to do it so now I actually have a reason to!

    I was also positive that I was following your blog :S I am now for sure! Maybe it is because I see your comments on so many other blogs that I follow so its only natural that I be a follower of yours!

    I really want to get my handds on some Tweezerman tweezers as they seem to be the best out there.. my old tweezers are failing to grip hairs very well nowadays!

    I think I will do a post on all the red lippies I own soon as I have been getting a few questions from friends about reds! Revlon's In The Red looks gorgeous though! xxx

  4. I do love finding out these little details about peeps!
    Did I thank you for organising that swap? Can't remember if I did.If I didn't-thank you!!! It was FUN!

  5. I'm a longstanding Angel wearer, and funnily enough it replaced CK one for me too. Have been thinking lately whether it dates me, my mum still wears charlie, but I just dont have the enthusism for a sniff-a-thon to find something more modern!
    I must find one of those eyebrow pencils, they sound great!

  6. Cool! Ok, Im really excited for this. Just a warning though...its gonna get weird! U know how weird I am! Pretty sure Im putting my favorite glue on here. haha. oh and I used to wear Clarins, till my mom stopped buying it for me haha! It was so nice and gentle!

  7. That was cute as ;-)) dee x

  8. thank you for tagging me, Lakota :) Really love the fact that you use baby shampoo, it is the best thing for fine hair :)

  9. ooooooohhhhh your 10 make up list are soooo awesome and informative too! i learn more each time im visiting your blog coz i have to say i dont have lots of knowledge in that area, too lazy to put on and i found most of the products are pricey hehe but i would love to try thierry mugler perfume, it looks so gorgeous (the bottle i mean) hehe must smell heavenly! I too used to use Johnson's baby shampoo, the tangles of my hair were killing me :) gorgeous colors of nail polish, when will i ever get those collection i wonder. Thanks for tagging me, will post it as soon as i took the pics! not sure whom will I tag though...hmm *thinking*...

  10. Great selection. That eyebrow pencil sounds genius! Do you really think InStyle is terrible? Natalie Hartley's Senior Fashion Ed now and I think it's turned around a lot recently. xxx

  11. Great post, being a make-up whore I love having a nosey at what everyone else is using. As for red lipstick the one and only has to be MAC Ruby Woo - its the greatest red lipstick ever! :o) Scarlett x

  12. Fabulous! I am off to have a look for the eyebrow pencil!

  13. Oooh I'll have to check out some of those beauty products!

    Victoria xxx

  14. oooh, I always wear mostly Revlon red lipsticks, they color last too.
    will have to check out Clarins products.

  15. I am so sorry Lakota, I was sure I was following your blog but it must not have worked when I first hit follow months ago! I just thought you didn't update often :( Should be sorted now, I hope you don't think I am rude! x

  16. I love nice perfume. My signature scent is Happy by Clinique and I also love Ange et Demons. Might be by Givenchy?

    Used to wear CK One in another lifetime it also has memories attached for me.

    Oh and I really like nice shower gels - I buy mine in France usually because they make cracking stuff.

  17. I agree on tweezerman, so much better than anything else lve used before. I've not tried origins things, l admit l would like to change eye cream at the mo. I dint really have fav products, l am always changing!

  18. Lovely to read your top 10, I am quite fickle and chop and change things alot, but recently have got into quite a good routine with products and make up etc.
    P.S I used to be addicted to Angel perfume, but I overdid it and now hate the smell!! x

  19. Wonderful items. Johnson's baby shampoo has been an old-fashioned secret and I'm so happy you're using it too. I love Origins too.

    Have a fab weekend :)
    Joy x

  20. See I watch adverts all day while I work and buy shit all, but now tempted to go out and rediscover my love of origins (the fruity face scrub they had was amazing) and want to try that eyebrow pencil! These companies should be paying you lots of money for being far more believable (and better written) than any other crappy boring reviews! I love CKone too.

  21. Johnsons Baby Shampoo is a winner full stop. I have bright green/blue hair at the minute and it's perfecct. Not too strong to strip the colour and it has one of the nicest smells ever!


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