Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Monkey business (and a giveaway)

I'm off to Ireland for a few days, so apropos of nothing and cos I haven't finished any proper posts yet, here's some sock monkeys. I have a half made sock zebra as well, but once I'd made a monkey for each boy and one for my niece I rather lost the will to live - or at least to continue fiddling with tiny pieces of inside out hosiery. 

First monkey. He has a wet head due to sweet loving from Boy2

Members of My Chemical Romance hang out at mine

They make quite good gifts for small children, although obviously don't use buttons for eyes if you're going to give one to a baby.

I've noticed I have some new followers too - hello! Anyway, to celebrate followers old and new, I'm having a quick giveaway to see who's paying attention. I have a copy of Stupid Sock Creatures to send to someone, so if you'd like to have a go at making aliens out of your old socks, you just need to be a follower of Faith Hope and Charity Shopping. [Either by Google Friend Connect, so I can see you - or if you're one of the whole 6 by Bloglovin' please let me know!]. Leave a comment under this post telling me about your worst ever making disaster - whether childhood Blue Peter trauma or cake wreck or crochet horror.

 I'll draw the winner when I get back on Sunday. Don't worry about retweeting or mentioning on blogs, but if you've literally just joined and this is the first post you've read, well you're welcome to enter too.

Wish me luck in Limerick!

Lakota x


  1. I love these! I've listed 'socks' as one of my interests on my profile. I was one of the few (I'd imagine) people who shed a tear when the Sock Shop franchise went bust!

  2. I'm paying attention ! :)
    have a good time in Ireland :)

  3. hi Lakota

    you are one clever possom. Your sock monkeys are wonderful...any boy or girl (big or little) would be thrilled to receive one.
    Can't think at the mo, regarding worst disaster...there have been so many of them ha-ha!

    Have a lovely time in the Emerald Isle x

  4. No-ones paying attention so far - if you want to enter you need to tell me your worst crafting effort!

  5. My worst crafting experience is always to do with baking! I am not the best at baking, cooking or anything with food apart from eating it! :o) I tried to make a cake for my other half for his 21st birthday. His favourite is Coffee Walnut Cake. So I found a recipe on the Waitrose website, went shopping to get my ingredients and then came home to bake. Well I followed everything to the exact word, but when the sponges came out they looked like to flat pancakes! :o( I had used plain flour and hadn’t added in any baking powder so it just cooked the mixture rather than making it a nice fluffy light sponge. Well I gave up after that and went to Waitrose and bought one of their luxury Coffee Walnut Cakes and made it look like I had baked it by scrapping off the icing and re-icing it with icing that I had made (the only successful bit). He never knew and I have never baked a cake ever again! That was over 6 years ago! Thank god Adam (other half) is an AMAZING cook, baker, etc and I never have to lift a finger in the kitchen! :oD

    C x

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  7. oh wow Lakota, you made the most adorable monkeys from hosiery! love each monkey is different, so cute!! i guess im a walking disasters, i can never do something and did right on the first or second ..have to do again and again to get it right, this is why i believe in having spare in everything hehe.

    Enjoy your trip to Ireland!

    xx Susan

  8. I'm paying attention!
    In 1981 I was making bridesmaid dresses (3) for my brother's wedding -the night before the wedding they were all fitted and finished and I was feeling good - I decided to press them and call it a day and managed to burn a hole in the smallest dress!!! cue lots of swearing and inventive sewing late into the night!

  9. I bought 3 yards of cord fabric for 20p a yard in a sale back in 1984. The idea was to make myself a warm winter skirt,A-line style now I'd had the baby and got slim again. We had no money and it was all I could afford. I cut out the pieces,really carefully as per pattern. But the pattern was a diagonal stripe - and however I placed the pieces, the nap on the cord or the stripes on the fabric were running in the wrong direction. It looked dreadful. It is about the only time I have actually given up and thrown the project away- I didn't even make cushion covers with it, I was so upset!!

    love the sock monkeys tough!

  10. I LOVE THESE!!! Ive tried to make one in the past and it all went tits up so i need that book to lead me to sock monkey heaven (either that or i bribe you to make me one *wink*).

    As for crafting disaters, ive had loads but the main one is that devil substance called fimo clay - i thought i'd bake a few pieces to make as jewellery, the phone rang, i chatted, the smoke alarm went off and I had a lovely set of charred beads for my efforts not to mention a stinking kitchen.

    Have a fabulous time in Ireland :o) Scarlett x

  11. I'm immensely rubbish at baking, my cakes resemble giant biscuits. Ugh! However, probably my worst crafting disaster was a pompom wreath (!). The colours I chose were disgusting together - yet I carried on until I only had space for one more and then I just gave up. The thing was hideous. I haven't had the heart to dismantle it so it's gathering dust aplenty somewhere in the house.

    I'm shuddering at the sheer horror of it even now.

  12. Those are some cute sock monkeys! I have had quite a bit of baking and crafting disasters in my time. One time I accidentally added salt instead of sugar to a recipe..I was left with a extremely salty inedible mess!

  13. Ha! Think I've got a few too many to mention! One of the worst would have to be the day before my eldest's 3rd birthday party, I was 36 weeks pregnant and husband had damaged his shoulder so he was in a sling high on painkillers. We were having the party at home so I was like a mad woman trying to do everything and rushing, I made two trays of cakes which were like mini cupcakes - so small there was loads of them. Just as I was putting them into the oven I dropped the whole lot on the floor. I was so upset and cried! In the end I just chucked it all into the bin and went to Sainsbury's!

  14. I once dropped a whole pot roast onto the floor - does that count?

    I also once (as a kid) embroidered a cross-stitch to my trouser bottoms in front of the telly!

  15. My worst crafting disaster was the first scarf I made when i was learning to knit. I was about 8. I started out with 20 stitches but never had the same number again. I made holes, picked up extra stitches and finished with around 73 stitches and had inadvertantly created a wavy, holey, wibbling mess. I loved it and wore it everywhere. Looking back my mum had a hard time not laughing when I swept through the house flicking it over my shoulder, which I did alot. I've had many other creative disasters but this is the one that made me happiest. Em xx

  16. Love your sock monkeys! I've had many crafty disasters. The most recent was the teddybear I tried to knit. He turned out looking like a pig! (It was a bear with a snout) He is all finished but for his eyes and nose but I gave up in disgust.Knitting is not my thing LOL.
    Have a wonderful time in Ireland. :)

  17. Hope you have a lovely time in Ireland. I've never tried sock monkeys, but they do look a bit fiddly. I like the way the coloured heels make them look as if they're wearing hats x

  18. I'm back, ready to pay attention - sorry Miss! I blame my excitement at seeing sock monkeys first thing. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe my sock fetish.
    Worst crafting disaster? - there have been so many. I recently made a wedding card, took hours and hours. I proudly showed OH and awaited praise. The reply I got left me quivering with anger - "It's Elisabeth, not Elizabeth".

  19. I love those rocking sock monkeys!
    Like Perdita, my crafty disaster was resewing the hem of a dress by hand and managing to stitch it to the dress I was wearing.
    Enjoy your trip! x

  20. Super cute monkeys! I worked all day to recreate my childhood birthday cake a few years ago - huge bunny head made from coconut. Because it took so long, by the time that I was done, the coconut was as dry as barn straw. I put it out at the party anyway and nobody but me ate it. All that work for nothing..I couldn't understand why people at LEAST wouldn't want to taste a huge homemade bunny cake. Where did these people come from? :)

    Have a fun trip!

  21. Love the sock monkey in the middle!

    I can't really think of a disaster when actually making something but I can think of 3 cooking related disasters!

    Once was when I was in Cookery lessons at school.. I put a boiling hot pan fresh off the stove into the sink not realising there was one of the plastic tubs people use to wash up in the sink. It melted a hole into it and I pretended it wasn't me who did it! Muahaha!

    Second was when I went away with a group from college on an expedition trip to Dartmoor. we were paired up to make tea for the rest of the group each night of the week. I had my turn with a lad called Freddie and we chose to make two different pasta dishes. When I was taking my pan off the hob using a tea towel (as there were no oven gloves), the towel caught alight and I was waving it around in the air trying to put out the flames when loads of ashy bits went into Freddie's pasta dish.. we just picked out the bits we could see and served it to the group!

    Last but not least! I was cooking fish fingers under the grill in an ex's flat.. I could smell burning and went to check on them when the fish fingers caught on fire and flames erupted from out the grill and melted the knobs of the cooker. It was bloody scary as I was alone in his locked apartment 5 stories up! I just opened the window and the flames died down. He wasn't very happy with me!

    Enjoy your break in Ireland! xxx

  22. Now I know where all the odd socks come from; you've nicked all the matching ones!

  23. Ooh a bit of monkey magic!

    My worst ever making disaster was a chocolate and raspberry cake in a test at school when I was 13. There was only one cake tin left and I needed two, so I decided that I would do what my Mum did: bake the cake, let it cool, cut it in half and add the jam. Everything went well until I cut the cake in half and it began to to crumble into pieces. In the silence of the classroom I could see my friends looking over and trying not to laugh at the mess I was trying to glue together with rasperberry jam and icing! At least my home economics teacher had the grace to say that it tasted good.

    P.S. After this, I decided to go for woodwork in my exam options instead of home ec!

  24. I would love to enter! My friend made me a sock hamster and I would love to try it myself!

    My biggest disaster was making chocolate brownies. I took them out of the oven too soon, but only realised when I had let it cool and went to cut it. Then I went to put it back in the oven and the tray slipped and half the half cooked brownies went all over my kitchen worktop, floor, cooker and my shoes! I was pretty upset lol!

    Have a lovely break in Ireland! x

  25. Have a lovely time!

    I am mildly obsessed with socks but as with books, the thought of people chopping them up for decorative purposes makes me feel slightly odd. So don't enter me for the comp please - the book would be wasted on me!

  26. Luck in Limerick! Does burning a black circle into my dad's porch the other day while I was trying to "bbq" count as a craft disaster? Every day is a craft disaster for me. I love these cute guys! I dont think the book could teach me though. I have to see it live. haha.

  27. I tried to make 2 children's tights' (they were pink with multi coloured spots) snakes for the children. The only thing was I didn't have any stuffing, so I used newspaper instead and they looked so funny! But I sewed on old buttons for eyes and the kids loved them.
    Hope you have a lovely time in Limerick! Bx

  28. Fabulous work with the sock monkeys - they look amazing. Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland.

  29. I don't have huge craft traumas, but I do have a nasty habit of getting distracted. Somewhere in the house is a mini rugby ball, that I gutted and planned to turn into a handbag (I still think it's a really cool idea), but I didn't have the patience to finish it. I'm currently working on a Millennium cross stitch sampler, so you can tell how long I put that one off for - I think I started it in 1998!

  30. Oh there are sooo many disasters! Number one- making bread rolls- killed the yeast, they came out rockhard,tiny, my mum almost broke a tooth on one, my chinchilla (who gnawed through wood and breezeblocks) struggled with them. Another time, I was cutting material on my lap and it also turned out the reason I was finding it so hard to cut was because I was also cutting my skir underneath it....

    Please can I enter to win one of these genius ideas!

  31. Gawd I love your spotty monkeys - I'd be drooling all over them too if I was a littlie:). Worst disaster? So many - usually sewing related like many of other commenters which I'm crying buckets over coz they're so hilarious!!! My disasters are boring but infuriating like sewing a skirt zip on so it's facing inwards, sewing collars on backwards (yes it can be done!) and taking my eye off my two year old chanting "I want to cut" as I was cutting out gold hot pants, only to turn around and discover he'd done a lovely job on cutting them out too. xo

  32. So loving the sock monkeys, really really cute!
    Am too late for entering the competition,
    But everything I cook is a disaster, even something simple like egg white and egg yoke I got wrong a while back.
    My poor kids!
    Becca xxx


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