Friday 9 November 2012

Something for the Weekend - how YouTube took over my life

My husband is away again. He's in India for a fortnight. This basically means I revert to my baseline state of being, which is that of a 14 year old, only without the One Direction obsession and sucked in cheeks Facebook profile pic. The children still get to fed and taken to school, but there's a lot more eye-rolling and big sighs about how unfair it is. Then I come home, refuse to make my bed and watch urban street-dance movies until it's time to pick them up again.*

Anyway, when I get tired of perving over Channing Tatum - kidding! like that would ever happen - I turn to the natural refuge of the terminally bored, YouTube. Aah, YouTube - where all those racist Yahoo News commenters start out. Home of the cute cat, impossibly beautiful Filipina makeup vlogger, and stupid people attempting to eat cinnamon from a spoon. [look up 'cinnamon challenge'.]

So, here's the videos which have made me snort diet coke out my nose the most over the last couple of days. Some are new finds, some are old favourites.

YETI - I can't describe how genius I think this is. But then I have a childish sense of humour. Someone has lip-read Coldplay's 'In my Place' and come up with completely new lyrics which fit the movement of Chris Martin's mouth. Then recorded the song. And it's the best work Coldplay have never done.

"I called but you ran to the forest..."

HALLOWEEN LIGHTSHOW - GANGNAM STYLE - Has Psy's catchy like herpes Korea pop outstayed its welcome yet? Hell no. Not when you can have your whole house singing along. OK, so I would hate to live opposite someone like this -  our neighbour's security light alone makes me twitchy - but I can appreciate it from a distance of  approximately 3000 miles and my laptop.

CAT VS PRINTER - THE TRANSLATION - Old, but so good. And sweary. Sorry kids.

Give me links. I have nine more days til he gets home. And have a great weekend.

Lakota x

*Please don't call social services.


  1. I love your sense of humour Lakota, thanks for sharing these links, brilliant!

  2. Fuck, I nearly wet myself laughing. I only have one link to offer in return and it's ancient, no doubt you've seen it before - I have no life, I have 3 kids under 5 - but thank you thank you for making my day :-)

    I hope my youngest isn't permanently scarred by repeated viewing of a swearing cat accompanied by my cackling.

  3. hahaha. I've just had such a similar encounter with my printer!!! The timing of me watching that cat video is just toooo funny!

  4. We have the same sense of humour - that cat cracks me up everytime I watch it, and the brit-voice soundtrack makes it even better. I think I would lose my mind if I lived near that house, but it's fun to watch from a distance. Good luck at retaining your sanity til hubby gets home...children are very resilient so I'm sure there won't be any permanent damage ;)

  5. Brilliant stuff lakota, hehehhehee

  6. Perhaps you should come and hang out with my 14 year old - he's a YouTube addict - there are apparently lots of version of that Gangnam Style thing - I probably have heard most of them through the ceiling!!

  7. Great! I have three funny offerings that are extremely popular so you may have seen them, but just in case:

    Interview with a one year old:

    Bear waves Hello:

    and the one that the world has seen (have you?) The Ultimate Dog Tease:

  8. hahahahaha....i'd definitely gonna check the cinnamon challenge! i was laughing so hard watching the cat with the printer and well i wonder how much they're gonna pay for the electricity bill, if they keep playing gangnam style every night, i think it's so wrong with the bad lip but gosh " i'd go but you're wet n furry...and funky" made me laugh so hard! hehehe

    Have a great weekend, Lakota!

    btw, have you heard about this real live anime doll(girl)? i think it's creepy :)

    xx susan

  9. Gangnam Style house rocks my world.

    I am so glad other people regress to teendom when unsupervised. I thought it was just me.

  10. Hilarious, all of it, especially the cat!!!!!!!!x

  11. haha! The cat and printer is so good! No link but find the rude Rainbow episode. I nearly injured myself laughing, it should come with a warning. x

  12. I lost most of today to searching for bike lights in between placating my 2 year old with you tube steam train videos. I should just have got in touch with the halloween lights person. With them in charge there'd be no chance of anyone failing to spot me. I am a bit scared of you tube. Thanks to my phobia therapy it recommends me all kinds of horrible teenage drinking footage. Who films someone with their head in a toilet anyway? Maybe that's the next stage of boredom once you've watched everything there is to see on you tube?

  13. Love the Cold Play lyrics (they are in my top ten most overrated bands list) and the cat/printer translations is fucking hilarious.

    I love the old faves: Ken Lee and the Hide Your Wife Hide Your Kids songify... I spend more time on wimp these days. I'll see you there.

    Sarah xxx

  14. So funny!

    Watched the Coldplay one first, definitely an improvement on the original!

    The cat one is absolutely brilliant and is spot on. I talk to electrical items willing them to work and when they don't, normally the printer not taking photo paper, I swear, a lot! I'm going to share that video on my Facebook page and see how many friends I loose :o)

    I was feeling grumpy this morning, watching the clips have cheered me up - thank you!!

  15. I spend my days watching shit horror films, Bargain Hunt and knitting. My husband thinks I do 7 hours of housework. It only takes me 20 minutes.

    I must invest more time into You Tube.


  16. I LOVE the gangnam house!!! I'll send you some links on facebook xxx

  17. I have wasted away hours of my life on youtube, so forcibly keep myself away from it. But , I I let my hair down for 20 mins and just watched the cat v printer, and then nearly every link related to it! Laughed so hard, my husband came running into the room thinking I'd lost my mind.

    If you have time on your hands, look at 'Funny or Die', especially Will Ferrel's confrontation with his landlord:

  18. Anything Gangnam style never fails to make ne laugh. The cat is hilarious too. I try and steer well clear of YouTube as much as possible, Twitter and Pinterest already use up enough of my time

  19. If left to my own devices I can sit watching YouTube all day, one of my Facebook friends went mental at me for posting endless songs and albums to Facebook from YouTube on one of those days, though I wasn't forcing him to listen to them! He deletes people for posting too much stuff like that though. I love the cute sweary kitty, want to watch all the other links now, and that gangnam video is brilliant, just as long as it wasn't right across the road from me I would love to see a house like that. xx

  20. Brilliant - i think we have a similiar mind set... i am going to wtach your clips and try and come up with more. i do like the bbc talking animals...xxxx

  21. Nice links!
    Have you seen the "literal versions" yet?
    Rick Astley is one of my favourites, but there are loads


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