Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ta-d..errrrr, no nothing to show Tuesday

It was all going so well with this link up, I'd managed to have something to show or tell every week and it had kept me motivated. And this week I appear to have reverted to type. It's the last week of the school year, the kids are still waking up at 5.30/6.00am every day and charging about making a racket - and I've got nothing. I've made a few more earrings which I haven't shown, but reckon that must be getting boring by now, and I can't be bothered to photograph them. I've got a new dress, but it's really too wet and cold to have worn it. I've hoovered under my bed. [a couple of guitars, many shoe boxes, two spiders, some denim shorts and a really really hideous amount of dust]. My friend has lent me Fifty Shades of Grey. It appears to be every bit as terrible as you'd expect. I know it's supposed to have been based on Twilight fan-fic but in case you are as behind the ahem, cultural curve as I am, Anastasia is basically Bella+Sookie Stackhouse with every annoying trait heightened and what appears to be multiple personality disorder [If anyone needs binding and gagging it's her 'inner Goddess']. Oh and a similar obsession with control freaky men, but with extra spanking and a non-disclosure contract. 

Thank goodness for a brand new boxset of Dexter to save the day.

What should I be reading/watching/doing? And what have you been up to?
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Lakota x


  1. Hoovered under the bed? That would definitely be a Ta-Dah worthy moment if I did any housework. x

  2. haha I agree with Vix any kind of vacuuming is a ta dah moment for me!! im not even going to attempt to read 50 shades of grey my friends are filling me about how terrible it is! x

  3. You cleaned under the bed, well done you! ;) not a place I go very often he he :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Best. Post. Ever.

    Tadeeerrrr. I feel like this at the moment (blame the rain) but it's nice to know even YOU do sometimes!

    (And personally, I think cleaning under the bed is EPIC and worth a ta da!)

  5. Nothing from me either this week, although having been ill I *have* produced an impressive quantity of phlegm this week. Does that count?

  6. Ugh - her 'inner goddess' and her constant bottom lip-biting. Pretty bad, isn't it. Badly edited. WAS it edited?

    I've just started the first season of 'Friday Night Lights'. I love it. Kyle Chandler - dad jeans/chinos and all!!

    You should get on instagram! Short and sweet. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by blogging at the moment. Loving instagram though.

  7. I am with you all the way. Sending you tons of 42Âșc alrEADY, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. You should be red-inking every copy of that damn book in the library with footnotes in the margins as your version would be hilarious ... it sounds so frickin' lame I just can't be bothered with it! But I DID bother with a vintage striped blazer at a local oppy ... I've been waiting ohhhhhh about my whole life for one to turn up at the right price!

  9. Not read that book and not intending to either. Doubtless it will become the new Da Vinci Code, and every charity shop will have at least one copy (Lakota's Law).
    Hoovering under the bed is a definite Ta-Dah.
    I NEVER make anything Ta-Dah worthy. Shall I just join in and say the mere fact I've linked up to say hello is Ta-Dah enough? Even if I have an Inner Lard Arse rather than Goddess? xxx

  10. I have no ta-da today either, but I agree with the others that hoovering under the bed is easily a ta-da. I hope you did a lap of honour.
    I have nothing because I went back to work and feel like a wet packet of s--t when I get in, fit for nothing!
    I admire you for at least having a bash at those shades of grey books. I decided once I hit 50 that there are too many good books I will never have time to read so I won't waste my time reading crap. If a book doesn't grab me within about 20 minutes it's thrown across the room. (Or if it's on the Kindle, sworn at loudly.)
    I think my ta-da will be doing two morning's work this week!
    Happy Tuesday, Mrs!

  11. Hahaha! Great review of 50 shades of hyped-up pulp fiction! I haven't read it and having heard so many dire things about it I've decided to steer well clear.

    If you need a book recommendation - The Hunger Games is pretty good :)

  12. I really enjoy the reading!!I love the way you write and it's a great pleasure to find your Tuesday post!!
    I'd love to reccomend you a hilarious tv series, perfect to relax yourself after a hard day,"Bored to death" have you already watched it? I'm sure you could like it, is the story of a writer (Jason Schwartzman-I love him!) that inscribe himself as a private detective on Craigslist, brilliant!

  13. Some days, just MAKING the bed is an achievement!

  14. Dexter series 6! A bit obsessed. And my husband likes it too! So good for romantic nights in (as long as you find watching a serial killer slicing and dicing his way thro a parade of other, meaner serial killers a turn on).

    And you don't have to actually always do the Ta-Dah's around here, you're in charge woman! X

  15. You sound like the Queen of Hazards amor!
    You sound like you did a lot of ta-daing.
    I just got my Dexter dvd today too, so Buddy and I are delighted.

  16. Oh I did get into Dexter...think it was last year...maybe the year before (? I've lost tract of time). It was a pretty big season finally when I saw it last. I don't want to mention it since I don't know where your at in the series.

    Some other good series are Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy started off slow, but me and my mom watched 36 episodes on Netflix in about 9 days (can you say "Gray Gardens"?, what lives we live).

  17. You are a crack up Lakota! You are totally allowed to not have anything to show off, we love you anyway!!!! My sister is all into that Shades of Gray crap I can't even bring myself to try it because I know I will hate it. If I want real smut I know where to get the good stuff. My sister said it's porn for Mom's and I said well I'm not a Mom~ pretty much ended that :)

    DEXTER!!!!! Yes I was just asking Chris when this come's out, way more my style!

  18. Under the bed you say! Blimey...my under-bed dust bunnies are massive, and likely to remain that way at least until the summer holiday! Yup, my chum let me Fifty Shade of Shit and I gave it back after five pages. Same chum who lent me the Da Vinci Code which made me swear lots.
    Just terminal. And you know that it's going to spawn a hideous monster- chicklit erotica/mummy porn lite. Gawd help us!
    I love Dexter!

  19. I sooo wanted to have something to share today, but I've been so demotivated of late too. Pah, better luck next week! X

  20. I am SO not reading that book! I don't want to read Twillight and everyone I know says I should definitely not read it! Plus, I am very obtuse when it comes to books and films and I refuse to give into a craze!!!! Doesn't matter about your make! My make is, er, not mine!!! It's just a good idea I facilitated!

  21. You really should be reading anything by Haruki Murakami - the guy is a genius!!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  22. I've added my ta-da which involved tidying my spare/stockroom. Hoovering under the bed is definitely ta-da worthy! I'm not sure I've hoovered under the bed... ever. I did have a *look* under it today and discovered several things the cats had lovingly placed there for me. Including not one but three lipbalms, two batteries, two of my crystals and numerous other things such as sweet wrappers and chewed packing peanuts!

    With regards to Fifty Shades my friend freely admits they're terribly written and even repetetive but she's still obsessed with them. I think I'd hate the books myself.

    Nikki x

  23. I agree with Vix - vacuuming under the bed is HUGE. Well done, you domestic freak. Sarah xxx

  24. I have ta dahed my attempts last week to get through the second week of the six items challenge.

    I though I was the only one who hasn't read the fifty shades book. Not sure if I can be bothered as it sounds a bit rubbish, on the other hand perhaps I will be tempted to find out what all the hype is about.

  25. I'm with Curtise, surely hoovering under the bed is a massive TA DAH!! I have no enthusiasm for that. Hmm will not be reading Fifty Shades, unless I happen to flick through it in Oxfam. Very bad. I hate all of Twilight too - there was a line in one of her short stories that read something like "some kids' arms and legs got chopped off" which was a description of an event rather than a quote from a character.

  26. I always feel like I deserve a round of applause when I've mopped my kitchen floor so hoovering under the bed if definitely a Ta-dah!
    Yes I never said that Fifty Shades was any good did I? I forgot to mention her inner goddess (just another reason why you'd want to punch her in the face). Far too much lip biting, breath hitching and hair raking for my liking.

  27. HAHA!! I'm reading it at the minute, trudge, trudge to the end, I can't believe the hype surrounding this book! so happy to have discovered ta dah Tuesday! you will be my motivation x

  28. I have no interest in taking 50 Shades on holiday with me, but have just bought the kids the first series of Grange Hill and the Banana Splits for the (v long) car journey. Lord knows what they'll make of them!


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