Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bits and Pieces

I've not done a second hand buys post for a while. I have bought stuff, but nothing massively exciting or photogenic. Books, DVDs, a couple of tops - I'm sure there's other stuff too but I've not got round to photographing it. I went to the Vintage Fair in Camden this afternoon and managed a complete blogging fail - taking no pictures and not managing to buy anything either, despite there being some really amazing dresses on the rails. The good part was that I met up with fellow blogger Clare for the first time - the lovely Miss Simmonds Says - who was a far more successful shopper than me and came away with flower earrings to match her frock, a hat with fake blooms, and a white cotton dress made for skipping gaily through meadows.  [As is her wont]

We had a quick scoot round the Sue Ryder shop afterwards, where she beat me again, scoring some gold Clarks flats and a gloriously insane necklace with a fimo tiger head; but I did manage to find some 7 for all Mankind jeans - aka the jeans of the awesome arse - for £6.95. Not quite what I had anticipated coming home with, but I do have a weakness for designer denim (they seriously do make a difference round the bum) and it's always nice not to spend $174.00 for the privilege. Someone had presumably ditched them because the denim covered button had frayed a bit. Luckily even I can manage replacing a button.

7 for all Mankind - Donna Trouser Jeans

 I have used my stunt double but be assured they look EXACTLY like this on me.

Um, what else? I've added a few more annuals to my collection - Girl and Jackie from 1988 (40p each) and Curtise kindly remembered my proud status as a former Twinkle cover girl and sent me the 1977 annual. 

Manic looking cover girl de rigeur

Curtise also sent me this gorgeous linen wall hanging with a Noah's Ark design, which is usually on display in Boy2's bedroom. I chose not to photograph it in situ as that would have involved a marathon tidying up session. Apparently the 'socks and pants on the floor' gene manifests itself from an early age. The colours and graphics are so appealing - although I worry for the poor snails who are in danger of being stomped on by Mr and Mrs Cow.

Made originally for the World Wildlife Fund

It was the boys school Summer fair last weekend, and I was suckered into running two stalls - books and bric-a-brac. As usual, the PTA had been begging for donations of good quality toys, books, fancy goods etc. I have no idea why a primary school fair was deemed the ideal recipient of this paperback:

but someone was obviously thinking "Aah, yes, rampant and creepy pornography involving schoolgirls - perfect for a book stall frequented by children!"

Bric a brac proved to be popular, but I just made up prices on the spot, so hopefully I haven't let anything too precious go for 20p! I brought home this little sectioned glass dish, which is proving useful in the bathroom for keeping jewellery safe while I have a bath, as opposed to just dumping it on the windowsill or edge of the sink.

Glass dish £1, assorted bought and made earrings, butterfly ring a gift from Kylie

Kylie also kindly sent me various other lovelies including a gorgeous notebook and some nail varnishes, and possibly knowing of my utter lack of a sense of direction - this vintage tea-towel instructing me to 'know your  Great Britain'. Kylie of course is the queen of tea-towels and always has great examples on her blog. Check out her most recent post for a royal example which has succeeded in giving Prince Charles a 'blue steel' gimlet gaze, whereas poor Princess Di appears to have been hit in the face with a shovel, as well as having hair reminiscent of a badger hair shaving brush.

I know neither my 1970s Great Britain nor my iron

I'll be back for Ta-dah! Tuesday so get ready to unleash your best makes, finds and outfits - and I'm also working on finding a new wife for Tom Cruise. Currently I'm leaning towards exporting Katie Price, but I'd love your suggestions!

Lakota x

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  1. score on the jeans!
    I have a pair I found at a thrift shop but they are 2 sizes to small (WORKING on fitting into them soon) *lol*
    I suppose if I get something on a bargain price... I must put in a "little" effort myself. =D

    Those poor snails... I hope their shells are made out of titanium. *worried face*

  2. great find on the jeans!!! i LOVE the wallhanging and the map teatowel-both in such great colour schemes x

  3. I do like to see your cs purchases. Question - WHY was the lettering in Jackie so blinking small?! I couldn't read it then, yet alone now I'm in my, ahem, 40s...

    Tom Cruise needs someone more his own size! lol. There are rumours going round that he's not completely straight either..

  4. Nice ar*e! Those trousers can't be any different on you...that's how they're cut.
    Lurve that tea towel, it just pleases my eyes!
    I do hope you bought the book and are going to write a full and thorough review for all your readers!!
    I'm scooting over to Kylies' for a gander at Princess Dis' hair.
    Z xx

  5. Hey! Ah man, I'd have loved to meet you! Damn it, why did the events have to be on the same day?! What were the prices like? I kinda wish I'd gone to the Chap later and gone first, but I worried I'd never want to leave once I got there- how long did you spend there?!
    Oh my, cannot believe that book!! That's totally minging!

    1. Next time! It's really not that big so would have been fine to just look around for an hour. Prices varied, a lot of pretty pricey stuff as per for vintage fairs but Clare found bargains, her dress was a tenner.

  6. Ooh, I love the teatowel and all the other lovely things you've been sent. My favourites have to be the annuals though I think. I used to LOVE Twinkle annual. My next door neighbour used to buy me them every year. I still pick them up whenever I see them. I just wanted to be Nurse Nancy. I used to improvise by lining my mum's cushions along the living room floor and putting my dolls and teddies on them!

    PS. I reckon you're the first girl in the row?? xx

  7. Your jeans are a great find and hang beautifully.

    The catch all in the bathroom is a good idea and keeps earings safe. I have learned the hard way.

    enjoy your week


  8. Hi Lakota, Sam and I enjoyed the fair - she is 8 months pregnant so didn't indulge, I bought a pretty trim with sequins and lace which I shall soon blog. It will be a brooch. We we there about 2 for an hour or so, then went downstairs to the cute cafe. It was very quiet, so I don't know iif you were there at the same time?

    1. Could have been there around the same time, Clare was blonde in a floral dress, I was wearing maroon boots and teal tights and looking like I was suffering from humidity!

  9. Seven jeans are my favorite! They fit the booty so well.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. How about Pete Burns? He should be able to withstand anything those "Hubbards" can throw at him...

  11. That Noah's Ark wall hanging is retro kiddie perfection.
    (and thanks for the bloggy shout-out too Lakota x)

  12. Oh man - I love the Noah's ark wall thing and the FABULOUS tea towel! My tea towel collection is utterly incomplete without a Know Your UK one and I am now on the hunt for one. Also, love those daisy earrings in the little glass dish. Sarah xxx

  13. Oh how brilliant! Why would you donate that book to a school sale? Still, I bet it's a more stonking read than Fifty Shades of Grzzzzzzzz.
    Love the wall hanging. Can I borrow those cowa to walk over the snails in my garden?
    I'm thinking Julian Clary for Tom Cruise, but I love Julian too much to let him go. Jodie Marsh it is then.

  14. Ah - inappropriate donations - love it! In my stint as stock sorter at a local CS there are some surprising donations. I'd dearly love to do a weekly post on the gems I discover, but I think they'd get wind of it and kick me out!

  15. Your arse is amaaaazing and consider yourself arse-squeezed fair and square young lady! Oh the book, did you sneak it home for a squizz? xox

  16. You sure do have some lovely friends who send you lovely things!

    I hope you bought that book - who needs 50 shades of grey eh? I was reading an article in the Guardian about how inaccurate the S&M is in it, so looks like that book is the real deal - especially with illustrations! LOL x

  17. I wrote this last week & scheduled it to publish this morning!

    Great minds eh?

  18. My God i can't believe someone donated that book i bet there would have been some embarressed mums faces if you hadn't seen it. Love your sons wall hanging of the ark so many lovely colours. Have a great week, dee x

  19. I forgot to say thank you for the tickets! I went to the fair yesterday and came away with some flower earrings. I saw some lovely dresses but sadly none of them were my size.

  20. YOU WERE A TWINKLE COVER GIRL??!!! *awed and floored*
    Lovely finds too :)

  21. Ah come on, don't be so shy, Lakota - we need a shot of your backside in those jeans, please!
    Clare's a demon shopper, not surprised she found some goodies...
    Lovely tea towel from Kylie, cute little dish, and I do hope you bought that book. We had a book called "How to tickle his pickle" donated to our school jumble sale - yes, a whole book on the complex art of the blow job - which my friend spotted and bought, on the principle it was inappropriate for childish eyes... apart from hers and mine, obviously! xxxxx

  22. Nice score on the jeans but come along now, let's see you in 'em! How fab that you got to hang out with Clare, she's ace company, isn't she?
    Love Curtise's wall hanging and Kylie's tea towel, I'd have got my scissors on both of those beauties straight away! xxx

  23. Love the jeans - and the fact you have your very own stunt double ;-)

  24. I went to the Vintage Fair too with a friend and I got a bracelet and a horrid 70's dress that needs some TLC but it's really amazing! I did exactly the same and stopped at Sue Ryder on the way back and got some books. I'll be blogging about it in a minute

    Again, thank you so much for the tickets :) Maybe nexct time we'll meet!

  25. Did you mean to do the Twinkle post on the 22nd August as that's when your cover issue came out or was it a coincidence? That particular issue was out 4 days after I was born too! Oh and are you the first girl?

    It was lovely to see you, amazing jeans are never a fail. That book had me laughing a lot. Surely helping out on the bric a brac and books stall means first dibs on the good shit? xxx

  26. Wow, well done finding those jeans! The wall hanging is fab as well. I love that butterfly ring you're showing off in your glass dish. I have an owl "jewellery dumper" on top of my microwave in the kitchen. Love wearing jewellery, but not so much when I'm at home, so always dump it when I get in..

  27. Great score on the jeans on on your stunt double!
    I love that naughty book!
    Oh you got to meet Clare, she is so sweet and funny.
    Are you the girl in the first magazine?

  28. I too have a weakness for designer denim and I am a fan of Seven for Mankind. Great find. I love the wall hang Curtise sent, perfect for a boys room. I can't believe you found that book either, some people just don't think.

  29. AH! That map is the dogs nik naks! Love it!

  30. Thank you Lakota for this much needed education in designer jeans! I read your post and thought, 'Bugger, I saw a pair of those the other day!' but apparently the rest of Hitchin is as clueless as me because I tracked them down again today and snapped them up for £3.50! Thanks to you I shall be having an awesome arse too! ;)

  31. How wonderful is that Noah's Ark wall hanging!?

    I am now also in the market for second hand designer jeans (well hopefully when my jelly belly goes down a bit soon).

  32. I have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana jeans I snagged in a charity shop in Cardiff last year, still a size too small for me, but there was no way I was leaving them there. Is there a secret way I can make my bum disappear?

    (Also, I too have an atrocious sense of direction, I may need to borrow that teatowel - I've managed to lose entire motorways & city centres before)

  33. Good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day.........

    Ray Grimm


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