Sunday, 22 July 2012

Something for the Weekend - Epic Rap Battles of History

Will Shakespeare, you rock! Even if you do have to 'translate what you said on the opposite page'

These battles really make me laugh. I love Gandalf vs Dumbledore too. Which is your favourite rapping wizard?

 See also Michael Jackson taking on Elvis, and the epic all time baddie battle, Hitler vs Darth Vader.

Lakota x


  1. Gandalf vs Dumbledore had me in stitches a while ago - I absolutely love these, although the first one I ever saw was the Darth Vader one and I wasn't too impressed! Haven't yet seen Shakespeare vs Dr Seuss though so I'll get on that right away :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. this is a really funny series, they all make LOL a lot!

  3. I've seen one or two before- so funny!

  4. ahahahah yeah these are pretty good, will listen properly at home, plus they appeal to my geek side. Talking of geek rap have you seen "white and nerdy" by weird al? xxx

  5. I hadn't seen these before. Very funny! My vote goes for Dr. Seuss -- he's a natural at rhyming, of course.


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