Sunday, 23 January 2011


I think I'm probably breaking the first rule of writing about anything flower related by not titling this post something like 'Blooming Gorgeous'. Sorry. Anyway, as it's cold and miserable outside, I just bought some cut flowers to brighten the place up, and thought I would share some of the vases I've bought recently.

I got this little tank vase last week at St Christopher's Hospice shop for £1.50. I think it's really stylish and am at a loss as to why someone didn't want it. I cut these hot pink carnations right down so the heads are on the rim; I was going for the kind of arrangement you see in boutique hotels. I'm not sure if carnations have been rehabilitated enough to be allowed over the threshold of 5 star hotels, but I think they work really well here, a far cry from their 'petrol station' image.

The '4 leaf clover' edge vase was quite grubby around the base when I spotted it, but it cleaned up well with just some hot soapy water. It has a really pretty vintage feel to it, and the design makes it easy to arrange flowers so they stay where you've put them - I put just one flower per 'loop'. It's especially good for freesias but there wasn't much choice in the supermarket, so I put the remainder of the carnations in it.  It cost £2.00, so was cheaper than the bunch of flowers!

Above is my little collection of 1960s art glass bud vases. These were found in charity shops, on Ebay, and at a boot fair last year. None were more than a fiver, and the green and turquoise based ones were 50p each! These are ideal for a single stem picked from the garden - even a solitary pansy will look great - or when you accidentally lose the head of a flower from a bouquet. As the coloured glass is so pretty, they don't need even need flowers - just some light shining though onto a sunny windowsill. A warning though, they are prone to 'clouding' from hard water evaporation, which can be impossible to remove, so do clean them promptly.

I bought this little vase (or possibly a sherry glass?) at the same time as the tank vase and it cost me a pound. It's just right for keeping my make-up brushes in.

Finally, here is a little pair of silver plated rose bowls, bought for £3.00 at Age UK. I like to think these have a bit of an ecclesiastical look. Any ideas on what flowers would work in them? I think roses would probably overwhelm them, as they're only 3 inches high. Unless they're meant for pot-pourri?


  1. Love the makeup brush holder idea. I shall copy!

  2. What a lovely collection. You could spray paint little sticks and put them in the rose bowl it looks better than it sounds.

  3. What a pretty collection! I've got knitting and crochet needles stored in a few small vases that I really love, so I can definitely appreciate the makeup brush idea.

  4. oh your vases are beautiful thats a lovely collection you have great ideas with the make up brushes too, the carnations look so delicate cut like that your full of good ideas, you should write a book, thanks for your nice comments on my blog nice to hear feedback when your just starting out, xx leon


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