Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A return to writing...

I've always been a writer, but I'd better admit now that I'd never really felt suited to blogging. Small and hopefully humorous Facebook updates was as much 'sharing' as I could cope with - the very idea of constantly posting photographs of myself or updates on my life on the Internet makes my toes curl (I was the bride hiding from the uncle with the video camera). And I think I always felt that bloggers were either - documenting some big life event;"Adopting our triplets from Romania", boring all and sundry; "Chad and I have been married 5 months now, here we are buying a pineapple LOL!!!", or setting themselves some peculiar goal with a weather-eye on a book deal.

However, it's been ages since I wrote as much as a book review, and as it's a new year it's time for a new approach. So, I've decided to photograph and blog about all my charity shop, vintage store, market type buys  and prove to myself that sharing your enthusiasms online isn't that scary after all, and that you can have lovely surroundings on a budget. If you're doing something similar - please do comment and share.


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