Monday, 24 January 2011

A new vintage buy

Wow. I guess I don't need to point out that the collar on this sundress is at maximum 70s. I love it on though.

The problem with clothing from the 1970s is that you can look like you're on your way to a fancy dress party. On the hanger I agree that this dress by Kati looks a little OTT, but it has a lot going for it. The cotton fabric (not polyester - whoohoo!) is cool and swishy, and the colours are fairly muted. I think my orange leather wedges from Faith will be the perfect partner and keep the 70s vibe going. Best of all, there is a teeny-tiny hole in the skirt. Yes, a blim burn. (as I believe they call it. ahem). This dress has seen some happy hippy afternoons in the park.

The dress cost £15 in the sale at Vien Vintage on Church Rd, Crystal Palace. The owner Vivienne has some great stock, and if you don't see the era you're after, ask. She may well have the perfect thing out the back.


  1. Hello! I love the dress, what a find! You are good at that sort of thing...the colours are lovely, and it has a really nice shape too. Love your blog too, we are now blogging friends, hoorah! Sarah x


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