Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's all about ME, darhlink!

Hello! I'm back, sorry once again for the absence. Boy2 is being eased agonisingly slowly into nursery school - an hour yesterday, a whole two today - and I've used the time wisely by writing a post that witters on about me. To be honest I'm not really your classic blogger - seeing as the adjective which is mostly used by my family to describe me is 'secretive' - but I've been reading a few of these A to Z's on other people's blogs, and thought I'd give it a go. Also, I realised that I never thanked a couple of lovely bloggers who awarded me the Versatile Blogger thingy ages ago, and as blog awards always seem to involve trivia about yourself, this should kill two birds in one bush with a big rock. Or something.

I think I'm going to go award free on the blog from now on - just because I can't devote the time to doing them properly - but I really appreciate everyone who's thought of me. Do go and check out the lovely blogs Pretty Little Jewels and Little Dotty Bird - many thanks ladies.

The A-Z of me

Nearly 35. I'm not sure how this happened. I have achieved my youthful look by selling my soul to the devil. Works far better than Oil of Olay.

Give Peas a Chance

B-Bed size:
I don't know why this is a fascinating insight. But it's a double. It has a once lovely kingsize patchwork blanket on it which the children have utterly destroyed with their little claws.

C-Chore that you hate:
Pretty much anything which can be described as a 'chore' does not sit well with me. I'm not really cut out for housework. But ironing is my most loathed. Luckily for me - and clothes everywhere - Mr FHCS does it.

Round here they appear to hand out staffordshire bull terriers or their scarier cousins once you reach 17 years of age. Given that every few yards on the school run we have to dodge a snarling ball of pent up aggression on a string, boy2 is scared of them. In theory I have no objection to them - indeed I actively  like red setters and sausage dogs. More of a cat person though.

E-Essential start to your day:
Coffee. Even though I virtually OD'd on it and now only drink shandy ass decaf, it's still a must have if I'm required to do anything in the morning.

F-Favourite Colour:
Purple. Turquoise, especially in jewellery.

G-Gold or silver:
Silver, on the whole. Although I don't mind a bit of gypsy bling occasionally

I am 5' 6" in my converse.

I-Instruments you play:
I can play the piano haphazardly to an unimpressive standard (grade 4) and would love to have one again. I might make a bit more effort at it now. I've also played violin, flute and recorder whilst at school, all pretty badly. My husband is the musician of the family and there are guitars everywhere.

J-Job title:
The boss. Mummm-eeeeeeee!

Two boys, aged 6 and 3. One brunette with blue eyes, one blonde with brown eyes. Both exceedingly handsome and hilarious, with ultra scruffy hair. The eldest is quiet, conscientious, a big reader and deep thinker, his little brother is the comedian likely to have household objects down his trousers. Or no trousers.

Right now, SE London, but we're trying to move house.

M-Mother's name:
Sue. Vegetable grower, pudding maker, glamourpuss.

Mum and Me

N- Nickname

O-Overnight hospital stays:
Had to stay in several days when I had both the boys. Not in a hurry to repeat the experience for any other reason.

P-Pet peeves:
Ha! So many. Other people's noise. People who dawdle on the pavement. Spitting. People who don't clean up after their dogs. People who can't punctuate or use apostrophe's like I just did. Facebook updates about mundane dinners. Ditto people with GPS on their phones so we can be alerted that Claire is 'at Asda'.  Being called 'Mum' by teachers and health visitors...Ok, so people generally. Not you guys though. You guys are great.

Q-Quote from a film:
As teenagers, my friends and I were obsessed with several films and were forever scrawling quotes from them on things (pencil cases, folders, the wall in the girls' loos...). These included, but were not limited to:

We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!
Withnail and I

My own brother, a goddamn shit sucking vampire! Well you wait til Mom finds out buddy!
The Lost Boys

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

My brain is at least 77% song lyrics and 80s film scripts.

R-Right or left handed:

A younger sister, Jenny. Amazing chef and close personal friend of Bill Bailey. 

T-Time you wake up:
Far earlier than I'm designed to.

Er, yes. Loads. Bras are important. Preferably Freya.

V-Vegetable you hate:
Chicory. It's pretty revolting. No idea why the Belgians like it so much.

W-What makes you run late:
Checking blogger/Facebook/Twitter/emails when I should be brushing children's teeth. More recently, days have been lost to Pinterest. Come join me!

X-X rays you've had:
I'm going to assume you won't mind me changing this question to something less boring - sorry to any bone scan fans - let's have 'X-Factor, yes or no?' instead. "Well Lakota, I would have to say yes, despite loathing all the 'music', being the last person to care about the career of Cheryl Cole, and knowing that it's fundamentally wrong to laugh at the mentally ill. Cowell's some kind of evil magician."

Y-Yummy food that you make:
Mocha Squares. Chocolate oaty base with coffee icing. I insisted my mum make these for every birthday since about the age of 4, and if there was a fire, you know I'd be mentally weighing up whether I had time to get the kids and the recipe. My husband and boys are now obsessed with them too.

Z-Zoo animal:
Tapir. They're just really cool.

Who else has done this A to Z? Despite being secretive, I make no secret of being nosey as well!

Lakota x

PS. I can't remember how many people I'm supposed to pass the blog award on to, but this time I choose:

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All awesome.


  1. Thanks for doing this- it's good to get to know you better (ooh, now I have that 80's number 'like to get to know you well' in my head).
    This is one of those meme thingies I have been tempted to do.
    Your mother is GORGEOUS - no wonder you look so youthful and glowing (BITCH!).
    The boys have been getting into tapirs lately, coincidentally - they feature in one of their books.
    I agree with all your pet hates, but do apologise for my shocking grammar - hope you forgive me.

    Very much enjoyed finding out more about the mystery that is Lakota (BTW I went to Lakota a few times in the mid nineties - lovely vibe).

  2. The Withnail and I quote made me grin - adore that film!!! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. I love this little survey I did it yesterday. I like these random facts about everybody. I'm nosey too.

    E :)

  4. Havent done one yet but its on my list.look no apostrophes sorry I am lazy lol.
    Where is this Mocha slice recipe you be speaking of? or is it a family secret and we must visit you to taste?

  5. Oh I might have to do this! apostrophes are a bugbear of mine and the quotes from movies? Those were ALL in my repertoire - as were many from The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink!

  6. Lovely photos :-) I think I might have to have a go at this A-Z malarky, too.

    P.S. Freya bras rock! They're propoer over-shoulder-boulder-holsters!

  7. woot! more info about you! i love the photos, ur sooo cuteee and ur mum is beautiful! ur so lucky ur hubby does the clothes, i wish mine does it help whatsoever in terms of housechores for me...i too must wear freay bras though from bravissimo coz i think they're the only place i can get my cup size hehe...agreeing with you on pinterest and i too used to love to write down quotes from movies hehe and choc base with coffee icing sounds heavenly! x susan

  8. Fun Post... glad I came over from another Blog that suggested it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Love this post, Lakota. My partner and I like to chant that Withnail and I quote ad nauseum. We also find "Are you the farmer?" hillarious, but never mind.

    I'm really trying to avoid the lure of pinterest. I don't need another obsession/diversion, no sireee.

    Happy house hunting and have a brilliant w/end.

  10. You were the c-u-t-e-st little girl Lakota!

  11. Fun post! The mocha squares sound really yummy..would love to give the recipe a go :)

  12. I love these 'reveal thy self' posts. That childhood photo of you is just adorable and I like you just that little bit more now I know you too probably know the Ferris Buller script off by heart x

  13. Yay I am also at least 77% 1980s songs and movies!

    The old pics are so lovely.

    Thank you for the award - I will definitely do this when I am not in the middle of moving house!

    And I'm with Nelly - who do we have to shlep to have a look at your recipe??

    Sarah xxx

  14. Errrrr... recipe? For the mocha squares? Please? Thanks.

    I too hate most people. Especially spitters. And dog shit non picker uppers.

  15. Loving these ABC posts as I am a nosey mare and thus reading these posts stops me twitching my curtains ;o)

    Your mum is a beauty, and I love your childhood pictures.

    Scarlett xx

  16. You were such a cute kiddie and your Mum is stunning.
    Loved reading this. Funnily enough everyone describes me as a very "private" person. I find it much easier to share stuff when it's written down than to vocalise it.
    That Withnail & I quote is one I live by, although it doesn't have to be fine, just wine. xxx

  17. Ooo, I live in SE London too! Where abouts are you? x

  18. Oh I am so nosy so love these, I have been tagged too but not had chance to do it yet.

  19. Hehe, I love that quote from Withnail xx

  20. Hi my dear-what a fun post, the photos of you and with your mum are just so lovely!! I've never tried chicory and most probably won't now either!! have a good weekend xxx

  21. Great post. Isn't it a peculiar phenomenon that allows perfectly sane and private people to post information about themselves on the internet?!
    Love the picture of mini-Lakota, and your mum is indeed quite the glamourpuss.
    Hope the tiddler is doing OK with his nursery acclimatisation - and that you are too!
    And what's wrong with having a brain that functions largely in song lyrics/film quotes? Why, nothing at all!

  22. Im scared of pinterest. Its like another dark side for me to cross over to. I like how you are so inviting about it. Im right there with you with coffee, except these days I can drink a cup and go right back to sleep. I feel like it's my 2nd puberty. Thanks for the award. I award you funniest comments award. Always.

  23. Great to read more about you! I love film quotes too,

    Victoria xx

  24. Amor,
    I am cracking up at your answers, i too hate people.
    Your such a cutey, your mama is gorgeous, runs in the family. I also live and breath off quotes and lyrics.
    Mocha squares sound good, post recipe. I did a post luke this today, love knowing more about you.
    About my blog
    I changed the domain name and it screwed my updates.
    What you can do is unfollow me and refollow mi blog.
    Hope it works.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. I agree I find it so much easier to write about myself than talk about myself.

    Great to get to know you. I am definitely with you on the house work and ironing and am more of a cat person. I also do the checking blogs when I should be cleaning childrens teeth!

  26. Hey......someone else been absent for a spell?

  27. Ooh, ooh, forgot to say, how beautiful are you and your mum? xxx

  28. aawww this is fun ;-)) Its great to know more about you. Your mum is so beautiful and how cute are you ;-)) I have to say i agree with you on the ironing front i loath it with a passion to. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee xx

  29. this is a funny A-Z about you. I like the picture of your mom and you! So beautiful. This first happy picture of you is absolutely cute, you look young because you're funny, and happy.


  30. Ha! You weren't wrong about the pet peeves section, were you? All totally justifiable hates though.

    I think there's a large section of my brain entirely filled with crap song lyrics. Yet I can't remember where I put my car keys.

  31. An interesting insight into the enigma that is you!
    I love Withnail! (sadly, I can quote most of the 'Soup, why didn't I get any soup? scene)

    How funny, I was thinking about the 'Give Peas a Chance' sign on the M25 (?) this morning!

    I disagree about chicory- it's lovely when fried in oil with tomatoes and asparagus and it goes brown in places!!

  32. Love the post, that must have taken ages! The award things are nice and flattering but do take a whole whooping heap of time to do! Thanks for the mention. Good to get to know you better though! I am super nosey. x

  33. I really love reading these fab factoids! xx

  34. Can you post that recipe please? It must be good!

    Yup I did the A-Z thingy. It's good to share! Useless, but fun information!

    Happy days!

  35. Awww the picture of in the pea patch is so CUTE! I remember my Grandma Always having at least two rows of peas. I used to love to snack in the patch.

  36. Love this, I'm hideously nosy too! I'll be doing one soon. Such cute kiddy photos!

    Thanks for your lovely hair comment, I say go for it, I'm crap at upkeep, don't care about roots and cut my fringe with the kitchen scissors when it's in my eyes. Do it! xx

  37. Yeah I'm not good with people either, hence why I love my reclusive job after years of abuse working in retail! I'm avoiding Pinterest like crazy, think its something I'd get sucked into... :)


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