Saturday, 4 June 2011

A couple of awards...

I'm away in Malta at the moment but due to the marvel that is the scheduled post I can give you a virtual wave without even touching my computer. To the two lovely people who have given me awards, I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to get round to doing this post - I do really appreciate you thinking of me.

First up thank you to the charming Kezzie at KezzieAG who passed the One Lovely Blog Award on to me. 

I was then really flattered to be one of the recipients of the Sunshine Award from the ever stylish Viviane at Hippiebohoreloaded.

As usual with these things I think I'm supposed to give you some random facts about me and nominate some other bloggers, although I am going to cheat a little and combine the two awards -  
  1. I do excellent impressions of most characters from 'Gavin and Stacey', although I think my Nessa has the edge. 
  2. I've had various nicknames, including PVC and Boots. [No cards with my number have ever appeared in phone boxes]
  3. My most recent parenting triumph came last week when my 3 old approached a random woman at the swimming baths, and cheerfully informed her "you look like a funny, funny witch!" To be fair, she was wearing black, and had long henna'd hair [we'd just borrowed Room on the Broom from the library]
  4. I love Tim Minchin and think he's one of the funniest and most intelligent comedians working today. See video below for just one reason.
  6. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...

I'm passing the awards on to the following bloggers - as usual, if they're not your thing, just see it as compliment, no pressure to accept, but if you want to - lovely. I know some people have stopped doing blog awards as they see them as the equivalent of those email chain letters*. I suppose they are, but it's always nice to be appreciated. It's also a chance to find out about blogs you might not otherwise know about. 

Pick whichever you don't already have!
15 Coast Road - Seaside and sewing from Wendz
Atomic Betties - Play 'Vintage Hot or Not' with Flo
Jumbles and Pompoms - Love Loo and her jumbley finds
The Vintage Knitter - Many tricks up her sleeve
Ivy Black Chat - She's a lady. And she makes stuff.
Scarlett Loves Elvis - Finally I can return the favour!
Lucy Violet Vintage - Everybody needs a neighbour like Kylie...
Vintage Vixen - A style legend, I don't think she does these things but wanted to give her a nod
Blackbird Has Spoken Go and see what she says

Lakota x

*Tell 5  friends about Faith Hope and Charity Shopping and you will receive good news by the end of the day. Tell 10 friends and lose that last stubborn 1/2 stone you've been trying to shift since Christmas...


  1. awww shucks, thanks Lakota x

  2. Thanks so much! I love Tim Minchin (and is it wrong to fancy him, too?).
    Hope Malta's fabulous. xxx

  3. Have a fab Malta break - loving the factoids but come on and spill re PVC! lol! xx

  4. Thank you for the award Lakota and I hope your holiday is brill - come back to Blighty tanned and chilled out!

  5. That witch thing is making me laugh so hard! I hope that the lady took it okay. Congrats on your awards! Can't wait to check out your favorite blogs.

  6. Some great blogs there that I've now followed :) Enjoy Malta - very jealous - been a couple of years since I've had a sunshiney holiday!

  7. aww thanks chick, hope you are having a fabulous holiday! Scarlett x

  8. hi pvc, congrats! your blog is wonderful and I enjoy reading those facts about you :)

  9. Hope you're having a fab time in Malta. Congrats on your awards x

  10. Hi

    Hope you're having a great holiday.

    Children say the funniest things - I have all that yet to come!

    If I tell twenty friends about you, do I win the lottery as well?! ;-)

  11. Very well deserved!

    Having a ball gathering things for the swap!


  12. Cool to see fab new blogs! I love your recommendations. Congrats on your blog awards! My in laws have just got back from Malta and they loved it, they did a day trip to Goza? and loved the cathedral there. Have a great time! Bx

  13. awww so envious!! you're in Malta!! have a great time, Lakota!! congrats on the award and what funny thing your boy said to the lady!! hahahaha nice to know a little bit about yourself! Tim Minchin is funny! thanks for sharing the video, now i know! hehehe

  14. Congrats on the blog-bling Lakota, well deserved and i'm very honoured you passed it on x Hope your having a wonderful time in Malta-always wanted to go there, for the knights templar history stuff (I think that's malta?!)

  15. Congrats and thank you my lovely! I shall accept the sunshine award 'cos I love an award and sunshine would be good right now!
    Tim Minchin is a genius.
    Have fun.

  16. omigosh! Congrats on your awards and thank you passing one on to Atomic Betties =D This was my first introduction to Tim Minchin and I'm *still* laughing my ass off. Oh my god. At three minutes into that video - I lost it. He totally got me. Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. ps. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Malta!

  18. Ha ha! I had the nickname 'shoes' and 'F***-me boots' at various times. I dunno why, I only have a few pairs of 5 inch platforms...

  19. Hi my dear-congratulations on your awards and wishing you a lovely week ahead too xxx

  20. you are a winner!!! head over to my blog xx

  21. aThanks for the award Lakota - I've also just got back from a holiday in France (last night) so have just seen this. Lovely. :)

    Hope you had a grand time in Malta.


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