Friday 14 December 2012

You missed me, right? And a winner...

Greetings and Salutations! It's been a bloody age but HUZZAH I have the interwebz again! I would like to believe you've all been keening and wailing and that the blogosphere has been at a virtual standstill without me but frankly I could have been LYING DEAD and EATEN BY ALSATIONS couldn't I? All still merrily posting pretty Christmas fripperies and vintage frockery without me? Ah well, normal service will hopefully be resumed from here on in.

So, what have I been doing? *cough cough* going to the gym *cough*. Yes yes, I know I mocked all that kind of stuff in this post about New Year's Resolutions, but it's still the old year and doesn't count. And I can absolutely guarantee that I will not ever refer to sweat as 'weakness leaving the pores'. Eugh. But I am losing weight and figured it would be good to gain some fitness with it. I know. This came as shock to everyone in the house as well. Boy2 saw me in my sports bra and said "Are you going to go running through the streets in the rain with no shirt on? Wearing only a pair of boobs?".

To everyone's relief, my answer continues to be no. However, I do hope that you'll all join me in my Friday regime, as shown below.

Speaking of Boy2, it is of course Nativity season. I enjoy these not only for the tiny angelic faces and tiny angelic fingers up noses, but for learning the up-and-coming names by perusing the programme. This year a Nevada joined the Paris and Italia we already have at the school, and 'Chennel (??) and Dior played their roles as twinkling stars to perfection. [If you must name your offspring after your favourite designer, do try and avoid making her sound like one of those knock-off perfumes you get down the market]. They definitely missed a trick by casting Kamil as a shepherd rather than the camel, but almost made up for it with Shaun the sheep. Mary and Joseph were played by Jessica and Zephyr in the Foundation stage production, and Jade and Devontae in the Juniors. Of course, my child was perfectly cast  ;-)

And Lo, I bring you tidings of great joy...the laptop's fixed

On to the Cox and Cox giveaway - the winner of the lovely heart glass baubles is:


Sorry for the delay. Let me know your details and you should be able to have them before the big day.

What did I miss?

Lakota xx

PS. Look what was waiting for me - only a rap battle between Santa and Moses. With Snoop playing Moses! Utter genius.


  1. I've missed you, glad you're back. X

  2. Reading the cast list for the nativity's is one of my favorite past times. I love the names (& the spelling) of the kids round here.

  3. At last! I wondered why you had abandoned us. I imagined you locked in a shopping mall, determined not to leave until all your gifts had been purchased. Nice to have you back blogging.

  4. Could you have been eaten by an Alsatian .... could a dog eat a whole one of you ...or is that the gym talking!
    Seriously .. glad the keep fit gym thing is working for you must have steely motivation Missus ..going out in this miserable weather ...mind you no laptop ... crazyness in the making!

    Love the Angel

    Vicky x

  5. Where do you live Lakota?!
    All the kids at my daughters Christmas production have well......normal names!
    Well done on the new found gym bunny enthusiasm. Can you send it my way too ;)

  6. Oh yes you've been missed. I promise.
    I can confirm I have also been doing the friday night workout, I;m very good at it tonight.
    My little one was an angel/narrator today too!! Love it.

  7. Ha! Welcome back, biatch. We have a student at my work - I swear to fuck this is real - whose middle name is EuphoriaNirvana. I frickin LOVE it. The more mental the names the better! I have just discovered that I can legally change my name once a year. I am considering Rockstar Gorgeous Awesomepants for 2013... what do you think?

    Sarah xxx

    1. Do it. You know Lakota is my middle name right? I added it myself by deed poll. It's actually a filthy techno club I used to frequent in Bristol. True Story.

  8. Your little angel is gorgeous! And I love the exercise routine, but why only Friday night? I exercise every evening! Actually, my niece just posted the same thing on Facebook today - it's a good one.

    In the US there seem to be a lot of 20-somethings called Courtney, Kourtnee, Kortnie, etc. as well as Chelsea, Chelsey, Chelsee. I guess that was thanks to Courtney Cox and Chelsea Clinton. But Devontae, that is inventive.

  9. Love that 'Holiday Workout' - brilliant and oh so true!

  10. Glad to see you back, my dear Lakota.
    The Christmas swap has been such a success thanks to you.
    Take care.
    The holyday workout is much better than going to the boring gym, lol

  11. Nice to have you back! Jon overheard a mother shouting "Get here, Obama" at her blonde female offspring in the Post Office the other day. Nice! x

  12. You have indeed been missed! I was that close to emailing you. Thankfully you're back to make us laugh. Your boy is so cute! I have a donkey and a snowflake this year (can't wait).

    Good luck with the old fitness regime x

  13. So Glad you are back! Brilliant post, xx

  14. I DID worry about you!!!!! Glad you are ok and it was just a case of the internitis!

    That epic battle is fab!!!

  15. I wondered where you'd gone, good to see you back. I took up running this year too, for the first time in my life (I'm 51), with my daughter at first as I wasn't brave enough to go on my own. I finally plucked up courage and went on my own,it was fine, don't know what I was making a fuss about! Have been too busy for the last couple of weeks, but am definitely planning a few runs over the Christmas holidays.

  16. Glad to have you back! Those names are absolutely mad, but very funny to read about. Your boy looks very angelic!

    p.s Will post your card this week :) xxx

  17. Ooooh! I'm so excited, I never win anything!! So glad to see you back, will email you now!xx

  18. Hurray, you're back!
    Of course your gorgeous little angel was typecast, mine was too...
    There's a Devontae at my kids' school too, and a Naveah (Heaven spelt backwards). But then look at my ridiculous name, who am I to snigger?! xxx

  19. Your posts always make me laugh out loud. I have missed you!

  20. yay, welcome back you. your boy is divine, some of those names, defo less so. devontae? wtf?!! is it a character in a book or something? actually were looking at boy names at the mo. husband hates all my suggestions (findlay, noah, tobias) so its likely to be the distinctly unexotic and easy to spell Tom! hoping for a chrissy post or two from you before the day L x

  21. Hey, welcome back! Cute little angel you have there. I long for the good old days when all the girls were named Mary or Susan, and the boys were John or Fred - no one names their son Fred anymore, why is that?

  22. teehee, only a pair of boobs! good for you getting fit though. Glad you're back, you were missed. Those kids' names are hilarious, deaf Santa would've had a field day with those

  23. Welcome back to the madness!!!
    Love the kids names. I used to be a prschool teacher and the inventive spelling...whew. We had a little girl who's name was spelled (I KID NOT) Jhaeyneh. It was pronounced "Jane".
    your little angel is ADORABLE!!

  24. Of course we missed you. Glad you're back.

  25. Yes, you were missed - I think you were about the third person I followed, and through your blog I found all my favourite ladies. I REALLY hope I get to meet you next year.
    You are joking about the names, weren't you? No?
    'Sparkle' is our most unusually named child.

    I cannot believe how gorgeous your boy is, what a beautiful face.

    Am totally envious about the weight loss - opposite happening here.

  26. Ah Lah-koe-DAH! How I've missed you! But you are back and better boobs than ever! Today I got the raddest package from my FHC Blogger swap and it rocks! So thank you for making that happen!

  27. Welcome back. Those names are a riot. I don't mingle with kids so haven't heard what the latest idiotic names are. I remember the trend starting about 20 years ago with gender-unspecific names like 'Morgan' and 'Cooper' -- which at the time I thought more fitting for a horse or golden retriever.
    Your angel is pretty darn cute.

  28. Hi my dear-lovely to see you are back again and hope you're keeping well! Such a gorgeous angel, thats a lovely picture! xx


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