Friday, 27 April 2012

Mollie maths + crown jewels

Hello again! I've finally got round to posting about a few bits and pieces and I've bought over the last month or so. I had thought I'd wait until there was actually some light available, but as it looks like we're in for Biblical rain for at least another week, I've either used the original eBay photos or just photographed them anyway in the brief seconds where the sun peeked through the cloud hanging over London.

Given the fact that I've been hibernating on the sofa again, eBay was obviously the destination of choice, although I bought these vintage boots back when it was still warm, thinking I'd get use out of them later in the year. They've been worn loads the last couple of weeks, as they're fleece lined and also waterproof. They're comfy too, and easy to walk in. Win. They cost £15, and I paid for them by eBaying the launch issue of Mollie Makes - yes, the one with the infamous crocheted apple cosies. I got £20 for it, and as it had 25 watchers - and I've seen issue 2 go on a Buy it Now for £28.99 (!) - the Mollie madness clearly hasn't abated yet!

 =+ £5.00

Independent tests have shown that Mollie Makes does not perform well in puddles

Ages ago I took this photo at vintage sellers Birdy Num Num's stall at some event or other - I was quite taken with the crown brooches, and thought they'd look good against a denim jacket. However I decided £12 was a bit pricey for costume jewellery and just snapped a picture to remind myself to look out for something similar.

Anyway, with the Jubilee this year I guess people are digging out anything royalty related, and I bought this with the extra fiver from the Mollie Makes sale.

Vintage brooch c1960s

 It was listed simply as 'Crown Shaped Brooch', condition vintage, 35mm. It's signed 'Bellini' on the reverse - an American company - and just out of interest I did a little search to see what it brought up if you include the maker's name. Want one like mine but in royal blue? Yours for just $300.00 For 185 quid I'd like those rhinestones to be real sapphires please! And I'm a bit confused as to how the condition can be described as 'mint' when the seller goes on to point out a missing stone. Mine really is mint though, so I'm open to offers...

Somehow I'm guessing my brooch isn't really worth a king's ransom - but there are also red and topaz versions on sale for up to £50. So it was still a good buy, and kind of justifies my splurge last week on these earrings - also from eBay. Boy2 calls them my 'flying saucer earrings' and has decided they're inhabited by aliens.

Signed silver and black opal vintage earrings

In Edinburgh we mainly did touristy things - the charity shops on the Royal Mile really did have royally inflated prices - but I did very briefly pop into Armstrong's vintage shop, as several of you recommended it. Definitely one to explore with more time and without small boys, but I did grab this German leather patchwork bag.

I also need to show off the amazing bag that the lovely Emma of Ivy Black Chat made and I won in her blog giveaway. Isn't she clever? It used to be a Primark dress but is far more fabulous in its new incarnation as it's now a complete one of a kind. I love it but it's sadly been too wet to use it much recently:

Once again I seem to have managed to buy accessories and still don't have much in the way of a functional wardrobe - although I am trying and also got jeans and two tops earlier in the week. Oh, and a policeman's outfit with a foam walkie talkie, although that was for Boy2. I got this slightly bonkers necklace as well, although I was thinking of LaSophia when I picked it up. If you haven't seem her blog, go and check it out. She's a gorgeous Mexican mama to be, living in sunny Sacramento, and always has great outfit posts. Let me know if you want the crazy necklace Sophia!

And finally, talking of buying things for other bloggers, thanks to everyone who has signed up to Faith Hope and Charity Swapping this year! I'm so pleased to hear that so many people have made new friends through the previous swaps. There are loads of people once again, from all over - I'm checking out blogs and beginning to pair everyone up, so apologies if I've not commented for a while. I'll be checking out what everyone's been up to this evening. If you want to get involved and get a fantastic parcel from another blogger - then there's still time to sign up. Click HERE for the rules and to add your name.

Lakota x

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  1. Wow - £20 for Mollie Makes, that's bonkers, although great for you! The knitting shop near me has some back issues, I think I'd better buy them up and flog 'em! Great that the boots were 'money neutral'.

    Trifari are another company that made crown brooches amongst other designs. Love that your son thinks aliens might live in your earrings.The bird necklace is fab too, just my taste!

  2. Sneaky bargain brooch :)

    Ummmm at the prices of MM1 & 2 - I might be tempted to part with mine for that sort of money!

  3. I'm so excitied about the swap! You've picked up some great things during your recumbent spells, I often do the same. Especially well done on the crown brooch!

  4. Those boots were definitely made for walking Lakota, and they look perfect for England! bring on the swap.xx.

  5. I quite like Mollie Makes but £20 is absolutely bonkers - not on your life! Hope you had a brilliant time in Edinburgh, the patchwork leather bag is lush.

    Jem xXx

  6. Ooh, great boots I know I'd rather have them than the mag, great idea selling it! also loving the crown brooches so pretty :) hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. I should buy me some Mollie Makes and tout them on EBay hahaha! I scored a 70s encyclopedia of craft, step by step for ANY craft you care to mention plus 50 projects... £1.49.

  8. I was pleased to get £10 for my MM issue 1. I wish I'd held on to mine.

  9. OMG Molly makes going for over £20 i have all the first 5 of them and to be honest i didn't enjoy them after the first one. Im in shock i am off to look on ebay and may have to list mine ;-) Have a great weekend, dee x

  10. I never knew Mollie Makes had such a cult following!
    Where to start - well, the boots I suppose. How I wish I'd bought some flat black boots, I'm struggling badly with footwear and accessories, it's the clothes mountain I need to sort out. I'll send you a surprise package!

    I LOVE those flying saucer earrings, Opals have fascinated me since childhood. Also fancying both bags, and the crown brooch - everything in fact.

    I was the common one out of my group of friends. They all had pianos and big newspapers in their 'sitting room'.

  11. Whoda thunk it? Mollie madness indeed.
    I love the brooch and the fact that your lad thinks there are aliens in your earrings!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Wow! I may very soon be making my first ebay sale. I only bought one and I think it was number 3. Now to find the blighter...
    Nice boots and bag by the way and have a smashing weekend.

  13. Oh man, I'm so disappointed, I thought it was going to be another Mollie Makes punch-up! However, it was nice to see what you've been up to! Mmmmm, I really like those opals! I wish and hope if my boyfriend ever proposes, that he'd choose an dark opal! I've always loved opals best!

  14. Mollie M. vs. a gorgeous pair of boots - it's no contest!
    Great brooch (what a good Jubilee swap item that would be). LOVE your opal earrings, and both bags are fabulous. The girl done well!
    Have a great weekend, Lakota-by-deed-poll! xxxx

  15. Nice work selling an edition of Mollie Makes for a pair of boots - I didn't realise people went quite so crazy for that magazine! I also love the wee Crown brooch - its great and I am really excited about your swap :D

  16. I can't believe that someone paid all that money for magazines. Your boots seem much more worth while! I love the Primark dress bag and the necklace is fantastic too!

  17. Mollie makes is one of my favorite magazine and i can only find it at one magazine booth. I am surprise that it is more expensive in UK. It's going for $14.95 here in Singapore. I got myself one precious issue with the points i redeemed from my grocery shopping. You have got really nice stuff to show...i love the crown brooch, very lovely. And great giveaway win too. I have to give the swap a miss this time cuz of a busy schedule...but i really enjoyed it the last time.


  18. All brilliant stuff.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  19. Sweet haul; I love the bling and the pathwork bag! Happy weekend! :)

  20. Afternoon! Thanks to you I have just listed my one and only copy of Mollie Makes on ebay!
    Oh yes!

  21. Good news on offloading Mollie Makes. I wish I’d bought it now, but at the time I thought it wouldn’t run for long, and was overpriced for the content. Shows how wrong I was, but I still can’t see the attraction.I suppose we should buy first issues of magazines as they come out - just in case, but how do you spot the ones which will be winners?

  22. Are you telling me I can offload my Mollie Makes on ebay?! Better dig them out & see if they're in good nick...

  23. That brooch was s stonkingly brilliant buy! I only hope that the Vintage Life magazines will fetch that much, then I'll be uploading my collection onto eBay!!!

  24. I have the crazyiest Mollie Makes story to share... in a moment of madness a few weeks ago I was clearing out and decided to sell my lot (the first 13 issues) and plonked them on eBay expecting £20/£30 tops.
    They were all in used condition, and some of the kits had been used/opened, so no where near mint condition.
    Then randomly out of the blue, a girl messaged me offering £75 for the lot! I took the offer straight away (I worked out my year subscription had only actually cost me about £50 in the first place) I also took it down off eBay so didn't have to pay the fees.
    So the story ends that I got £75 for USED magazines, that could have so easily been put out for recycling -madness right?
    It was after that I must have got about 15 messages asking me if I was still selling them, why I had took them off eBay. Another girl selling a similar lot got £98 for hers- admittedly a little gutted I didn't leave mine on for bidding to determine the outcome, but still quite happy with the £75 cash! xxx

  25. Bloody hell - what's this Mollie palaver all about??? That brooch is SPECTACULAR - I like yours much better than the other one. Em's gorgeous floral bag is so lovely - and the space ship opal earrings are GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

  26. With that brooch you really are the queen of thrifting.

    *scuttles off to hunt out MM issues for flogging on eBay*

  27. Oh i so miss your blog posts! trust you to find a stunning treasure, the brooch is stunning! love your super comfy boots too! oh gosh, you can make alot of money by selling mollie makes magazine! i gotta check if i got that issue and put it on ebay hehe.

    congrats on winning the bag from emma, it's cute! your patchwork leather bag is a stealer! i just had to laugh on your son's comment on those earrings hehehe. I would love to join the swap but i just want to ask the latest date the partner received the parcels? coz im not sure as i will be going for a holiday on end of june :)

    xx susan

    1. Don't worry about the hols, either you can send it before end of June or just make an arrangement with your swap partner to send it later on, it's ok as long as everyone knows what's happening, I'd love you to join in again.

  28. I love your 'Mollie Makes does not perform well in puddles' caption ;-)

    My Mollie Makes sub is on Zinio (electronic rather than print) - so slightly cheaper and much less clutter but obviously it's not possible to sell copies on to anyone else.

  29. OOHHH! The green bejewelled crown is glorious!
    You have snapped up some IMMENSE bargains, don't you just have a serious gloat after googling and finding your bargain for an arm and a leg elsewhere?!

  30. Oh such beautiful the brooch, I would wear it for the jubilee! ;)
    I also have a few MM, I'm tempted!

  31. Wow, love the crown jewels :) You did well there, and on your Molly Makes. Can't wait to find out who I'm paired up with for the swap. I have actually snapped up something suitable 'just in case' but obviously will want to match what I gather to the person, so will wait and see before final decisions!

  32. I'm guessing I don't need Mollie Makes in my life as I have enough distractions already? Though I do have some cold looking vegetables that look like they could do with a nice crochet coat...

    Some fantastic finds. That crown is proper badabling!

  33. love your finds, especially the crown brooch. Did you see antiques roadshow this week ? the lady with the £5 brooch that turned out to be worth over £2000 ! you never know .....

    1. I did! I was bouncing on the sofa with excitement saying to my husband "SEEE! That's what I dream of!"

      It was gorgeous, I hope she wears it (and doesn't get mugged now she's been on TV)

  34. Really, really love that crown brooch! Its gorgeous! x

  35. I love your crown pretty. I prefer your green one over the blue one actually (and what a great price for yours, compared to the other!).
    Congrats on winning the give away. What a lovely bag, I adore the fabric! What a great idea turning a dress into a bag as well :)
    Magie x

  36. Has the world gone crazy! It is daggy mag (OK i have never laid eyes on one) that has stuff in it that can be sourced from the net....??? Have I got the gist of it? Obviously they have tapped into something, hit the right note of nostalgia. Ye gods!
    I lurve your brooch. It it is even better being a bargain. Wear it with pride, and when people ask about it, flourish your hand in a theatrical, but nonchalant way and lisp, "It's vintage!"

  37. Oh that brooch is stunning! And so GREEN! Jealous.

    I shall hop over and sign up for the swap now :)

  38. Mollie makes craze, who knew?
    Oh those boots look very comfy.
    Love your Spaceship earrings and cool patchwork bag.
    Your crown brooch is gorgeous, what a bargain.
    What a lovely Primark dress bag!
    I also won a shopping bag from one of Emma's giveaways.
    Sophia would love the birdy earrings.

  39. Blimey, I can't believe that the first issue of MM is going for that much - bonkers. Shame that my copy has spilled tea stains on it and has been roughly-handled by the toddler.

    You can't go wrong with black boots like that though x


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