Tuesday 29 November 2011

The postman always rings twice

As a stay at home mother, you'll understand that I have a finely honed daily routine. So you can imagine that I'm pretty pissed off* when the postman interrupts my designated hour of lounging in lingerie and eating peeled grapes in front of Cash in the Attic by hammering on the front door. Luckily, it wasn't my neighbour's Next Directory delivery again (how many polyester work blouses can one woman need?) but a parcel sent by the delightful Max of Blackbird Has Spoken, all the way from New Zealand. Max has had me glued to her I'm a Giant dolls' house do-up challenge - what she can do with lolly-sticks and ball pool balls is quite unprecedented - so I was really rather excited to get to name the Blythe doll inhabitant of her masterpiece. Go and check out her blog, it's great. 

Anyway, look what I won:

A little cute little house - guess what it's for?
Handmade fabric Christmas tree bauble
Lovely Christmastime Treats book with crafts and recipes
Milk chocolate with feijoa (nope, I'd never heard of it either - it's a fruit)

It houses recipe cards! 

I was also lucky enough to win another gorgeous Christmas book a couple of months ago from Annie at The Felt Fairy, so I basically have no excuse not to have a picture perfect festive home. You know, aside from my general slackness and the fact that we're supposed to be moving house. [Yes, I'm still going on about that]

I also need to say a big thank you to Scarlett, Jem and Miss Tea and Luce, who were lovely enough to send me cards and presents for my birthday. Scarlett was convinced I'd need to know how to fit in with the crazies once I move to the outskirts of Watford wilds of Hertfordshire, and with fellow bloggers like La Dama around she's probably right. Hopefully this guide to country ways will stop me being spurned as a city type. And look - an Operation biro! The only way to write one's poison pen letters about the vicar, or whatever it is they do in rural areas. Jem sent me a lovely little notebook, and also this heart keyring, with uncanny prescience since  the old one I had with photos of the boys was falling apart. Susan aka Miss Tea chose me a gorgeous monochrome enamel bangle, which goes with everything. Apologies for the photos ladies, the light has been terrible so I have made no attempt to stage these properly.

Birthday Pressies

Thank you all very much. You'll be thrilled to know that I'll be repaying you with a craft post shortly. And it involves macaroni. Yes really. Be afraid.

Lakota x

*I jest. I love postmen. And parcels, obviously


  1. What an awesome parcel to get in the post! There's not much better than getting a nice surprise from someone far away :)
    I especially love the little house, it's so cute! x

  2. What amazing things! I love that little recipe house and the turquoise earrings (not really a surprise). That Operation biro is just brilliant, too.
    Crafting with macaroni? I'm sure I did that in the 1970s. Have you sprayed it gold? xxx

  3. When did I miss finding out it was your birthday??? Is it today or has it been'n'gone? Hope its been great anyway - (Belated?) Happy Birthday!!!! xx

  4. you really do have to get busy now! what a lovely lot of bits. fabulous now rest and have your grapes as you will need your energy to read them! xxxx

  5. This is such a beautiful package of loveliness!! I can't get over how gorgeous the house full of recipe cards is!! :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. You got such cute stuff!
    I have a house recipe holder but mine is just fancy thick carboard. *lol*
    Not lovely wood like yours.
    Your Birthday Prezzes are fantastic!
    Happy Belated Birthday (Oh Dear I think that is the second time I had to say that to someone this week)

  7. Excellent goodies.
    Macaroni...hurrah! Will there be glue too?xxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean. The Tesco's delivery man has taken to turning up earlier than his designated slot, before I have had the chance to get dressed in the morning.

    I am thinking your parcel is so much more worth answering the door for than my Tesco's shop though. What a lovely house, looking forward to your DIY.

  9. Cute recipe house. It should by rights be made of gingerbread.
    A belated happy birthday, you had some lovely pressies.
    Looking forward to the macaroni. Honest! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Oh how lovely! And macaroni craft can surely only mean one thing- that your son is learning about the Eqyptians in school!

  11. I love and WANT it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. OOOH i love the house with the recipes cards in there and the fabric ornaments baubles! they're just adorable!! the christmas book is so interesting! xx susan

  13. Your little house from NZ is the cutest! What an adorable gift package. Happy-belated-birthday. As for your house move, well I never! if I still lived in the UK, we'd be both be gallivanting Watford High Street's charity shops, you'll probably be neighbours with my best bud that lives in the town of KL...

  14. That recipe card house is just the cutest and I like the little fabric bauble. What lovely pressies!
    I am waiting on tenderhooks for the macaroni craft! :)

  15. The recvipe house is lovely, but the Christmas books are my favourite. I like to strew mine around on coffee table and sideboards as part of the decorations.

  16. I am keeping my fingers crossed for large amounts of glitter with this macaroni! :) xoxo

  17. I love getting parcels in the post, sadly this doesn't happen much to me (although presently I am receiving one a day with all my Christmas gifts for others arriving, but it's not the same) which is why I'm looking forward to your Christmas blog swap!

    Lovely items, well done on your wins and happy belated birthday.

    Where are you moving to, Watford is a gnat's cock away from moi. x

  18. What lovely presses, when is your Bday? Macaroni I am scurred but curious!

  19. Lakota,can the recipe house box be ourchased anywhere, or is it the best ever thrift find?!

    Belatedly, Happy Birthday to you lady! xxx

  20. Ohh, what a wonderful treat! <3 I especially love the miniature house!

    Lost in the Haze

  21. Happy belated birthday! But I'm disappointed with macaroni I'm afraid, 'coz I was really looking forward to some knitted fruit...or something like that ;)

  22. I love the recipe casita!
    Happy Belated Birthday..my birthday is in December too.

  23. Fabulous load of goodies - im loving that recipe house . I hope those country folk overlook your city girl ways and let you into their clan ;o) Mwah Scarlett x

  24. How did I manage to miss your birthday? Sorry and many happy returns old bean xxx

  25. Happy Birthday! a country living chrimbo book, hey that looks good!

  26. Oh I didn't know it was your bday. Bah! Happy belated bday!

  27. A house that houses recipe cards? What a good idea. Maybe I can make one out of cassette tapes. Still got a lot around here. Congrats on your winnings you lucky girl.

  28. I feel the need for an Operation pen in my life now xxx


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