Friday, 12 August 2011

Before the riots...the Summer of Love! And a frock on a Friday

Hi all, and thanks for all your comments and concern on my last post. I don't pretend to have any answers, and am just glad things seem to be calming down again. Of course, the social problems the riots have highlighted will be discussed elsewhere for a long time to come. 

So, on to happier things, and to the post that I'd planned to write after last weekend. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might have been aware that I had a 1960s themed wedding to go to, and was at a loss for something to wear. Luckily, one of my favourite finders and purveyors of vintage clothing - the gorgeous Aimee at Je T'aime Vintage - came to my aid and sent me the most fantastic dress she thought would fit the bill (and my boobs). Not only that, but she brought it with her all the way from Australia. If you haven't ever seen her blog or her ebay store, you really should check it out. I would happily give wardrobe space to any of her finds. Best of all, she's making plans to open up a real shop back in the UK - yay! Thanks so much Aimee.

The wedding itself was great fun, Alex and Nikki had thought of everything. We all enjoyed a cream tea with the most enormous scones and buckets of clotted cream, followed later by a hog roast with gallons of apple sauce. Everyone had made an effort, some in fancy dress, some in vintage, and even those whose tastes range more towards the high street had at least made a nod to the decade. The bride looked fresh and gorgeous in the dress her mum had worn for the evening reception at her own wedding, and her dad was resplendent in full hippy garb, complete with waist length wig. The many kids attending were thrilled to discover a bouncy castle, tree house and Magic Roundabout cut outs to pose with, as well as enormous bubble wands and party blowers.

Anyway, here's what I wore - you want to see, right? 

Dress: 60s Jeanne de Campo of Melbourne - Je T'aime Vintage
Tights -  60s Pretty Polly in 'sherbet'
Daisy earrings - 50c Penneys Sale in Ireland
Hideous white shoes - £5 from Barratts sale at last minute!
Scruffy troubadour with guitar - my dear husband

[All above photos taken by the ever stylish Sunita Sharma]

Here's a few more pictures from the day:

Here's the happy couple, both with tea and scones

Aah, now you can see my earrings.
[My friend Rich did also have a leather jacket and baseball mitt - The Great Escape apparently]

Make love not war

Give us peace. And champagne.


The Pink Panther did very rude things with his tail later on. Inevitable really.

Meet the Flintstones

The fifth Beatle

Sgt Pepper

Holly Golightly

Two glasses...and a kiss from boy2

And, in his debut appearance on my blog - my first flower child - Boy1!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Lakota x


  1. What a great wedding - very groovy :)

    Love your dress - I've a pic somewhere of my Mum wearing something very similar.

    BTW very handsome boys you've got.

  2. Lakota!! You are rocking that dress - love it. Such an amazing wedding, totally up my street as Ive been to far too many formal weddings recently.

    Your boys are gorgeous :o) Scarlett x

  3. Seriously you look so gorgeous I have a very similar but maxi dress in my collection doesnt fit me tho sadly.

  4. What a delight! I want a wedding just like that. You and your boys all look so happy and relaxed. I've enjoyed the build up to your big reveal. You look so young and fresh - what's the secret?

  5. what a beautiful wedding, the guests are lovely and I adore your outfit, it fits you perfectly! I love all the little details on the dress.


  6. What a hoot,haven't Aussies got good taste lol

  7. Looks like a great wedding! you look so pretty in the dress :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Looks fantastic!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Love all the different interpretations of the 60s among the outfits. Sgt Pepper looks cool.

    Wicked frilly dress you have there - and love the bunches. Your little lads are sooo cute! x

  10. So, Lakota...what I want to know is: why you have been hiding yourself away from us for so long??? You are gorgeous! I love that last pic of you and your husband, it's v cute. The bride's dress is beautiful, I love it. (nice to see you wearing an Aussie dress too btw)
    I have an 80's party to go to next weekend...still don't know what to wear...any suggestions, you know where to send them xxx

  11. Fabulous pics, Lakota. I'm a bit bored of formal weddings (luckily don't have to go to many these days!). The most interesting wedding I've ever been to was a humanist ceremony at a stone circle in the Lake District. It peed it down and we all wore wellies and got v wet - fun though!

    Anway, Lakota, you look gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous, your hubbie is gorgeous and your boys are super gorgeous.

    Glad you're OK and btw, thank you for sending me the vintage herb thingy. I must get round to displaying this growing collection!

  12. What a fantastic idea for a wedding, looks great fun.

  13. awww you're so cuteeee lakota! loving the dress, the adorable shoes and ur earring!! i love the pics, looks like a fun wedding with everyone dressing up with a theme! i absolutely adore your photo with boy2 and gosh your boy1 is so grown up! x susan

  14. Wow that wedding looked like loads of fun. Your dress is gorgeous!

    E :)

  15. love the dress - you look fantastic!

  16. What a lovely idea for a wedding. Even I might be interested in attending a 1960's themed one.
    You look absolutely beautiful, the dress fits you like a dream and your little boy is gorgeous. x

  17. Brilliant idea for a wedding. It looks great fun. You look lovely, the frock is fab. xxx

  18. You look groovy baby. Looks like it was a great wedding. I love weddings that are laid back and just fun rather than stuffy. Your boys look gorgeous!

    Madison xxx

  19. How freaking cute are you and your family? I love your look! So cute that those kids came out of you! Looks like a lot of fun. Sounds like you ate a lot of cream. My kind of day.

  20. You look lovely in your 60s gear. What a great idea to have a themed wedding.

  21. What a lovely wedding! It really looks like everyone is having a great time.. no stuffy formalities, just a groovy themed wedding. I love the variety in outfits too! Your dress is especially lovely! Your kids... adorable!

  22. What a brilliant wedding!!! Your boys are the cutest, and I love your dress

  23. fantastic! thanks for so many great photos, and I have to agree with them all... all 3 of your 'boys' are gorgeous (as are you my dear!)

  24. I've never heard of a fancy dress wedding before, I like it though, anything that departs from the usual cliches is good! Thats a very pretty dress, you look lovely and awhhh, your wee lads are cute as can be x

  25. All so so so lovely. You, your dress, your family, the wedding. Smashing. :)

  26. Great dress, fab wedding! xx

  27. Hi my dear!! What a lovely wedding and gorgeous outfits, the bride and yourself look radiant and gorgeous and fab photos too xx

  28. You're totally the best dressed sweetie! xx

  29. you look fab and it looks like everyone had a groovey day.!XX

  30. Amor,
    what a great looking wedding, you look gorgeous in your Maxi frock, you remind of an actress, dont know who but you do. aww your boy is a total cutey.
    have a gret weekend

  31. Finally took at look at your pics from the 60s wedding you attended last weekend. Love your outfit. Such a great idea for a wedding to have people come in costume. Really brings out their imagination.
    Thanks for sharing!

  32. Looks like a fun day (my personal fave was the fifth beatle). You look gorgeous in that dress. I think 60s is definitely your era?

  33. You look as pretty as a picture! And your family are just gorgeous! Congrats on reaching 300 followers, muchly deserved! xxx

  34. ahh, these pics are so cute and fun :) have a great week

  35. So pleased at how great the dress looks on you! I couldn't have found anyone to wear it better and you boys are so cute, looked like such a lovely day for all. You know I will always hook you up for such special occasions!

  36. What a fab idea for a wedding - you look gorgeous as does the bride in that beautiful dress! :)

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