Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blogiversary giveaway

In case you missed the post where I wittered on about it being Faith Hope and Charity Shopping's first birthday, well, it was. And a lot of fun it's been getting to this point. Anyway, I believe I promised some prizes, didn't I?

Up for grabs for some lucky person is the following prize package, definitely containing the brand new items below, and probably with a few more bits thrown in when I come to wrap it up. Total prize value will be at least £20.

60s lady laser-cut wooden brooch 

Full size Nails inc polish in 'Victoria' 

Kitsch Bitch mini cross-stitch sampler

Want to win? Of course you do. It's easy to enter, but please do take note of the rules below:

- Open to all followers old and new, whether following by Google Friend Connect (public), Networked Blogs or BlogLovin' or via email. Please specify which so I know who you are.
- Leave a comment below saying you'd like to enter, and what your favourite post has been on FHCS.
- Mentioning this competition in a blog post or putting the badge below in your sidebar gets you an extra entry.

- Make sure I can contact you! 

Giveaway closes 7th March at 9pm.
Good Luck!

Lakota x


Incidentally, did you know that Google Friend Connect is being removed as of March 1st for all non-Blogger sites? I do use Blogger, so if you follow that way there's no problem, but you can also follow Faith Hope and Charity Shopping in one of the following ways:

Follow by Bloglovin'

Follow by Networked Blogs

I'm also to be found in some other places online - no wonder I have laptop leg...

Facebook - I am planning another giveaway here.
Twitter as @FHCShopping
Pinterest as fhcshopping
Goodreads  as Lakotafhcs


  1. following you via Googlefriendconnect.
    love your blog - the brooch is really cool!

    blessings x

  2. Yay, fabulous giveaway (also gives me a nudge to get kine sorted!). Would love to be entered seeing as Im a 'kitsch bitch' ;o) Fave post - hard to choose but you know the big butts ebay one is way up there, im still working on cutting the arse out of my jeans (it may take some time to get cheek/jean ratio correct). Big Love Scarlett x

  3. I follow on GFC (also am on blogger so will continue) - my FAVOURITE is your mad EBay series. Haunted dolls. Hahahahaha.

  4. I stalk - sorry - follow you via GFC - yes please to prizes! xxx

  5. Great giveaway and congrats :) I just love all of your posts sweetie, they really make me laugh and cheer my day up :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. I follow through GFC, my favourite post has to be the Mollie Makes one, that sure did gain some interesting reactions! xxx

  7. Just want to wish you a Happy Blog Birthday!

  8. I'm a GFC follower and I think your madness of Ebay series sticks in my mind, for obvious reasons!
    And your earring holder print tray makeover was my favourite make. In case you were wondering! Oh, and I'd like to enter please.
    There - rules obeyed, Sir yes sir! xxxxxx

    1. I'm a follower on blogger. The Valentines Ebay post really made me laugh, but that g string - urgh !!
      Twiggy x

  9. Ooo I would love to enter please Lakota! My favourite post has to be the 'not pinterested, bored with burlap'.

    Ever since I can't stop seeing burlap and thinking of you lol!


  10. At the risk of sounding like a stalker I follow you on twitter, pinterest and bloglovin.......yes that does sound slightly stalker-ish.

    I loved the Valentine and Burlap posts

  11. I love the 'Not Pinterested' posts. Great prizes, reminds me I have to get my own giveaway together. I follow via Blogger.

  12. Oh count me in, lovely! I follow on GFC. Have to say the creepy eBay post made me laugh out loud.

  13. Following via GFC. Favourite post would be the Christmas swap organisation one as it is such a lovely idea

  14. What fabulous prizes, please count me in! I love all your posts and follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Google.I have a soft spot for the random eBay madness! x

  15. Oooh how nice is that brooch!?! Please may I enter! How can you make me pick one post?! It has to be one of the Ebay posts but which one! I seem to remember the Jin one was quite brilliant!

  16. I'd love to win the xstitch sampler and the brooch is too cute! My fav post was the gift swap this last year!

  17. Look at all this yummy stuff I love that brooch. I follow you on GFC too :) My favorite post and event you did was the Christmas swap, even though my partner never sent me anything in return~ I did enjoy putting something nice together for her.

  18. Kitch Bitch!! hahaayy!!
    you have a prosti/chola one?
    amar that brooch!
    I love your Ebay locaness and sarcastic biatch humor and your Xmas swap amor.

  19. Hey Lakota...back in the land of the living. This internetty thing is getting way complicated. Now i have to look at Blog Lovin, Pinterest, Facebook, what else?

    I will puruse your blog and use it as a guide.

  20. I love the giveaway and would love to be entered! I'm a big fan of the magpie posts in general. I just love to be nosy and see what others are finding!

  21. Alright! Giveaway!! I do love seeing all your op-shopped finds and also epic things found somewhere in the back wardrobe like your orange 90's pants. But I think the most epic post so far was the crap gifts from ebay - I was laughing at my computer like a crazy woman.

  22. I follow you with google friends and always love to see your charity shop finds, oh the posts about ebay made me giggle

  23. I follow you with gfc and I'd love to enter. I really liked your lego necklace DIY post. I want to give it a go. xx

  24. I was startled when I seen your nail colour of the week in the sidebar. It is exactly what I have on right this minute.

    Awesome giveaway
    I follow you through GFC.
    My fave post of yours It's all about ME, darhlink! which would be followed up by all the sexy valentine gifts you showed us.

  25. Hi Lakota, how fabulous and very generous too. I know how strict you are about entering competitions and following the rules soooo *deep breath*: I follow you via Blogger and would love to enter. My favourite post , well it's so hard to choose, but is probably the burlap one. xx

  26. What a great giveaway! :) I am already a follower of your blog. I really enjoy every one of your posts..I loved the vintage valentines post just recently..I enjoyed all the kitschy cute valentines cards you posted.

  27. Hi missus! Great giveaway, that brooch is fabulous, count me in! I follow you on Blogger. My fave post is the probably the hilarious one you did on hessian! x

  28. Howdy Love. Yes please I want to win my first ever Giveaway prize. Pretty please.

    My fave post is of course the Madness of Ebay series.

    Madison xxx

  29. That's a brooch?! Amazing.

    I loved that £20 bangle you made.

    But mostly I like the odd post where you talk about hating people, mock people or say sarcastic things. Can you do more of those please?

    Danni x

  30. You post on the crazy deco fad of burlap got a few reads and more than a few laughs from me- so yeah that's my fave!

    I follow you on both GFC and Networked Blogs and Twitter. I'll follow you anyhere darling Lakota!

  31. Hope you don't mind me joining in...I've lurked for a while and read your comment on Vix's post.
    I've followed on GFC and popped your badge on my blog too.
    My fave post was the pininterest burlap one. Laugh?? I nearly peed my pants!!! (Not burlap ones tho'!).
    Zoe xx

  32. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

    Happy Blogiversary!!! (I never know how to spell that!)

    I guess my favorite post has to be the "I Like Big Butts/ eBay" post. It made me laugh and laugh!

    I follow you on GFC as katygmorris.

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  33. Ahhhhhhh......I wanna win SO badly! Luck be a lady. Your posts are always so awesome but the one that comes to mind that had me laughing SO hard was the one about the spells being sold on eBay.

  34. Following via GFC, I'd love to enter.
    My favourite post is this one:

    Love the hand and the picture!


  35. your fashion ideas are great!

  36. Following through Google friend connect! Your posts always make me smile but I hope you step on a lego adn the pin cushion voodoo doll made me smile for the whole day. Love that you can still be nice when having a crappy day.

  37. Happy blogiversary once again my dear. Yes please to the fab giveaway (I really want that cross-stitch!!!).

    I follow through GFC.

    Very hard to choose one of my fave posts as they all make me chuckle (yes even the Mollie Makes one ahem) but I remember an older one that was genius where you showed off the illustrations of a lovely old retro book but captioned them in your own unique way (girls having their photo taken for facebook and flicking their gang signs etc). Love your sense of humour :-) x

  38. Oooh there's a tough one; which has been my favourite? I'd have to say the Mollie Makes post, I'm someone who likes and subscribes to it, but it still had me in absolute stitches and it was highly entertaining; both the post and the scores of comments on it!

    Jem xXx

  39. Very nice of you...

  40. You've done so well for only being on blogger for a year! Very Happy blogiversary!!

    My favourite thing has to have been the Christmas swap, I loved looking at what everybody got and added a few new blogs to my following list in the process, I can't wait for the next one!

    I follow through GFC and you know who I am :p

    I'll go post your little button in my side bar right now! xxx

  41. Oooh how jolly exciting! As you know, I follow you all over the place because you're so fabaroo! So many favourite posts, I love your dry writing style- but nostalgia has to win on this one- I'm going to go for the Twinkle post, because I wanna be nurse Nancy x

  42. Hard to choose one fave, but this time I'm choosing Momento Mori. Really interesting and slightly freaky (those pics of cousin George - if memory serves me right)
    You know I'm a follower.
    Love your work Lakota x

  43. oooh missus, I love nail varnish, please put my name in the hat!! How very exciting! One post that made me chuckle and cringe in equal measure was the PINTEREST post! Bloody hilarious!

  44. Now following you on GFC although I of course was stalking you on Twitter anyway!

    I love all your crazy Ebay posts, but I have to say your #magpiemonday link ups don't i?! x

    Happy birthday FHCS

  45. Hello Lakota, I'd love to be entered. I follow you on google, facebook and twitter. My favourite post is your recent Valentine's day Ebay epic which had me howling. But I have a soft spot for your ebay series in general and your makeovers. Em ♥

  46. Yay! Me! Me! Me! I ADORE that fab brooch. And the nail polish.

    My fave post was the one you did aaaaages ago about vampires on ebay... that made me laugh out LOUD. You are funny.

    Pretty sure I'm following in every possible way. Look out your window - that's me leaning against the light post, staring up at your window...

    Sarah xxx

  47. Eeeeeee! Nail varnish AND cross stitch, it's like you read my mind! Of course I want to be entered.

    I had difficulty choosing one post as a favourite, but the picture of Lenny Kravitz finally swung it for the eBay Big Butts post.

    I'm following you on GFC, and probably stalking you in other ways too, I'm nice like that. And I think I might have to steal your Nail Colour of the week idea, if only I could make anything last more than 48 hours.

  48. Alright Lakota, you got me sussed. I want that brooch. Already follow you on GFC & twitter. Fave post... ohhh an ebay one or maybe the DIY lego post? x

  49. Fab giveaways Lakota! definitely count me in, already your follower and i gotta say that I still cant get over your crazy post on The Magic and Madness of Ebay!! (part 4 but the truth is i loveee all parts and i love all of your blog posts)!!

    x susan

  50. and i have put the giveaway button on my blog sidebar :)

    goodluck to everyone!

    x susan

  51. Sneaking in at the end - I always am behind the times! I would love to enter your giveaway and I follow you here. I have been especially amused by your Valentine's Day selection, your Burlap post and by your audacity with the Mollie Makes post!

  52. The Mollie Makes post! The comments were good reading too! I follow via RSS feed, is that OK? Happy blogiversary! X

  53. Cool giveaway Lakota. I love your posts but the ones about ebay are genius xx

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