Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Freebie Round-up (UK)

Hiya, I said yesterday that I'd do a quick post on various freebies and offers I've come across recently - there are all sorts of websites out there which will round these up, but some are clearly just out there to harvest your details so I've only included the ones I personally think are worth it. [Apologies if you're not in the UK.].

Magazine Free Gifts
These have come a long way since my magazine buying heyday  when all that was ever given away on the front cover seemed to be some plasticy smelling perma-creased tote bag, but one would hope so, given that the average glossy mag seems to cost the best part of a fiver these days. And I do not count a John Lewis catalogue as a 'free gift' - you know who you are, certain interiors magazines! On the stands at the moment is a particularly good selection of beauty products, so worth buying even if you wouldn't normally fork out for the magazine.

Glamour - only £2, and you get a full size Percy & Reed shampoo, conditioner, volumising oil (whatever that is) or shine stuff. I got the shampoo, I like to change what I use occasionally.

Cosmopolitan - Not full size, but probably luxury sample size. Elemis is pricey, and I needed moisturiser. They have a regular one, a mattifying one or a lip treatment on offer. Cosmo costs £3.50.

Marie Claire - Full size Neal's Yard handcream worth £10. Well worth getting. Bargain.

Also offering hand cream is Good Housekeeping, this time by Balance Me and again worth £10. The magazine costs £3.90

Mollie Makes has a free 'make it yourself' cover-mount every issue, and costs £4.99. This month the gift is an oilcloth coin purse. If you like the cross-stitch I showed yesterday, that kit is still available on the current issue of Cross Stitcher, which costs £3.99.

I quite like a read of Ideal Home occasionally - especially now our move is confirmed, hurrah - so although I wouldn't buy the magazine just for the silicon spatula, it's a better read than a lot of the interiors mags so worth picking up if you need an extra dose of house porn. And those spatulas are the best at making sure all your cake mix goes into the tin. £3.50.

I also spotted this Let's Grow Veg magazine - which costs £7.99 but claims to have your 'complete start-up kit for 2013 worth £72'. I don't know about that, but it does contain 10 packets of seed, so even assuming they're as little as 99p each, you'd still get two packets free, plus the magazine. The seeds are Courgette, Beetroot, Radish, Chilli, Tomato, Salad, Rocket, Leek, Carrot and Kale.
Edit: I've just checked here and the seeds are worth £17.62. The other offers are 'free item but pay postage' where you can claim strawberry plants, potatoes, bird feeders etc.

Free Copy of InStyle Magazine
Don't want to fork out for a magazine at all? Get a free copy of InStyle by entering your details at this link. They'll ring you back to get your address, and probably offer you a further 3 issues for £1. You can take this up or not, as you prefer. I think it's usually £3.80 an issue.

Free H&M Voucher
If you fancy an high street shopping splurge, why not assuage your guilt by dropping off a carrier bag of second hand clothes at H&M? You can donate garments for adults or kids, and they don't even have to be wearable quality - ripped or stained (washed though) is fine as it will be sorted for rags. In return you get a £5 voucher off a £30 spend for each bag you donate - valid til the end of June. [Yes, these are new jeans, ahem]

Free Cat and a Cup of Tea 
OK, not really a free cat. But the furry devils cost a fortune don't they? All that feeding and de-fleaing and outrageous vet bills. Purina Go-Cat are giving away 185,000 samples of their latest Crunchy and Tender cat food if you fill in your details here. You're a blogger, you're bound to either have a cat or want a cat. If not, hand over your ipad now. On the same note, Twinings are giving away free samples of their tea - you can choose any two from a choice of eight by going to their Facebook app here and filling in your address. 


Hope some of these are useful to you - have you got any good freebies to add? I haven't listed competitions as you are obviously not guaranteed to win those - even if they have a ton of prizes - but if you want some tips you might want to see my posts from a couple of years ago here and here.

Lakota x


  1. The In style one was tempting but they sell your details for marketing so you'll be constantly emailed, written to and phoned by folk wanting to sell you stuff. I can't cope with that.
    And that £72 seed giveaway? £72? Is it to grow a beanstalk to a magical land? ;)

    1. Oh I don't mind magazine publishers having my details, I've never been particularly pestered by phone when I've done this - they occasionally ring to ask if I want more 3 for £1 offers, and I usually do! And I always just give my old 'spammy' email address.

      Yeah, dunno about whether I missed something else which made the veg thing £72. Maybe that's the cost of an organic veg box full of beetroot and kale!

    2. See my edit above. You can claim other items but pay postage.

    3. Ah, that makes more sense.
      Here's a link for free wood treatment from Sadolin:

      While stocks last. x

  2. Now I prefer the look of the hand cream with Marie Claire but I'd rather have a copy of Good Housekeeping and you can never have too many spatulas. What kind of madness have you started - aaaaaargh! Jane x

  3. I'm jealous! They don't give away anything free with magazines in the US! Maybe a poster of one of the Kardashians, but not full-size beauty products. Oh, and congrats on the move!

  4. See the headlines on Cosmo? That's why it's trash and I never buy it. I bought vogue recently, first fash mag in 8 years, it's ok actually. The freebies have got a lot better since I gave mags up, some very nice stuff there, but it doesn't tempt me back. Remember those stickers and posters smash hits used to give away, magazines should do that again.

    1. I loved Smash Hits. And I papered my room with posters from TV Hits - they were forever giving away Corey Haim minibooks - RIP :(

      Yes Cosmo is rubbish. But last time I looked at Vogue I think it was 43 pages of adverts before I got to any content!

  5. Great post very useful. I have a similar blog to yours, I am just getting started but thrifting has been a passion of mine for quite sometime. Check it how and please if you want we could discuss some tips, a word of advice would be great =)

  6. I love when mags give away products (that's how I managed to fill my cupboards!)

    The Percy Reed stuff smells amazing.... might have to go looksy at Marie Claire - this weather a free handcream is just the trick!

  7. Thank you for this. I love Neal's Yard products, so I think I'll be treating myself to that - I don't bother with the meagazines, just pass them on to friends.

  8. These magazines probabily invest in freebies because there's nothing interesting inside, my mother gave me the italian version of 'I don't remember which one' and was full of advertising and the worst part was that at the end of every interview or editorial there was the estimate reading time, probabily it means if you don't want to waist the next 6 minutes you can throw it in the garbage.
    Anyway I prefer the cat in the cup!

  9. Thanks for this, however as a blogger I feel I need to let you know that I don't want a cat, I'm scared of their claws when they walk on me. I'm also scared of their germs when they walk all over the kitchen counters. DOG POWER!

  10. I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine, although the veg one may be kinda useful, I already have most of my seeds for this year though and am signed up to a really helpful newsletter website which means I know what I'm supposed to do when.
    Also, I'm a rubbish blogger because I don't have or want a cat, nor an ipad :)

    1. Or me. I was just trying to keep up with the cool kids *writing on over-heating laptop*

      I do want a cat though.

  11. Hi Char, what is the gardening what when newsletter website. I could do with that kind of help as Im relatively new to growing veg but now have a veg plot and greenhouse in my new garden.

  12. I've actually never come across a magazine that gives freebies. Gotta hit the newspaper stand more often :) I love how you collect these!

    P.S. wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?


  13. The Neals Yard hand cream looks like a pretty good freebie to me. I don't usually buy magazines but that one might just tempt me.

  14. I am such a sucker for free gifts on mags! I shall have to hold myself back in WHS at Waterloo station!

  15. I always stock up on Percy and reed from glamour, the finishing polish is my mums favourite product and it costs £10 for 125ml in space NK or £2 for 100ml with glamour!!!! We have 5 now!!!!'
    Thankyou for this post, reminded me it was back!!

  16. Thanks for these tips - going to treat myself to a trip to the newsagent - hope there's still stock of the Neals Yard cream!!
    Great blog -

  17. Thanks for sharing these. I only ever buy magazines if they have a freebie that I want.

  18. Thanks for the heads-up Lakota! I'm quite tempted by those hand creams. Also, big hurrah re the house sale!!!

  19. Thanks for the cat food link. I've seen this in Morrisons and wondered if my cats might like it as they have regular dried Go Cat. With this sample I'll be able to try it out on them before buying a full size pack.

  20. That's what I miss most, I remember getting a pair of flip flops one time in a mag. Some of them have great items, lol! :) /Madison


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