Tuesday 8 January 2013

Ta-dah! Tuesday is back - My Swap Parcels

Hiya, welcome back to Ta-dah! Tuesday. If you have anything to show off about - whether it's a great outfit, a recipe, something you've made or an amazing item you've found on your travels - this is the place to link it up.

As we're now safely past Christmas and I know my swap partner has opened her gifts, I can show you what I found her, as well as the lovely gifts she sent me. My partner this time was Jem at Beautiful Clutter, and she sent me this uber-stylishly wrapped selection of parcels - string, brown paper, luggage labels, maps and an old copy of Little Women had all been pressed into service:

Inside, I found a jolly reindeer tin for my festive bakes, and nesting inside that a beautiful set of vintage shot glasses - I do so love old bar-ware. There was also some Christmas themed socks, a little handmade wooden birdhouse decoration found at Ashbourne market, and a very Luella-esque scarf adorned with prancing ponies from a local boutique. I love it and it's had loads of wear already. Thank you for all my gifts Jem.

Here's what I sent Jem in return:

I did quite well this year and managed to get the vast majority of my gifts second hand.

  • Pair of lanterns with star-shaped cut outs - charity shop
  • Giant decorative key - Jem loves keys - charity shop
  • Earl Grey scented candle - she's a big tea fan - TK Maxx
  • 'Pony Stories for girls' and 'Lessons in Ponymastership' vintage books - like me she's a horse lover - vintage market
  • Ceramic snowflake decoration - fulfilling 'Christmas song' part of the challenge, Let it Snow - from a VERY posh charity boutique in Berkhamsted, selling new and lovely home-wares but all money going to a local hospice.
  • Homemade jar of vegetarian and nut-free mincemeat, for the all important Christmas bakeathon.
My wrapping was rubbish by comparison so I've not included a photo of that! 

I'd love it if you could link up any Ta-dah! Tuesday posts on the linky below, and your Christmas Swap posts HERE please, as I know I've missed a lot of them over the holidays. 

Lakota x


  1. What lovely gifts you exchanged! The little birdhouse is so sweet and I love the lanterns. It must have taken you ages to sort out so many swapees, so well done! Maybe next time I'll be braver, join in and make it harder still! Delighted to see Ta-Dah Tuesday linky-party as I finally had something to Ta-Dah today!
    Ps Your celeb resolution had me hooting away...

  2. Oh, I've been getting quite a few things made recently, I will take some photos and make sure to link up to you next Tues! xx

  3. Great gifts from Jem she has a wonderful style as do you sweetie :) any of these gifts would be a great present to receive :) have a happy week

    Bee happy x

  4. You got some great gifts there! Those pretty shot glasses mean you never have to drink alone, and the scarf is so pretty and fun. Wherever did you find that giant key? Looks like it goes to an old rectory - or dungeon!

  5. Great gifts from the both of you! I love those shot glasses! And an Earl Grey candle is such a good idea for tea fans instead of just giving them more tea. I'm bummed I missed the swap this time...

  6. What thoughtful, lovely gifts - both given and received. I do love the shot glasses.

  7. Wow, sent and received some really lovely gifts. What a great idea.

  8. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts :) I'm looking forward to seeing more of the other swaps too!

  9. Lovely gifts, both ways! Thanks so much for organising the swap again sweetie, thoroughly enjoyed seeking out suitable presents!

  10. Gorgeous gifts! I so enjoyed the swap and promise I'll link mine up asap. Thank you for sorting it out x

  11. Lovely gifts! Thank you for putting in all that effort to organise the swap.xx

  12. Wonderful swap parcels, both of them. Particularly enamoured of that key and the earl grey candle

  13. Wow! Such wonderful swap parcels - you two got each others gifts spot on. Jem is such a lover of keys and tea, I bet she was totally smitten with those lovely lanterns too. Sorry I couldn't take part this time around, but maybe I'll be back next time xxx

  14. Ta Dah! I am not going to stress about which rock I've been hiding under, missing out on umpteen Ta Dah Tuesdays and a stellar Christmas gift exchange! No matter, I am happy to be here now. Your treasure trove was gift wrapped with such creativity that I think I might have had qualms about unwrapping it, at least for a moment. And the gifts you chose for your gift exchange partner are so thoughtful. Now, I want to do a little catching up on posts.

    Thank you for hosting a linky party that celebrates are achievements, big or small!

    Sue xo

  15. Great gifts amor!
    I missed your Ta- Dah Tuesdays.

  16. I'm still wetting myself over the celebrity NY resolutions! I keep revisiting that post just so I can mop up some tears of hysteria ... the kids think I'm bonkers. I LOVE the lanterns you picked out and to think you found a splendid giant key! xo


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