Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Matchy matchy minute makes - Ta-Dah! Tuesday - nail polish jewellery

Hello again - a whole week has gone by and I'm apologising AGAIN for being slack with the posting and commenting. I'm also STILL working out the swap but partners should be up by the end of the week so do keep an eye out. [Also please make sure that your blog has been updated in last couple of weeks if you're taking part - it's off-putting for partners if the blog looks inactive. A few people have signed up but have closed profiles -  I have no way of finding your blog if this is the case!]

Anyway, on to Ta-dah! Tuesday. Considering I put it up on a whim last week and didn't advertise it at all, I was really pleased at how many people linked up and will endeavour to make it a regular thing. If you missed it, the idea is that it will be a pretty open blog-hop - any post which showcases something you want to 'ta-dah!' will be suitable, whether it's something you've made, done, photographed, bought, upcycled or worn! I will always visit the linked up posts, and if you can also visit a few other participants it's always appreciated. Please also link back to this post so others can join in.

So, this week, I've been mostly being matchy matchy. I mean, you already know about my mission to adorn myself with as many household objects as possible, and you might just have figured out my nail varnish obsession - what could be more up my alley than nail varnish jewellery? There's all kinds of examples out there on the interwebs - basically the only limitation is your nail varnish collection. Perhaps I should make it work for me and make these to order...

Made with Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe
(possibly my favourite ever nail varnish)

Barry M Cyan Blue and OPI Black Shatter  

More sparkles...
Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

It's probably fairly self explanatory, but if you want to give it a go, you'll need:

  • Plain cabochons - they come in a variety of sizes and shapes 
  • Ring bases  - you could use regular ring backs, but bezel bases look more 'finished' and hold the cabochon better. Make sure you get the right size for your 'gems'.
  • Nail varnish in your choice of colour
  • Base coat if you're doing a shatter effect
  • Top coat if you're not using a bezel base
  • strong glue
  • blue tac/play-doh or similar
  1. Use the blue-tac to hold the cabochon steady, and paint the reverse with as many thin layers of nail varnish as you require, letting each coat dry before applying the next.
  2. If you're doing two colours, remember you will have to apply 'back to front', so shatter first, base colour second. Also you'll need to apply a clear base coat first if you're using a shatter polish, it doesn't seem to work without it.
  3. Apply a top coat or varnish to the back as a sealant if you're attaching to an ordinary ring base, as some protection against scratches
  4. Glue the dry cabochon into the setting, or onto the ring base.
  5. Give yourself matching nails...

You can also get necklace cabochon bases if you don't wear rings or want to co-ordinate everything. 

When my bezel bases arrived from China - gotta love eBay - the package had these lovely bird stamps, so I also made these magpie and kingfisher rings using cabochons, the stamps and mod-podge. They came out pretty well, although I doubt they're waterproof, so bear that in mind if you try it.

Hong Kong stamps rings

What do you think? Got any great projects to link up which I can add to my Pinterest boards?

Lakota x

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  1. Very clever indeed! I thought at first you'd been very lucky and found rings to match your nail varnish. Doh!

    Will need to do a Ta- Dah post but need to find my mojo first.

    Madison xxx

  2. Yikes, what will you come up with next, woman?! Always so creative you are.xx.

  3. Wow - really simple but cute idea. I want to try this - I love ebay for craft supplies:D

  4. Totally cool! Like Madison I too was thinking how freakin lucky could a gal get finding matching rings and nail polish!!! But after scrolling past the first two i thought hang on a minute!!! I'm heading to ebay to purchase those cabochon thingys straight away! Thanks x

  5. Hello, hello!! How've you been? Loving that Across the Universe nail polish and especially those stamp rings. You are one gifted lady! xxx

  6. Loving those rings, I'm not surprised that first nail varnish is your favourite, it's gorgeous! Those stamp ones are amazing, too. x

  7. I NEEEEEED a Magpie ring!

    This is possibly the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. I am queen of matchy matchy. I've just had a revelation moment reading this - honestly, the sun's just come out!

  8. Those rings are AMAZING. You creative genius you. Love the stamp ones especially. xx

  9. Oh wow, superb idea. ...goes off to Ebay for cabochons...

  10. What a great idea, I've just been going through my decoupage folder and theres lots of things I could use in there.

  11. Wow these look amazing Lakota! I'm definitely a fan of matching things! You could do just about anything with those doodies. xx

  12. I love that blue glittery stuff, i would want matchy eye shadow to complete the look. And wouldnt shoes like that be great too, sigh!
    I love the ta-da tuesday linky and have something that went ta-doh! This week, but i'm having another bash and hope to linky next week x

  13. ok, that is genius. I thought at first you had matched your nail art to existing rings. I would love to try this if I had a jot of craftiness. I am a disaster...
    I linked up but to be fair it's a less than enthralling read. But I painted my toenails for the first time in about a year, quite an event.

  14. Ta-dah indeed! They are brilliant...what a great idea and very nickable.

  15. What a fab idea - loving the nail polish colours :)

    I've just a Ta-Dah post too - http://vickislittleworld.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/ta-dah-tuesday.html - I've finished a real labour of love so today seems like a good day for a reveal.

  16. What a great idea, I would never have thought they were made with nail polish. I need that across the universe polish its beautiful. The stamps rings are gorgeous too - how clever are you!

  17. I got the Linky to work :)

    In answer to your question - I think it was no more than 2 balls of each colour (100g size). I might have used more of the red as that is the main colour - must confess I've not kept track. The yarn is Stylecraft acrylic - colourful, washes well and not too expensive - hope the helps :)

    1. Thanks, that's really helpful, else I'd end up buying miles of the stuff!

  18. Wow, on first glance i thought it was such a coincidence your nail colour matched, then i read further...You clever thing, i woukd never have guessed. Love it. I love the stamp rings too! X

  19. Wow, great idea looks wonderful! have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  20. Wow never come accross this idea before, I once knew a girl who painted her GCSE artwork using nail varnish instead of paint! There are certainly many uses for nail varnish xxx

  21. OOOOOoooohhh!!! I aboslutely LOOOVE this fab idea - I'm off to ebay this very minute to find some doodiwhatsits and thingimajigs!

    Sarah xxx

  22. Excellent ring ideas and I love the first nail varnish. I find that I'm addicted to buying varnish and am currently loving China Glaze.

  23. You are so oooooooo clever!

    I can totally appreciate the genius of this even though my nails are, well, on the whole, manky.

    I'm ashamed to admit it here. But I feel it's a safe space.

  24. Brilliant rings - love the fuscia one. When you start taking orders, let me know - ha ha. How about earrings to complete the look.

  25. Like the stamp rings - look great.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  26. Lakota these rings are freaking amaze balls! I want I want I want! Thanks so much for sharing this super simple but totally bad ass tutorial! Your nails and these rings look KILLER!

  27. Well, that is Matchy-Match Heaven! Great idea, and loving the birdy stamp rings too.
    If I ever feel like I have done something worthy of a Ta-Dah, I'll join in (don't hold your breath..!) xxxx

  28. I love the idea of matching your rings to your nail polishes. hypnotize by the turquoise ring and polish.
    eyeing them birdy rings too.

  29. What a brilliant idea, though I fear my habit of chipping my polish within 5 minutes may spoil the matchy matchy effect. I love the stamp ones, I made the Aussie some bird cufflinks a couple of years ago using a similar method.

    I shall endeavour to get something finished to 'TA DAH' next week x

  30. What wonderful rings! I love the stamps ones, they're amazing! I found you through Vix's blog and I know I'm going to love reading your blog!

    Much love Amie xxxx

  31. I've a feeling I've achieved catching a cold today. Love those nail varnishes, the matching rings are so clever! I've got fascets of fushia and it's rather lovely

  32. My god i love your rings and there colours there stunning and so are your nails ;-) I will try and link up with your ta da Tuesday soon its a fab idea, dee x

  33. super clever! looks great!

  34. Your jewellery ideas are great, will try and link up soon x

  35. That is so so so so cool. You are one creative gal! :)

  36. I'd love to join up but the only two purchases I was really pleased about I already put in posts (the braces skirt) and a rainbow dress 2 weeks ago, so I guess I can't link with those can I?

    Oh my, those rings are sooooooooooooooooooooper!!!! Especially that first one! You are soooooo sooo clever! Oh please let me be your swap partner!!! ;-)

  37. That looks REALLY nice having matchy nails to your jewelry. I want to try it!!
    It might be better than trying to match my nail shades to onions. *lol*
    Right now my nails are spring onion green.

  38. Wow! they are amazing!!
    I have loads (and I mean loads of nail polish), so trip to Hobbycraft is incoming me thinks :)

  39. Love the rings Sarah - what a fab idea! Just added my latest project (my bootie Etsy store) to your Ta da Tuesday links - another great idea :-)

  40. I love these, totally fab! Just found your blog, its really great, lots of interesting posts to read. Off to have a nosy around some more.

  41. this is such a great link, it's nice to find someone else on this planet that shares the same interest as me. Thanks Lakota! I like Ta-dah tuesday.


  42. Matchy matchy is all I know. This nail varnish ring idea is genius and I love it. My fave is across the universe. I didnt link up cause I didnt have anything cool until today. So Ill be linking up my DIY cat shoes soon. take care my fair lady.

  43. Blimey, loving that Deborah what'shername's polish, to die for! Great craft idea and impressive execution as usual. Loving the linky idea too chick. x

  44. You are amazing. That is such a great idea! x

  45. You are amazing. That is such a great idea! x


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