Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ta-dah! Tuesday - Minute Make in the kitchen! The no-scale, no sieve pudding for non-cooks

If you want a REALLY quick and easy pudding - but are fed up with crumble - this is it. Individual steamed suet puddings [basically your very own Mini Spotted Dick - you may smirk, non-Brit readers, but it's traditional.] which take approximately one minute to prepare and about 20 minutes to cook. And there's no weighing or sieving involved - all you need is a bowl and an egg-poacher. This is genuinely fool-proof, even if your usual level is scooping ice-cream or getting a yoghurt out of the fridge. Kids love these, but grown-up friends have been equally impressed. And who wants to be in the kitchen longer than necessary?

Minimalist yet cosy. Traditional yet modern. 
Bound to get me even weirder blog search stats.

Vegetable suet (1 scoop)
Self Raising Flour (2 scoops)
Sugar (1/2 scoop)
Mixed dried fruit (one scoop)
Milk or vegan alternative such as soya milk (1 and 1/2 scoops approx)

[Will make approximately 3 mini individual puddings, so serves 2 to 3 people depending on greed. I doubled the quantities for the four of us]

  • Using one of the cups that you would usually crack an egg into on the poacher, scoop your dry ingredients into a bowl and give a quick mix with a spoon. 

  • Add sufficient liquid and stir again until the mixture is combined and sticky. 

  • Grease the cups with some butter/marg/oil and divide the mixture between the cups.

  • Add water to the bottom of the poacher, as you would for cooking eggs (so that it doesn't quite touch the bottom of the cups)
  • Simmer for approximately 20 minutes until the puddings are cooked through and puffed up. [Make sure the water doesn't boil dry, you may have to add more half way through.]

  • Turn out into bowls and serve with golden syrup. [You might prefer custard but I really recommend syrup]
  • Bask in domestic goddess glory.
Let me know if you try them and what you think! I will be doing a mini series on quick and easy puddings for Ta-dah! Tuesday - partly cos I need to use up store cupboard and freezer ingredients before we move house, but mainly cos I want an excuse to eat them.

Lakota x

PS. Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post.


  1. Brilliant! I've got one of those pans and a bloke who'd eat that lot in one sitting. x

  2. These look yummy! I'll give them a go.

  3. I love spotted dick! I may have to now buy an egg poacher.

  4. I have a ta-dah post but I just (still) cant get the linky to work :( - its here if anyone wants a read;


  5. Come the weekend I shall try these! I do have an egg poacher like this so can't wait!

  6. Ooh yeah, that looks good. I reckon I could do that. Just need to get a poaching pan, but I've wanted one for ages, so that's perfect!

  7. Oh WOW!!!!! I can scoop ice cream AND get yogurt out of the fridge so I'm sure this will be a cinch ... and I can't wait to see the looks on the kids faces when they've wolfed it down and I tell them what it's called. haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. My kids ask me what's for pudding before they even start their dinner. It's my own fault. These look perfect, though just got rid of my egg poacher!

  9. Good God, even I could do that (I'm the world's worst pudding maker). Thanks Lakota. xx

  10. I have an egg poacher, I could do this! They look lovely, and I do love the Carry On-ness of Spotted Dick!

    Lakota, I don't want you to faint with shock but I have linked up with you today because I ACTUALLY MADE SOMETHING! Sorry for shouting. But you'll agree it is an unusual event! A skirt AND a bag... yeah, I'm pretty damn smug! xxxxx

  11. It looks delicious, lakota.

  12. I've never actually made this before, but it looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Hurrah - it worked :) Thank you for your message - of course thats what I needed to do - blame my age!!

  14. Oh man those look good! I love the plate in the first pic, my friend in London has a nice little collection of them. Always wished I'd picked them up back in the day when I saw them. XXX

  15. It sounds a good idea, I really don't like spotted dick but I'd definitely pass this onto other friends (I'm not a fan of most English desserts!)x

  16. Cooking! I've heard of it. You really are a Domestic Goddess!

    Sarah xxx

  17. What is Vegetable Suet? I have never heard of it. It must be called something different here. I WANT ME SOME SPOTTED DICK!
    Love that plate btw!

  18. I have tried Spotted Dick, but he, I mean it was not something I'd do again. But what a brilliant idea to use the egg poacher! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Mr. Sparkle loves Sticky Toffee Pudding - have you got an easy recipe for that?

  19. Hi there! What a very easy and quick recipe, thanks for sharing and they look delicious xxx

  20. Im afraid this doesnt have me reaching for the scales i cant stand spotted Dick its to heavy. But give me a nice bowl of icecream or even trifle and then i would be reaching for them both :-) dee x

  21. that's rather awesome... I'm suet adverse but these look delicious, especially in a more bite size form. Hungry now xxxxx

  22. Wow, sounds so easy ... looking forward to more like this .. !
    M x

  23. I don't eat puds anymore but if I did I'd definitely try it. Worth it alone to see your weird blog stats.

  24. Hello,

    That pudding looks wonderful. This email may seem quite random but I was hoping you would send me an email address I could contact you on.

    I am writing to you from St Wilfrid's Hospice in Eastbourne. My name is Veronica and I am the Retail Development Manager in our retail department. I love your blog and was wondering if you had any time to talk about your blog and charity shopping for some research I am doing through the University of Brighton. Thank you.

  25. I just made the pudding above - it was brilliant! And so easy! I might eat the one I made for Mr Needles before he gets home...


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