Friday, 1 July 2011

My swap parcel from Blighty Boutique

Well, it was definitely worth organising the Faith Hope and Charity Swap, as I got my goodies from the lovely Amy at Blighty Boutique yesterday. She's been really busy organising her own Vintage and Handmade Fair - if you're near Warwickshire this Sunday do go along -  but despite this managed to find time to shop for, make and wrap lovely gifts for me. The postman handed me a box beautifully covered in polka dot paper, but I ripped it all off wantonly before remembering to fetch my camera. Inside were 5 tissue paper wrapped gifts for me, and a stripy package for my two boys. This was really thoughtful and the boys were thrilled.

Inside their parcel was a gorgeous painted spinning top each (they have been christened 'Pirate Plank' and 'Captain Jack') and a healthy supply of Fizz Wiz - that popping candy that explodes on your tongue. [Incidentally, if you step on Fizz Wiz with bare feet on a slate floor, you'll discover it explodes like that too] This was their first experience of popping candy, so as you can imagine Amy is very much in their good books. No school either, due to striking teachers, so probably a perfect day for Boy1, given that a lovely old man later insisted on buying them an ice-cream each (we didn't know him).

On to my pressies, which naturally I didn't get to open in as leisurely a fashion as I would have liked. Instead I had to make a desperate grab for my goodies from the chubby paws of my children as they tore merrily at the tissue paper before I could read the labels.

A beautiful Tricia Guild journal, which is so luxurious with its ribbon bookmark and hardback covers. I'm going to have to use this for something really special, definitely no scrawling down shopping lists!

A beautifully finished handmade glasses case, perfect as I'm forever scratching my sunglasses by dropping keys on top of them in my handbag

A copy of Woman's Weekly from 1958. Like Amy, I really love vintage books and magazines, for the social history, the fashion, the adverts and often the unintentional humour. This is a cracker, with wonderful illustrations, some romance stories and adverts making all kinds of bizarre claims. No doubt I will share extracts from it when I've read it fully.

A crocheted Gisela Graham trinket pot in the shape of a cupcake. The boys immediately said I could keep all my rings in it - they know their mother well!

And finally, someone else obviously knows me well as Amy included this FANTASTIC ring, made by her mum, who you may know better as Annie of The Felt Fairy / Reclaimed Vintage fame. It's made of a beer bottle cap - isn't it great?

How great does this look with my nails?

Thanks so much Amy - your presents will be on their way soon.

Lakota x

PS. I've seen some great swaps already, but have had a couple of messages from people concerned that their purchases won't be as impressive. If you haven't done your swap yet - do please remember that the rules were a maximum of 5 items and no higher than a £12 total spend. This was to make it achievable for everyone.


  1. Fab gifts, Lakota. Lucky you! The mag looks v. interesting, I'd like a good rummage through that. Love your nails btw.

  2. ooooh what lovely gifts you recieved in your swap :)
    Have you done a post for everyone to link up what they recieve would love to have a nosey lol

  3. That's a great idea Jane, I will try and work out how to do that nearer the end of the month.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great idea, where can I sign up !?

  5. Lovely pressies :)

    I have a couple of things to finish making and then I can do my swap :)

  6. thanks for the heads up, I really, really need to get mine sorted. I started, then stopped to finish a 'craft it forward' thing, and didn't get back to it....♥

  7. Oh lovely things and your nails!!! LOVE! My swap gear is almost ready to send most like will be off by next week.

  8. Lovely gifts, I sent mine and was happy with what I had chosen/found but now feel bad about not making more of a wrapping effort. Still, Nicky said she loved them and that's what it's all about, (isn't it?)

  9. I can't believe I missed out on this fantastic idea - I'm such a twit!

    What a fab parcel of lovelies - the magazine and the amazing crocheted trinket cupcake are my fave (and your nails are brilliant!)

    Sarah xxx

  10. Ah what lovely thoughtful gifts! I'm gutted I missed out on this one! x

  11. Amy did choose brilliantly! I love all of it, she is a star. I can't wait to see what you sent in return. x

  12. oh my, what a lovely gifts amy sent you! i absolutely love your nails, gorgeous! and the ring is so unique, love the picture inside it, the sunglasses cover is so well as the crocheted trinket pot, it does look like a cupcake, adorable! gosh i gotta get crackin' with my swap gifts soon! xx Susan

  13. What a lovely bundle - so thoughtfully chosen! And the ring is so clever and complements your nails so very well!

  14. Wow what a great parcel to receive. Love the ring, so unique!

    What a lovely touch sending something for the boys?! That is a very thoughtful touch.

    X x

  15. I completely missed this swap! Your gifts were fantastic xx

  16. Someone knows your taste; beautiful and thoughtful gifts. The unique nature of these parcels makes them really special. A true box of delights there.

  17. Great swap gifts, so lovely :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  18. Glad you liked your goodies. Thank you for organising the swap, it was fun searching for things x

  19. What lovely things. Every time I see one of these posts I think ARGH! must pull my finger out and finish mine!

  20. What a fab collection of goodies! Everything looks so lovely, especially the ring.

    Thanks so, much for organizing the swap, Lakota - I've really enjoyed being part of it


  21. Eee! Those are fab things!
    I can't wait. Already spoke to my swap partner, Jojo. Give me a week hon.
    Have a good weekend everyone :)
    Joy x

  22. Oh those are cracking!

    I am almost finished with my things and posting next week.

    This was a great thing to do - should do it again sometime.

  23. Oh, I likey very much. Very unique and gorgeous ring.

    Will there be somewhere we can all have a nose at the swaps?

    Madison xxx

  24. Such cool gifts! Wish I'd known about this swap, maybe next time... xx

  25. Lovely gifts there, Amy has a great eye x

  26. Hey, aren't you lucky? That's a great parcel of delights. But then you deserve lovely things as a reward for coming up with such a fabulous idea.
    (Glad to know it's not just my kids who would rip into any package in sight, whether it's for them or not! Absolutely no decorum... I blame the parents!)

  27. What a lovely lot of goodies, I see my swap partners name on the comments list and I am not quite sorted yet so we are even, it is interesting to see what other people get,I was searching to get everything at the op shop and have gotton some great things but now I see just something needs to come from there,lol anyhoo yours is lovely,love the ring!

  28. What a cute and creative parcel! I love the ring, and the woman's weekly from 1958!

  29. Lucky you - perfect finds!

    I'm nearly ready to send off my parcel so fingers crossed it scores a hit. I've also been saving up some nice paper and ribbons.

    The linky thing would be great too.

  30. Lakota,
    such wonderful gifts you neatly packaged.
    love your nails and ring amor


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